Funeral of Irish Poet – would YOU send a text from your deathbed, only a few minutes before your Judgment?

Nobel laureate and poet Seamus Heaney’s last words to his wife were “do not be afraid”, one of his sons has revealed at his funeral. Michael Heaney told hundreds of mourners at the church in Dublin …

When I think of meeting my Maker at the moment of my death, I tremble. Granted the grace of even a few moments notice of that meeting, the last thing I’d be thinking about would be phoning or texting anyone. I’d be fully concentrated, I imagine, on how to express my deep sorrow for my many sins, begging God’s mercy while I still had breath to do so.

What about death then – does that moment hold any fears for you, or are you filled with the kind of confidence that would allow you to unselfishly concentrate on texting your nearest and dearest?

Let’s hear your thoughts on death, judgement, heaven and hell – not to mention funeral rites and eulogies.