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I wish to thank all our bloggers and readers who contacted me, either via email or by posting comments on the blog, to offer condolences and promise of prayers on the death of my mother, last  Saturday, 21 February.  I was deeply touched by your charity and consoled that so many prayers and Masses were being offered for the repose of my mother’s soul.  God bless you all.

Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord, and let perpetual light, shine upon her. May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, rest in peace. 

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“FrancisChurch” – Latest Shocker…

Here is what the certified kooks at the Pontifical Council for Culture are defending as an image validly representative of the Vatican’s approach to “women’s issues”:  a vulgarized, semi-pornographic depiction of Venus in bondage by “Man Ray,” an American fashion photographer and “modern artist” from the Sixties.

Cardinal Ravasi, the vaunted “intellectual” appointed as head of the Council by Pope Francis, refuses to remove the sexually aberrant image from the Vatican website, despite admittedly receiving complaints from the faithful.

According to him, the image is a valid depiction of what he considers a fact: that “many women, alas, are still struggling for freedom (bound with rope), their voices and intellect often unheard (headless), their actions unappreciated (limbless).”
So, FrancisChurch  has now embraced the feminist movement, at the same time it prepares the second session of the Phony Synod, where the Pope’s handpicked radical progressives will try one more time to undermine in practice the Church’s infallible teaching on marriage and procreation.   Source



Immaculate heart of MaryPlease click  here to email or phone the Pontifical Council for Culture to express your disgust at this obscenity.  Perhaps remind Cardinal Ravasi of Our Lady’s warning at Fatima that “more souls go to Hell through sins of impurity than through any other sin” and point out that this image cannot help cultivate purity in any soul. No woman will go to Hell because she hasn’t climbed the career ladder through “discrimination” of whatever kind, but souls may well end up in Hell through sins sparked by looking at that horrible image on a Vatican website.  If you’d like to copy your message for us on the blog, that would be good. It is always edifying to read the efforts of others in the battle for the restoration of our holy Faith, but if you’d rather not, then feel free to comment as you choose.    Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us. Mother Most Pure, pray for us… 

Vatican Priest Threat To Sue Blogger…

Blogger, Sixupman emailed me this report from Vox Cantoris blog reporting this astonishing legal letter threatening action against the Fr Tom Rosicaadministrator for his  criticism of Fr Tom Rosica, (pictured)  a Vatican spokesman. 

Let’s hope the blogger under threat sticks to his guns, as expressed in this extract from one of his posts:

Father Rosica “Tweeted” the article with the headline “Cardinal Wuerl’s response to Cardinal Burke (and dissenters)” and a link to the article. His followers cannot be faulted if they just read the headline and take up the believe that Cardinal Burke is one bad guy, after all, he is a “dissenter.”

It seems to it is time for Father Lombardi to make a decision as to whether this Vatican employee needs to be either reigned in on social media or sent packing to preside over the winding down of Salt + Light.

Nota Bene: My colleague Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness and I are resolute. We will not fail in our countering of the assault on the faith and tradition that these men continue to undertake against Holy Mother Church and the Catholic faithful.

Make no mistake Wuerl, Marx, Madriaga, Kasper and Rosica, we will not rest.  Source

My own advice to the blog administrator, for what it’s worth, is to ignore that disgraceful letter.  I’ve had umpteen legal threats over the years (although none from the Vatican, I must say, with green eyes…) and I’ve ignored the majority of them. That was the end of the matter. We need always to stand up to bullies – that’s the answer, in my humble opinion.

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Pope Francis: Blame The Holy Spirit!

Vatican City, Feb 15, 2015 / 04:27 am (CNA/EWTN News).- After elevating 20 new cardinals, Pope Francis reminded them that true honor is found in service, and urged them to follow Jesus in breaking rigid ways of thinking and touching society’s marginalized. “Jesus is not afraid of scandal! He does not think of the closed-minded who are scandalized even by a work of healing, scandalized before any kind of openness, by any action outside of their mental and spiritual boxes,” the Pope said Feb. 15. Rather than seeking to conform to the norms of others or adhere to a ritualistic purity, Jesus seeks to “reinstate the outcast, to save those outside the camp.”   Source    spiritual box


Since the “outcasts” are easily “reinstated” within the Church by doing what all sinners do, confessing their sins, showing true sorrow for their sins and making determination not to return to those sins, it’s not easy to work out exactly what it is that Pope Francis is talking about, to put it as politely as possible.  In the context of the recent Synod scandal, with promise of more to come, I wonder if, by exhorting the cardinals to think of actions “outside of their spiritual boxes” he is suggesting that applying Canon Law to the divorced and “remarried” and to reject any recognition of homosexual unions, is to treat people uncharitably, like “lepers”.  Maybe I’m wrong, of course, bound to happen one of these days, but, whatever, Pope Francis’ address to the 20 new cardinals brought to my mind the Christian Order editorial below (well, actually, somebody emailed it to me today and THEN I put it together with the address to the new cardinals!)  Seems Papa Francis blames the Holy Spirit for the mayhem that has broken out since the launch of the Bergoglian ‘project’.

Read the extract below from the Christian Order article and then share your thoughts.  Am I misinterpreting the Pope’s exhortation to the new cardinals?  If so, would someone please explain to this simple gal, what the dickens point he’s making?  WHO are the “lepers” and just what is a “spiritual box”, especially one that need to be set aside in order to help said “lepers”?  I need to know in case I’ve got one and just didn’t realise it.  There’s so much paperwork and boxes around here that I just might have missed it. 

The Locust Project

(Christian Order)

One does not remain faithful, like the traditionalists…, to the letter. …. Our certainties can become a wall, a jail that imprisons the Holy Spirit. Cardinal Bergoglio, 30 Days, Nov. 2007

If the Christian is a restorationist, a legalist, if he wants everything clear and safe, then he will find nothing. … Those today who always look for disciplinarian solutions, those who long for an exaggerated doctrinal ‘security,’ …  – [their] faith becomes an ideology…. 
Pope Bergoglio, America, 19/9/13

[One] temptation [is] to hostile inflexibility, that is, wanting to close oneself within the written word, (the letter) … ; within the law, within the certitude of what we know and not of what we still need to learn and to achieve. … it is the temptation of the … so-called… “traditionalists” … - Pope Bergoglio, Extraordinary Synod, 18/10/14

Is it just our traditionalist ‘infidelity’ to the Holy Spirit? Our ‘ideological’ desire for doctrinal ‘security’?  Our ‘temptation’ to ‘hostile inflexibility’? Or is this repetitive party line precisely as it appears: a purposeful neo-Modernist desire to demean and deconstruct the Faith of Our Fathers? A Bergoglian ‘project’?

The rhetorical questions underline the obvious answer. From the outset of this pontificate, as thoroughly documented in these pages, we have endured one long, ruthless Bergoglian assault on all we hold dear (to include the papacy itself). And that being the case, why, on the first anniversary of his election, during a 5 March 2014 interview with Corriere della Sera, did Pope Francis dare to state:

“Last March [2013], I didn’t have a project to change the Church”?  PopeFrancisHandsonface

The Holy Spirit Made Me Do It!

Now, papolators need not panic or reach for a valium (— just yet: best wait till the end and take a handful of pills at once). I am not accusing the pope of bare-faced lying. In keeping with Modernist duplicity, it’s more nuanced (‘messier’?) than that.

In the first place, while feigning to ‘listen’ more than any pope in history, Francis talks so much that he does not hear himself! He does not detect, never mind evaluate, the hallmark pride of anti-dogmatic Modernism that resounds whenever he discusses Catholic Tradition and its upholders. Our opening quotations typify the tone: self-righteous, jarring, condescending.  Read entire article here 

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Confirmation: Cause For Concern?


One of our regular bloggers, Petrus, submitted the  article below for discussion, following the news that Confirmation will be administered at the SSPX chapel in Edinburgh in the near future.  

The fact that some adults (one that I know of personally) may ask  for conditional Confirmation provides food for thought. Why would they?   Petrus explains…

Is Confirmation the most underrated Sacrament in the modern Catholic Church?

The New Rite of Confirmation differs significantly from the Traditional Rite.

In many dioceses, the age for the reception of Confirmation has been lowered and the liturgy significantly stripped of ceremony. By lowering the age and lessening the ceremonies, the importance and value of Confirmation seems to have been lost on many Catholics. It is the only Sacrament of Initiation that the Society of St. Pius X routinely offer to confer conditionally.

What does the Church teach about Confirmation and why does the Society of St. Pius X have grave concerns concerning the new rite of Confirmation?

Holy Scripture tells us that Our Lord promised that He would send the Holy Ghost, a paraclete, or “helper”, to His disciples for the purpose of strengthening them in profession of Faith. Our Lord tells His disciples, “The Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what you must say” (Luke chapter 12 verses 11-12).

In John’s Gospel chapter 14 Our Lord says, “And I will ask the Father, and He shall give you another Paraclete, that He may abide with you for ever.” In the Acts of the Apostles, Philip the Deacon converted Samaria and baptised the converts. However, it was the Apostles, the first bishops of the Church, who went to administer Confirmation. It is clear that the imparting of the Holy Ghost was to be the normal part of the Christian life. Thus, we can say with confidence that Confirmation is a Sacrament of the Church, instituted by Our Lord, administered by the bishop and through which we receive the Holy Ghost. The Church teaches that Confirmation is the Sacrament by which we receive the Holy Ghost in order to make us strong and perfect Christians and soldiers of Christ. We receive the gifts of the Holy Ghost and the fruits associated with these gifts.

The ordinary minister of Confirmation is a bishop, as we can see from the Acts of the Apostles, detailed above. However, in danger of death any priest can administer the Sacrament in extremis. The bishop administers Confirmation by praying that the Holy Ghost may come down upon those being confirmed, while laying his hands on them and making the Sign of the Cross on their forehead with the oil of Chrism. The use of the oil of Chrism is extremely important. When the great flood documented in the book of Geneses subsided, the dove released by Noah returned with an olive branch, the symbol of peace and plenty. Therefore, the oil of Chrism has olive oil as its base. Olive oil has long been used as a symbol of strengthening. It is said that Roman soldiers were anointed with olive oil prior to going into battle. Olive oil strengthens our souls and prepares us for spiritual warfare. Added to this olive oil is balsam, sweet smelling fragrance. This balsam heals and preserves our souls.

The primary effect of Confirmation is an increase of the divine life of grace in the soul and a more intimate union with Christ, through reception of the Holy Ghost. The sacramental grace has a strengthening effect which we receive directly from the Holy Ghost, just like the Apostles received on Pentecost Sunday. This increases the gifts of the Holy Ghost, which we originally received at Baptism. The Holy Ghost makes us soldiers of Christ, able to defend and promote our Faith and overcome difficulties of the world, the flesh and the devil.

For the Church, Confirmation is the perpetuation of Pentecost. It is the means through which She keeps alive the power of the Holy Ghost. Why, then, has the importance of Confirmation been downgraded in the modern Church? It is interesting that St. Vincent Ferrer (1350-1419) predicted that towards the end of time Confirmation would fall into disuse and that those who were not confirmed would succumb to believing in and obeying the Antichrist.

The Rite of Confirmation changed significantly in the aftermath of the Second Vatican Council. The bishops of the Society of St. Pius X now routinely offer Conditional Confirmation to those who were Confirmed in the New Rite of Confirmation. Why is there doubts regarding the validity of the New Rite? To understand this, we must consider what ensures the validity of the Sacraments. A valid Sacrament consists of valid matter and correct form. This is because a Sacrament is an outward sign (of an inward grace) – an external action. The rite consists of the performing of an action and the saying of words. Thus in Confirmation, the laying on of hands and anointing on the forehead with Chrism is the valid matter and the words spoken by the bishop while those actions are being performed make up the form.  

It must be repeated that the ordinary minister of Confirmation is the bishop and this can normally only be delegated to a priest in extraordinary circumstances, usually danger of death. Since the Second Vatican Council, parish priests routinely administer the Sacrament of Confirmation in many parishes. As I have stated above, valid matter in the case of Confirmation is the laying on of hands and the anointing with Chrism. In the Traditional Rite of Confirmation, the bishop lays his hands on each individual person being confirmed. In the modern Rite, the bishop, or more usually the priest, stands and extends his hands over all the Confirmandi. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the oil of Chrism has olive oil as its base ingredient since the use of other types of oil has been sanctioned by the Vatican. In the Traditional Rite, the correct form that ensures the validity of the Sacrament is, “I sign thee with the Sign of the Cross, and I confirm thee with the chrism of salvation in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” In 1971, these words were changed to “Be sealed with gift of the Holy Spirit.” This change in the correct form is quite dramatic. Coupled with the routine use of priests to administer the Sacrament and doubts regarding the use of olive oil based chrism, this is surely enough to establish doubts regarding the validity of the Sacrament of Confirmation in the new rite.

Confirmation can only be administered once. When a Society of St. Pius X bishop administers Conditional Confirmation, similar to when Conditional Baptism is administered, the words, If you are not Confirmed…” are added to the beginning of the correct form. It is important to stress that the Society of Saint Pius X makes no definitive judgement regarding the validity of the new rite. The existence of doubt should be enough for any Catholic who has been confirmed in the New Rite to seek Conditional Confirmation from a Traditional bishop and any Catholic who has still to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation should ensure they receive it in the Traditional Rite by a Traditional bishop.

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Michael Voris On SSPX – Vicious…

I stopped subscribing to the Church Militant TV videos when they announced their papolatrist policy.  Haven’t given them a single thought since.

Then today a reader emailed to alert me to the above video in which – from around the 33rd to 47th minute – Michael Voris and his two colleagues launch into one of the most savage and untruthful assaults on the SSPX that I have ever witnessed (and I’ve witnessed some corkers, believe me.)  Seems some Cardinals in Rome told Voris that the SSPX is definitely in schism, in fact, one said: “It is beyond doubt that they are in schism” and that’s good enough for Michael.  It might have been Cardinal Kasper, for all we know, but hey, who cares? A Cardinal said it and it’s what the ignorant Mr Voris wants to hear, so that’s just fine and dandy. He threw into the mix Pope Benedict’s comment in Summorum Pontificum (SP)  to the effect that the Society does not exercise legitimate ministry in the Church and threw up his hands, fait accompli.  No in depth examination of the issues whatsoever. An unnamed Cardinal’s opinion, other unnamed Cardinals in the background,  and a statement from Pope Benedict taken out of context.  Voris clearly doesn’t DO serious research…

Earlier in the video, the mantra was to the effect that we must all lament the “reactionary” Catholic media who, while they may correctly diagnose the crisis, use the wrong methodology to correct it – naughty to mock and ridicule the Modernists… However,  it’s perfectly in order to mock and ridicule  the “reactionary” Catholics who frequent SSPX chapels or even simply support them.  One of the most striking pieces of mockery is when Voris laughs at the expulsion of Bishop Williamson from the Society of St Pius X, saying that he was expelled for “disobedience” and expressed the view that this is ironic (less politely, take note).   He hasn’t noticed, apparently, that no Modernist bishops have been given as much as a disciplinary rap on the knuckles for their scandalous disobedience, let alone been expelled from the Church.  In fact, wasn’t one of them appointed to lead the recent Synod on the Family? The one who doesn’t want any of us to call adultery “adultery”?  No mocking now. He’s in communion with the Pope and Church – unlike the SSPX.  This, folks, is the level of “intellect” with which we are dealing over at Church Militant TV. 

Under fire in this shallow interview are several American publications, classed as “reactionary” and considered dangerous because they are supportive of the SSPX –  The Remnant, Angelus Press, Catholic Family News.

The whole thing is shallow and unimpressive.  A real giveaway is the description of “reactionary” Catholics guilty of “idolising the Latin Mass.”  That says it all, really.   

This  totally biased and ignorant conversation about the SSPX  prompted me to break my self-imposed rule of ignoring the Voris video club, in the hope that we can help readers who may be influenced by the false information peddled in the above film.  I was disgusted at the dishonesty of the CMTV staff – and the number of them.  Clearly, cash is not a problem over at CMTV – just knowledge of the Catholic Faith and the ability to recognise real schism when they see it.

So, thanks to the reader who alerted me to this unconscionable and utterly dishonest conversation.  It confirms my own view that Michael Voris and his staff at Church Militant TV are a major part of the problem in the Church today. They are not even remotely part of the solution. You won’t hear the truth about the crisis in the Church from them.  If you currently subscribe to their videos, I recommend you unsubscribe. Like yesterday… 


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