1st May: Feast of St Joseph the Worker & Honouring the Month of Mary…


Dear St. Joseph, pure and gentle,
Guardian of the Saviour child,
Treading with the virgin mother,
Egypt’s deserts rough and wild.

Hail, St. Joseph, spouse of Mary,

Blessed above all saints on high,
When the death-shades round us gather,
Teach, oh, teach us how to die.

He who rested on thy bosom
Is by countless saints adored;
Prostrate angels in His presence
Sing hosannas to their Lord.

Now to thee no gift refusing,
Jesus stoops to hear thy prayer;
Then, dear saint, from thy fair dwelling,
Give to us a father’s care.

Dear St. Joseph, kind and loving,
Stretch to us a helping hand;
Guide us through life’s toils and sorrows
Safely to the distant land.


Happy Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker, to whom we pray for all those seeking employment or who are unhappy or suffering injustice at work. Saint Joseph The Worker, pray for them.


We pray, too, for a glorious Month of Mary, and that Our Lady will bring great graces to our Conference, marking her Fatima Feast: Our Lady, Mother & Queen, we love you – please pray for us!

As always, this thread, whilst essentially devotional, may be used to discuss issues of interest and importance, relating, in this case, to St Joseph and/or Our Lady. Post your favourite hymns, prayers and poems; share any special answers to prayers you have received and any stories you have to tell us about the intercession of this great saint and our heavenly mother.  Education and Edification is our aim – enjoy!  

Happy Feast of St Joseph The Worker…

ImageToday’s Feast of St Joseph The Worker welcomes in the Month of Mary, so we have a double celebration to mark 1st May.

It’s good to take time out to reflect on the lives of our greatest saints, as we do from time to time on this blog.

St Joseph is one of the most powerful saints in Heaven: one of his titles is Protector of the Universal Church, so let’s unite in praying to him today for special graces for the Pope and Bishops, as we witness a worsening of the crisis afflicting the Church in our times.

Prayer intentions, especially for those who are struggling either to find work or to cope with their employment, are welcome on this thread. Also, feel free to share your favourite prayers, hymns and stories about this great saint. Tributes, too, to Our Lady, please, as we enter the Month of Mary.

St Joseph the Worker, pray for us … Our Lady, Queen of Heaven, pray for us.