Letter From Liverpool: priest-dissenter to preach at pilgrimage in honour of priest-martyr… Gerragrip!

Letter From Liverpool: priest-dissenter to preach at pilgrimage to honour priest-martyr

The following letter arrived in the Catholic Truth post today, enclosing the parish newsletter for SS Edmund & Thomas of Canterbury, 62 Oxford Road, Waterloo, Liverpool. The newsletter carried the following advertisement:

“Holy Hand Pilgrimage”: The annual pilgrimage to venerate the holy hand of St Edmund Arrowsmith will take place on Sunday 25 August at St Oswald and St Edmund’s Church, Ashton-in-Makerfield. Mass will be celebrated at 4pm followed by veneration of the holy hand. The preacher at mass (sic) will be Fr Kevin Kelly.  (Click on image of “The Archdiocese of Liverpool” to read about Fr Kelly).

Our correspondent wrote for publication in our October newsletter, but I think this letter requires earlier publication, for reasons that will become obvious…

Dear Editor,

In the enclosed newsletter you will see a pilgrimage being advertised to venerate the holy hand of St Edmund Arrowsmith. Fr Kevin Kelly is going to preach.

In ‘The Challenge of Aids – New Predictions in Moral Theology”, Fr Kelly advocates that two men should be able to marry. In his writings he has stated that he was shocked when Humanae Vitae did not allow artificial contraception. Why he should be shocked is a surprise for the Catholic Church has always prohibited it.

St Edmund Arrowsmith ended up suffering the most terrible martyrdom for defending God’s laws on marriage. He told two Protestants who were cousins that they should not be married. He ended up in trouble as the mother of the so called “couple” reported him. (Ed: I have never heard this story before, so if anyone can provide a source, that would be much appreciated.)

It is terrible to have a priest like Fr Kevin Kelly, who is obviously trying to create a false god in the image and likeness of his own ideas, preaching at the pilgrimage in honour of St Edmund Arrowsmith, who was a staunch Catholic priest who paid the most dreadful price for (his adherence to) authentic Catholic teaching.

The mission of the Catholic Church is to hand on the teaching of the Catholic Church, not to invent one’s own theology. There are 44,000 different Protestant denominations already doing this.

St Edmund Arrowsmith lamented on the scaffold as to what was to become of England. He will surely be horrified if Fr Kevin Kelly comes to preach his gravely sinful ideas at a pilgrimage in his honour.

Fr Kevin Kelly would do well to recall the words of Blessed Jacinta of Fatima, who had seen Hell. She said: “more souls go to Hell through sins of the flesh than for any other sin.”

You will note that there is no mention on the newsletter of the parish being a Catholic Church (Ed: yes, noted.)

Kind regards.
Name Withheld On Request – a concerned member of the Archdiocese of Liverpool.

Ed: let’s hope many Catholics from the Liverpool area read this letter and contact the parish priest – Fr John Cullen – to seek withdrawal of the invitation to Fr Kevin Kelly, without delay.