What’s Going On At Maryvale?

What's Going On At Maryvale?

The acting director of a leading Catholic college has announced he is stepping down and said that other staff have also “made a similar decision”.

Dr Petroc Willey, of the Maryvale Institute based in Birmingham, (Ed: pictured above with Pope Francis) wrote to students this morning explaining that he will be leaving his job for personal reasons.

In his letter to students, Dr Willey, who is also a consultor of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelisation, wrote: “I am writing to let you know that for personal reasons I will soon be leaving Maryvale. A number of other staff here have also made a similar decision.”

Click on the picture to read the Catholic Herald report in full and note that, unusually, the comments facility has been switched off. So, this seems to be a case, not only of “what’s going on at Maryvale?” but “what’s going on at Maryvale that the Editor of the Catholic Herald doesn’t want us to know?”

Googling around brought up some speculation, including the possibility (remote in my view) that Dr Petroc Willey was just a tad too “traditional” for the likes of the powers-that-be: having worked alongside Dr Willey at Maryvale some years ago, I seriously doubt that. However, as we all know, even a touch of orthodoxy is discouraged these days, so could it be that – minimal though it is, in reality – Maryvale’s reputation for orthodoxy is about to be extinguished altogether?