Vatican Priest Threat To Sue Blogger…

Blogger, Sixupman emailed me this report from Vox Cantoris blog reporting this astonishing legal letter threatening action against the Fr Tom Rosicaadministrator for his  criticism of Fr Tom Rosica, (pictured)  a Vatican spokesman. 

Let’s hope the blogger under threat sticks to his guns, as expressed in this extract from one of his posts:

Father Rosica “Tweeted” the article with the headline “Cardinal Wuerl’s response to Cardinal Burke (and dissenters)” and a link to the article. His followers cannot be faulted if they just read the headline and take up the believe that Cardinal Burke is one bad guy, after all, he is a “dissenter.”

It seems to it is time for Father Lombardi to make a decision as to whether this Vatican employee needs to be either reigned in on social media or sent packing to preside over the winding down of Salt + Light.

Nota Bene: My colleague Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness and I are resolute. We will not fail in our countering of the assault on the faith and tradition that these men continue to undertake against Holy Mother Church and the Catholic faithful.

Make no mistake Wuerl, Marx, Madriaga, Kasper and Rosica, we will not rest.  Source

My own advice to the blog administrator, for what it’s worth, is to ignore that disgraceful letter.  I’ve had umpteen legal threats over the years (although none from the Vatican, I must say, with green eyes…) and I’ve ignored the majority of them. That was the end of the matter. We need always to stand up to bullies – that’s the answer, in my humble opinion.

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