North Korea: Total Obedience – is this where Covid-Compliance is leading us?


The above video, albeit less than an hour, is longer than we usually post, but I urge everyone to watch it right through. It is, truly, an education in CIA – Communism in Action… 

Witnessing the almost total compliance of the UK population – certainly the Scottish population (there is, at least, some fightback in England, which is where the protest marches have been held, with nothing remotely comparable north of the border) – I wonder how easily we could end up like those poor people in North Korea – totally enslaved.  We’re already beautifully programmed to obey the State – it began with “Stay home / Protect the NHS / Save lives”- and it’s working a treat.  Below, an extract from commentary about the famous Russian political prisoner,  Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn – who was big into fighting for freedom after suffering the horrors of the Gulag …

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008) was one of the great souls of the twentieth century. A survivor of World War II, cancer, and 11 years in captivity in the Soviet Gulag, he not only survived but went on to expose for the free Western countries what the true nature of the Soviet regime was with his breakout work One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (1962), as well as In the First Circle (1968),Cancer Ward (1968), and the monumental Gulag Archipelago (three volumes, 1973-78). As the historian and political journalist Richard Brookhiser observed, what Solzhenitsyn taught the West was the word “gulag” and its meaning: that Communism was not the path to freedom but the way of ideological lies, slavery, and violence.

While Solzhenitsyn admired immensely the American founding, considering the Founders’ “original intent” a blueprint for a good society with its defense of the rights of the individual “under God” proclaimed alongside his duties and “the assumption of his constant religious responsibility,” he believed too many Americans had fallen victim to an ersatz notion of happiness pursued apart from the “concepts of good and evil.”

This happiness consisted solely in a negative freedom combined with a materialism that paralleled that of the Marxists. Are plentiful and affordable goods and services a blessing? Yes, but they are not the only blessing to be pursued, and not at any cost. This counter notion, which we now call consumerism, of seeing happiness merely in the availability and possession of goods creates a malaise that “imprint[s] many Western faces with worry and even depression.”

But the problem with false notions of happiness doesn’t limit itself to Westerners’ feelings. It paralyzes them by making them risk averse. Western “well-being” had the effect of making fighting for freedom at home and abroad seem not worth the effort…

What then ought we to do with our freedom? The answer is to reject these enemies, first and foremost by seeking out the truth about happiness, liberty, equality, law, and rights – all of which are gifts of God. “Truth eludes us if we do not concentrate our attention totally on its pursuit,” said Solzhenitsyn. But we then need to speak the truth, courageously refusing to be intimidated into lying or agreeing with lies. Third, we need to freely act on the truth, doing our duties and going beyond them in charity. When we do that, we will see why God gave us liberty in the first place: to make us extraordinary: “[Liberty]’s old function was to render possible the emergence of values. Liberty pointed the way to virtue and heroism. That is what you have forgotten.”

Let us who have freedom remember and act. Let us be heroes.   Read entire article at source here

Reflect… We have almost total compliance with the Covid restrictions to date; the news/flow of information is clearly controlled by the State; no dissenting  scientists are given a fair hearing and there is no serious questioning of the virus and vaccination propaganda from any public broadcaster.  On that basis, then, how long, thinkest thou, might it take for the populations of the UK to end up in the kind of totally enslaved lifestyle experienced by the people in North Korea?