Can We Read Our Way To Heaven? 

Our blogger, Elizabeth posted the following request a short while ago…

Just wondering if we could perhaps start another topic on what our bloggers are reading at the moment? Spiritual reading that is. I could start off by saying that I am loving Cardinal Sarah’s book on Silence. It is beautifully written, perceptive, and does bring home the need for quiet in this clamorous world of ours.

So… share with us the answer to Elizabeth’s question:  what are you reading at the present time?  Or maybe you think things are so bad in the Church right now, that we must all be busy ‘about our Father’s business?’ Let’s hear it…

Retreats & Other Spiritual Adventures…


A Catholic MP has revealed that a month’s retreat helped her in her decision to quit politics. Read more

It’s a very long time since I’ve been on retreat. What about you?

If you’d like to tell us about any retreat in which you’ve participated, we’d be most interested.

Similarly, if you would like to share other spiritual helps, prayers, poems, devotions, novenas, video lectures, whatever, you are welcome to do so on this thread.

I’ve made a point, as editor of Catholic Truth, of not taking it upon myself to lecture others in matters of the spiritual life – it would take all of 3 seconds, so no point !

We begin our conversation, therefore, with the clear understanding that the only “experts” are the great saints and mystics, such as Teresa of Avila, whose writings have helped souls down the centuries to deepen their relationship with God.

With a view to deepening our own relationship with God, then, let’s share the writings and other spiritual treasures which have helped us to date.

Click on the image to find The Way of Perfection – a classic of the spiritual life – available in various formats.