Family Court System Sinister?

A woman suspected of abducting her two young sons poses “a risk of harm” to the boys, a family court has said.

Samantha Baldwin was last seen on Monday near Nottingham city centre.  She is believed to be with six-year-old Dylan Madge and Louis Madge, aged nine. Click  here to read entire report.



Some time ago, we discussed a harrowing Panorama programme which exposed the dangers of the way Family Courts operate in secret, purportedly to protect the children.  Infants have been taken from their parents, with often irreparable damage caused, and yet we are still being asked to blindly trust the social workers and other agents of the court. 

In 2013,  one top Judge called for an end to this secrecy yet here we are again, reading about a case where no details are given but we are supposed to believe that this mother “poses a risk of harm” to her sons. Says who? What sort of harm?  Does she hold beliefs on religion and morals that don’t fit in with the new politically correct “values” in the UK?  Or what? They look very happy little boys and she doesn’t look like a madwoman, from the photos released to date,  so I’m not sure we should assume the worst at all – just because the “authorities” say so.  In fact, in 2014, Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming suggested to Panorama that parents suspected of abuse flee the country, rather than fight for justice through the Family Courts – because the system is loaded against them.  Click here to read more and view short video

Family life is being attacked on all fronts, so maybe Catholics should be a little more savvy when it comes to investing blind trust in the Family Court system. Let’s not forget that the culture in the UK today is almost entirely anti-family, and certainly anti-traditional family values. Surely, if there is a problem within a family, it ought to be sorted out there, not by removing children from their mother and home, with heartbreak all round.  How can that help? I see it as sinister.  But, maybe you disagree?