Scotland To Ban Smacking… Childless Politicians Rebuked by Majority of Scots

Click here to read about the Scottish Government’s plans to ban smacking. Parents who choose to discipline their children with a timely smack, are to be criminalised – although we’ve yet to find out exactly how this crackpot law will be enforced. Below, a letter written by our blogger, Athanasius, which was published in The Scotsman Newspaper: 

LETTER from blogger, Athanasius (Martin Blackshaw) published in The Scotsman…

The arrogant interference in family life by Scotland’s political leaders is again on display as a recent ComRes poll, reported in the Scotsman, shows them at odds once more with parents, this time in the matter of smacking children.

Having already ignored the will of parents and the Supreme Court by forging ahead with their State-usurping Named Person scheme, it seems the next step in eradicating parental authority is to criminalise so much as a slap on the hand or the leg of a child.

They say it’s all in the interests of child safety and wellbeing, a red herring argument backed with endless liberal psychobabble about how smacking can scar the mind of a chastised child for life.

These are the same politicians who dismiss traditional Christian moral teaching in State schools, choosing instead to rob Scottish youth of its innocence at a vulnerable and tender age through sex education. That too is backed up with psychobabble despite a shocking decline in youth morality since the almighty switch from God to government began in the 1960s.

Well I have some news for our politicians, it is that I was smacked countless times by my parents when I was growing up and I love them for those corrections. Children, like adults under the law, have rules to obey if they are to enjoy true liberty. Parents understand this and that’s why they enforce the rules with the threat of physical punishment if breached. It’s a tried and tested method both privately and publicly over many millennia by authorities who actually had children of their own and truly cared for their welfare. Holyrood hippies take note! END.


Given that the majority of the politicians are childless who are leading this drive to criminalise loving parents for their choice of discipline, albeit that it may be a rare, even one-off, occurrence, it seems like a monumental cheek for them to set themselves up as experts in any aspect of childcare. How unreasonable is that?

Parents, on the other hand, tend to be even handed, reasonable to a fault when it comes to disciplining their offspring.  Some of them have even launched a group emphasising this parental reasonableness.  Click here to reach their website.  It’s great to see parents leading the fightback by refusing to accept this latest bullying attempt by the Scottish Government to take control of the nation’s families.

It’s time that the Scottish Bishops did the same, time that they exercised their duty to support parents in the raising of their children, by objecting, publicly, to this latest State intrusion into private family life.  But, will they? 

19th Feb: SNP To Re-Define Family…

Plans to assign every child in Scotland a state guardian could lead to good parents being penalised, an academic has warned ahead of a final vote on the issue in Holyrood later this month.  animated_baby_arms_100x100

Sociology lecturer Dr Stuart Waiton said the “secrecy” inbuilt in the SNP’s proposals – which would give children a ‘named person’ to monitor their progress – is a “cause for concern”.

“It will take very little to trigger an investigation into a child and from there a false picture can easily be arrived at”, he said.


He said innocent aspects of a child’s life such as what they eat or the views they express can make “good parents fair game” in the eyes of “health and safety zealots, obsessed with risk management”.

“It is incredible just how far the state is interfering in the lives of Scots”, he added.

A leading human rights lawyer has warned that under the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill, a child’s named person – a state employee – would have powers that “cut across” the rights of their parents.


Aidan O’Neill QC said in a legal opinion that the scheme may not be compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights, which says the state should respect “private and family life”.

Mr O’Neill also described the Bill as “universal in scope” and said the “blanket” provisions allow the state to assign a guardian without assessing a child’s individual need.

He said it is “startling” that the proposal “appears to be predicated on the idea that the proper primary relationship that children will have for their well-being and development, nurturing and education is with the State rather than within their families and with their parents”, he added.


Under the Bill a named person would be able to share information with a wide range of public authorities and intervene without parental consent.

Currently, information can be shared without parental consent only if there is a danger of significant harm, but the Bill would enable data to be passed on to a named person without permission if there is a risk to a child’s “wellbeing”.

Nick Pickles, of campaign group Big Brother Watch, said: “This whole scheme is an unprecedented attack on the privacy of families and the civil liberties of law-abiding parents and children.”

The Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill reaches stage 3 in the Scottish Parliament on 19 February, when MSPs will vote on it for the final time.

Click on picture of Big Brother for source.

Click  here to read our original discussion on this topic


The Scottish Government has already shown its utter contempt for public opinion by re-defining marriage despite the manifest opposition of the majority of the people of Scotland. Is there any point in contacting MSPs to ask them to reject this latest assault on family life? Should we just roll over and accept that the primary relationship for families now is between the State and children? Or is there anything – anything at all – that we can do to prevent this legislation from being passed?

Child Protection: State Vs Family …


In recent years, I’ve met several parents who are deeply concerned at the way parents are regarded with  suspicion by the authorities. One parent, whose (now grown up) son was particularly accident prone as a toddler, told me that if she were in the same position now, she would not dream of taking him to the doctor/accident & emergency, as she did, without giving it a second thought at the time.  It never occurred to her that anyone would think that she would harm her own, much loved, child.

Click on the picture of the baby to watch the Panorama Special “I Want My Baby Back”, broadcast on BBC 1 last night, to see why parents today are afraid to place themselves and their children in the path of medical professionals and social services.

But what if a child is in pain after a fall or other accident in the home or at play. What should parents do – what would you do?  Take your child to the doctor and hope for the best … or what? 

Key Question 1 : what can parents do about the erosion of their rights due to the excessive State interference in family life?

Key Question 2 : Is it time for the Catholic Bishops to speak out forcefully about this excessive State interference, perhaps suggesting that social services put their own house in order by focusing on the abuse on both children and the elderly in their own institutions?