Ireland: Stephen Fry Blasphemy – Is Prosecution Likely? (No Chance…)

Stephen Fry is being investigated by Irish police over blasphemy claims more than two years after his outspoken comments about God on RTE’s The Meaning of Life went viral.

Mr Fry described a hypothetical creator as “stupid” and an “utter maniac” for designing a world filled with undue suffering.

Asked in 2015 by the programme’s host, Gay Byrne, what he would say to God if he arrived at the pearly gates of heaven, the actor and author replied: “I’d say, bone cancer in children? What’s that about?”

The committed atheist added: “How dare you? How dare you create a world to which there is such misery that is not our fault? It’s not right, it’s utterly, utterly evil.

“Why should I respect a capricious, mean-minded, stupid god who creates a world that is so full of injustice and pain?

“We have to spend our life on our knees thanking him? What kind of god would do that?

“The god who created this universe, if it was created by god, is quite clearly a maniac, an utter maniac, totally selfish.”

A Gardai spokeswoman told The Independent: “We’re not commenting on an ongoing investigation.”

According to the Irish Independent the comment were originally reported to police in 2015. The complainant is said to have followed up last year, and to have received a phone call from a detective some weeks ago to discuss the case.

The paper quoted a source as saying a prosecution was unlikely.

Under Ireland’s 2009 Defamation Act, anyone “who publishes or utters blasphemous matter shall be guilty of an offence” and liable to a fine of up to €25,000 (£21,200).

A spokesman for Mr Fry told the Daily Telegraph there was “nothing for us to say while this is under investigation”.

Tweeting about the story, the British Humanist Association said: “What is the world coming to?”   Source


Just imagine the outcry from the liberal elite, LGBT etc “community” if we were to suggest that there is no such thing as “homophobia” (which there isn’t) just people who are “insecure” in their own sins orientation and the same goes for all the other “victims” of alleged hate crimes. 

Stephen Fry and others with his level of ignorance, fail to understand that those of us “outraged” by blasphemy are not “outraged” because WE are offended, whether as individuals or collectively.  The offence is not aimed at any of us – blasphemy is aimed at God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  THAT is why Christians MUST be “outraged” – at any offence caused to the God Who made us, and especially at blatant insults such as those served up by “celebrity” types with oversized egos, looking to make the headlines.  

Reflect, Stevie boy. Reflect…