Question Time Or The Fiona Bruce & Emily Thornberry Show? Your Verdict…


Fiona Bruce’s took over the chair of Question Time for the first time last night, Thursday, 10 January, 2019.  Don’t ask me why, because the BBC bias is nowhere as predictable, but I do try to watch it every week, either live or recorded.  Last night, I watched it broadcast right after the news, and I found it very frustrating viewing, indeed.

There were only two topics:  Brexit and knife crime in London.

Only Melanie Phillips’ contributions on both topics were meaningful, in my view.  Yet, Fiona Bruce allowed her to speak only once on Brexit – notice she is not called on to join in the toing and froing between the other members of the panel when controversy arose – while the Labour politician, Emily Thornberry is given free rein to say what she wanted, as often as she wanted, more or less unchecked. 

I’m also puzzled as to why the Tory politician, James Cleverly MP, appears so frequently on Question Time and other programmes where Brexit is the hot topic.  He is a weak “LEAVER”… oops!”  Just answered my own question.  There’s the reason he’s invited onto these shows and not Jacob Rees-Mogg or Owen Paterson.  

In any event, this thread comes in the wake of the call from the Bishop of Galloway (south of Scotland) to Catholics to become more involved in politics. 

Watching the media bias in matters political, the prevailing (and worsening) political correctness, is there really any point in Catholics becoming more involved in politics – and what, precisely does that mean?  Joining Parties which promote the evils of homosexuality and abortion? 

Finally,  IS it fair to describe last night’s Question Time as the Fiona Bruce & Emily Thornberry Show?  Your verdict, please! 

Is The UK Population Thick?

talking_points-300x300Question Time is a TV forum for debate broadcast UK-wide from different locations on  BBC1 on Thursdays, after the 10pm news. I try to watch it, and manage to see it most weeks.  However, I find I’m watching it more and more merely to marvel at the sheer predictability of both questions, answers and the inevitable applause which follows the usual politically correct answers.  There’s a manifest lack of critical thinking in both panellists and audience.

In tonight’s broadcast, for example, topics included (as usual) the funding of the National Health Service (NHS) with the predictable complaining that we are an ageing population and so that brings lots of problems for the NHS.  Not a soul ever addresses the question of why we are an ageing population. Tonight was no exception. Nobody ever points out  that we’ve contracepted ourselves out of existence. Nobody.  There’s simply nobody in the public square who is joining up the dots.

Then, the subject arose of how to persuade women who smoke during pregnancy to stop, given that they are damaging their unborn baby. No voice in the wilderness said: “It’s not half as damaging as murdering them in the womb.”  It seems the UK population doesn’t DO joining up the dots.

AnywayClick here to view the show and make up your own mind. We’re into independent thinking, here at Catholic Truth. There’s no “politically correct” answers expected.  We’re interested only in the truth. I didn’t hear much, if any, truth from either the panel or the audience in tonight’s show – seldom do.  So, tell us your thoughts – am I being uncharitable when I ask the Question Time panellists and audience, from the safe distance of my own living room, if they’re really as thick as they seem to be – or what?

Comments invited…