30 March: The Big Questions Live From Glasgow on BBC 2 – Don’t Miss It!

The Big Questions, a religious, ethical and topical debating programme usually aired on BBC 1 TV on Sundays at 10.am from various locations across the UK, is live from Glasgow this week on BBC 2 due to a sports event on BBC 1.  If you miss the live broadcast, you can view online hereImage

Then share your thoughts on the topics – emergency contraception, democracy and the end times. Since we’ve already discussed the end times on another thread very recently, feel free to give that one a miss…

Are We Living In The End Times?

A number of correspondents and friends in conversation have recently raised the question of whether or not we are actually living in the end times. It seems obvious to me that we are, indeed, living in the end times (whether “the end” is next week, next year or a hundred years from now) so, but for these recent communications, I wouldn’t even think of posting a thread on the topic – it’s something to which we refer often in other discussions.

Then I received an email today containing a link to the Channel 4 documentary Secrets of the Vatican with a request to post a thread on the subject. However, I’ve only had time to watch the beginning of the film, and be warned, it is not pleasant at all. It’s not really necessary to watch it in order to participate in this discussion so my gut instinct is to say “don’t bother” – it’s all about the “filth in the Church” lamented by Pope Benedict. If you choose to watch it, say a prayer first, and then click on the picture of Christ the King to view.

Spiritual blindness is definitely one of the signs of the end times – see 2 Timothy 4:3-4 (“The time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine… and will turn away from the truth…”)

The key discussion point for this thread, then, is this: are all the signs of the end times (of which Scripture warns) evident in the world today? Personally, I think they are, with bells on. What do you think?