Tyburn Convent: Nun Addresses Freedom March; Warns Against Covid Jab… 

In London, Unite for Freedom marchers protesting coronavirus restrictions and vaccine passports were greeted by a group of cheering nuns as they made their way past Marble Arch.

One of the sisters, Mother Marilla, the Mother General, addressed the protestors, encouraging them as they marched through the streets of the capital.

“You were made in the image and likeness of God. You were born free,” she said. “Don’t let them take your freedoms away from you.”

She also warned against the much-hyped experimental coronavirus injections. “Protect the children, and under no conditions let them have that vaccine, it kills people,” she stated.  Click here to read entire article…   


Clearly, Mother is filling that vacuum left by the Absent Fathers, the pro-lockdowns, pro-vaccine clergy. Let’s pray for her that she doesn’t suffer any hostile consequences. 

As  for that jab… I’ve met more people again today who are determined not to take it.  My decision is written in stone… Mother Marilla has reinforced my decision, not that it really needed any reinforcing.  What about you?