Rosary: Luminous Mysteries – Why Not?

As we approach the Month of Mary, it might be useful to examine the way we pray our Rosary, in the hope of doing all we can to ensure that our prayers are truly pleasing to Our Lady and her Son. Fr Gruner’s explanation about why the new Luminous Mysteries cannot be part of the Rosary is, perhaps, a good place to begin.

Bloggers might also like to share resources, with the aim of enabling better concentration. Francisco, the little Fatima seer, really struggled with his Rosary and had to use pictures to help him focus. This Online Rosary might appeal to some. And if you have a book, pamphlet or website facility that you find helpful, feel free to share it here. However, be aware that, unfortunately, it seems now to be the norm to include the Luminous Mysteries in material on the Rosary.

Also, we’re looking for tips….

A couple of readers have recently raised the subject of the Rosary in the context of their personal struggle to fit it in every day. So, it would be useful to offer tips on how to make sure we don’t leave it until too late at night, when we’re tired and find it difficult to stay awake. Parents with young children are especially vulnerable to this temptation. Can we offer some ideas on how to make sure the Rosary becomes an integral part of our daily life without being burdensome?