Pope Francis says the Earth is Our Mother that Never Forgives, Or A Sister? More Francis Clarity


Pope Francis

Since we’ve not yet discussed the promised papal encyclical on the environment, I thought this might be an interesting introductory discussion –  this is the first time I’ve re-blogged a post. Looks interesting.  Share your thoughts…


Pope Francis addressed a business expo group on Saturday by video.  He held papers in his hands from which it appears he was reading as he spoke.  That indicates that this talk was not a spontaneous outburst, but rather a reasoned prepared presentation.  I must say that I read what he had spoken, and then reread it and then came back to it again.  I really want to understand what he tries to teach, but I find it so difficult from the perspective of a Catholic.  The link I have provided is from The Wanderer and I give them much credit for taking what I read and turning it into something much more clear.  So, I suppose I was just too dense yesterday and I appreciate their recitation of his points: that people need to take the needs of people into account as a priority and not as emergency measure where…

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