Vatican Latest: Our New History…


Lutherans and Catholics have many reasons to retell their history in new ways. They have been brought closer together through family relations, through their service to the larger world mission, and through their common resistance to tyrannies in many places. These deepened contacts have changed mutual perceptions, bringing new urgency for ecumenical dialogue and further research. The ecumenical movement has altered the orientation of the churches’ perceptions of the Reformation: ecumenical theologians have decided not to pursue their confessional self-assertions at the expense of their dialogue partners but rather to search for that which is common within the differences, even within the oppositions, and thus work toward overcoming church-dividing differences.  Source


Well, we’ve had a new Mass, new Rosary, new Catechism, new Evangelisation – so, what’s the big deal about a new history? (After all, check the source again) it’s the Vatican speaking.

And what better way – after 100 years of diabolical disorientation – to celebrate the Fatima Apparitions?