Feast of the Most Precious Blood…

ImageFeast of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord, Jesus Christ – July 1

JOHN the Baptist has pointed out the Lamb, Peter has firmly established his throne, Paul has prepared the bride; their joint work, admirable in its unity, at once suggests the reason for their feasts occurring almost simultaneously in the cycle. The alliance being now secured, all three fall into shade; whilst the bride herself, raised up by them to such lofty heights, appears alone before us, holding in her hands the sacred cup of the nuptial-feast.  Read more


How many of us offer devotion to The Most Precious Blood of Our Lord?  Apart from during Holy Mass when we adore the Precious Blood at the Consecration, do we tend to neglect this devotion? Why do we hear fellow Catholics speak of miraculous medals, green scapulars, brown scapulars, but seldom, if ever, devotion to the Precious Blood?  I remember being surprised when a school friend entered Religious Life and took “Sister … of the Precious Blood” as part of her name in religion. It wasn’t a devotion I had read or thought about much – what about you?