Pope’s UnChristian Attack On Trump

Pope Francis continues to hit the headlines – this time declaring that Donald Trump, US politician and presidential candidate, is “not Christian”.  Click here to read one of the many reports available across the internet, and to see the Pope on video, speaking his mind to the journalists.

Then watch the short video below, where Donald Trump hits back, calling the Pope’s judgment on him “disgraceful”.


The Pope will tolerate abortion (let’s not “obsess” about the murder of innocent babies) and he answers: “Who am I to judge?” when asked about homosexuality. Those who are living in sin, whether divorced and “remarried” or in civil homosexual partnerships, are to be welcomed and perhaps even permitted to approach for Holy Communion.  Donald Trump is the exception to all this “mercy “and tolerance.  Why?  Is a political party policy, or a personal opinion on  immigration – or any other social issue – more important than God’s natural moral law designed to safeguard human life, from the moment of conception, and traditional family life?

Is the Pope right to tell the world that a US presidential candidate is “not Christian”  just because he disagrees with his politics or is it Papa Francis who lacks the Christian spirit?