Catholics Must Reject Synod Document – Calling UK Bishops To Show Leadership

vatican-cityIn pastoral terms, the document published today by the Synod of Bishops represents an earthquake, the “big one” that hit after months of smaller tremors.

The relatio post disceptationem read aloud in the synod hall, while defending fundamental doctrine, calls for the church to build on positive values in unions that the church has always considered “irregular,” including cohabitating couples, second marriages undertaken without annulments and even homosexual unions.

Regarding homosexuals, it went so far as to pose the question whether the church could accept and value their sexual orientation without compromising Catholic doctrine…

At least one bishop asked what happened to the concept of sin. The word “sin” appears only rarely in the 5,000-word relatio.  Read more


Catholic teaching and the natural moral order cannot be compromised. The document proposed as a basis for further discussion by the Bishops of the world is a disgrace and must be rejected outright by all Catholics, everywhere. Nobody who accepts the contents of that “earthquake” document should have the temerity to describe themselves as Catholics. By definition, they are not remotely Catholic.

We call on the bishops of the UK (and, indeed, Ireland) to show leadership in this matter. They (especially the Scottish Bishops) have taken great care throughout the pontificates of recent popes, to wear the mask of orthodoxy, at least on occasion, in public. Time now to speak out, time to demonstrate that claimed orthodoxy. Some of us have never been convinced of it – here’s their chance to prove us wrong.