31/5: Queenship of Mary…Happy Feast! 


As the Month of Mary draws to a close with the celebration of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we reflect on this beautiful title of Our Lady. 

The hymn “Bring Flowers of the Rarest…” was traditionally sung in churches throughout the Month of Mary, not just on this Feast Day, and – in this way –  along with the several other “May hymns”, devotion to Our Lady was developed and deepened in young Catholic souls.  The memory still raises a smile when I think of the cheerful rendering (in my own parish) of “The Sun is Shining Brightly” while, in fact, it was pouring with rain outside! 

Thus, I can’t imagine the deprivation suffered today by young Catholics who are denied such devotions.  Indeed, it’s very sad to speak with young people who have attended Mass throughout the Month of Mary and not heard even one of the traditional hymns in honour of Our Lady’s special month. We can put that right here, now, so enjoy! 

As with all Feast Day threads, discuss any relevant issues, and feel free to post your favourite prayers, stories, and hymns.   

Our Lady, Queen and Mother, pray for us!