Coming Soon: “Paedophile Rights” ?

animatedchildrenplayingChannel 4 will screen a controversial documentary tonight in which a paedophile speaks openly about his attraction to four-year-old girls.

The broadcaster has been criticised by victim support campaigners for giving airtime to the 39-year-old man, called Eddie, and encouraging him to discuss his urges. Read more


I was alerted to a discussion this morning on the Wright Stuff, Channel 5 Talk  (Nonsense) Show on the subject of the above Channel 4 documentary. The Wright Stuff is a programme I studiously avoid for a number of reasons, not least because it is so predictable and so politically correct that I’ve never viewed one of their “discussions” without yawning.  This discussion was useful, though, because it demonstrates the need for what Lenin termed the “useful idiots” to get revolutions off the ground.  Playing the part of the Devil’s Advocate, Matthew Wright made the case for Paedophile Rights when the majority (if not all) of the members of the public who rang in to comment proved to be opposed to the screening of the Channel 4 documentary.

Bending over backwards to appear open-minded  Wright, wearing his Devil’s Advocate hat,  pushed the callers  to answer questions such as  “[but] do you know any paedophiles?” and “where  do you get your information about paedophiles from?” – that sort of thing. He wouldn’t have heard me, of course, but I shouted at the TV screen: “No, but then I didn’t know any homosexuals either until they started coming out of the woodwork thanks to the media presenting them as victims” and “I get my information about paedophiles from the same place that I get information about other undesirables – then they become “approved” and they’re not undesirables any more, you silly man”.

Is this documentary – as portrayed – simply so that we can view the problem differently, find ways to help these poor individuals overcome their disordered sexual attraction to children? Or are the useful idiots in the television industry pawns in the campaign for paedophile rights?  Present the nice guy, explain that he just can’t help it, maybe he was born that way and maybe this is yet another taboo we need to shed, just as “society” is no longer shocked at same sex couplings or even men having operations to become women and women becoming men.  If they’re born that way and can’t help it, society shouldn’t make “victims” of them, surely?

As Catholics, do we have something specific to contribute to the issues surrounding the screening of this Channel 4 documentary?  Comments invited.