Pope: Children to Write Vatican Good Friday Stations … Is Nothing Sacred?


An additional group of around 500 kids from the First Communion and Confirmation catechism classes at the Rome parish of the Holy Martyrs of Uganda have also helped prepare the meditations, the Vatican said.

While traditionally held at the Colosseum, the pope’s Way of the Cross will take place in St. Peter’s Square for the second year in succession due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The prayer, which is scheduled for 9 p.m. Rome time on April 2, will be live-streamed. Attendance by the general public will not be permitted due to Rome’s COVID-19 restrictions.

Each of the 14 stations will also be accompanied by drawings from young children and adolescents living at the Mater Divini Amoris and Tetto Casal Fattoria family homes in Rome.

The Mater Divini Amoris Family Home is run by the sisters of the Congregation of the Daughters of Our Lady of Divine Love, and currently looks after eight children ages three to eight.

The Tetto Casal Fattoria Family Home is a social cooperative that supports children and youth “in the growth and construction of a life project.”

Due to coronavirus restrictions, Pope Francis will hold the Stations of the Cross outside of St. Peter’s Basilica.

The Roman tradition of holding the Way of the Cross at the Colosseum on Good Friday dates back to the pontificate of Benedict XIV, who died in 1758.

After dying out for a period, the tradition was revived in 1964 by Pope Paul VI, while under Pope John Paul II the Way of the Cross at the Colosseum became a worldwide television event.

Each year, the pope personally selects who will write the meditations for the stations. 

Last year, Pope Francis asked the chaplaincy at the “Due Palazzi” House of Detention in Padua, northern Italy, to prepare the meditations.

Contributors included parents whose daughter was murdered, the child of a man sentenced to life imprisonment, a magistrate, a prisoner’s mother, a corrections officer and a priest acquitted after eight years in the justice system.   Click here to read above report at source


Is this a good idea?  To ask children and young people who, by definition, cannot possibly have experienced a sound Catholic education – to ask them to write meditations on the Way of the Cross? What’s wrong with the traditional Stations of the Cross written by St Alphonsus?  Does everything have to be modernised? Is constant change a good thing? Will these Stations be a mish-mash of silly ideas in the shallow spirit of the typical radio “Thought for the Day” genre?  Is nothing sacred?  


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Should Children be Banned from Marching in “Gay Pride” Parades?

The following email is the latest report from David Skinner, not a Catholic, but an activist “of no denomination”, who exposes the activities of the LGBT lobby…  

Editor Warning  – there are graphic, crude descriptions of homosexual activities in that part of the email below which quotes information from the Terrance Higgins Trust (THT). 
these pornographic descriptions are included here only to underline the gravity of what is happening in primary schools – that is,  in the context of the brainwashing of primary school children in LGBT propaganda, organising playground “pride” marches etc.  The title of these descriptions are given in blue type, so you can avoid reading the details if you choose. 

Email from David Skinner…

Dear friends,

I received this report about Heavers Primary School , south London putting on mini Gay Pride Parade in the school.


The protests against this from a small group of concerned parents were treated with contempt . In order to stand four square with these brave mums and dads and disabuse the Head Teacher of the fancy that every parent in Britain is just waiting for their school to conduct similar celebrations of disordered minds and dysfunctionality, please write – POLITELY – to the Head Teacher, Susan Papas.

You may wish to use whatever part of my letter below:


Susan Papas,
Heavers Primary School
South Norwood

Dear Ms Papas,

I have read, in the Evening Standard of the controversy in which you find yourself, regarding the cancelling of the “The Proud to Be Parade,” and from experience, I know that no schools welcomes adverse attention in the news media.

However, I write to you in support of those parents, who because they did not feel that it was appropriate to have their children sexualised, were accused of being a hateful minority group. Do they not have a right to feel disturbed and uncomfortable with their children being exposed to things which are way beyond their understanding? Cannot children be allowed to be children, instead of being asked to understand the complexities and dysfunctionalities of fallen human nature? I would say this was mental and emotional abuse.

The children belong to the parents and not to the school, or to the state. Schools are in loco parentis, and should respect the values of the parents and not try to undermine the relationship between parent and child. Ultimately it is the parents who duty and responsibility of educating their own child on such intimate, sensitive and personal things. The school has no right to interfere unless they see that a child is disturbed, actively sexual or sexually abusing other children and even staff

The path you have taken, it seems to me, is the same as the lesbian, teacher, Elly Barnes MBE , who is presently an LGBT Schools Advisor for Birmingham City and Durham County Councils. From 2005- 2012 she was head of year and music teacher at Stoke Newington school, north London, where she organised mini gay pride parades around Clissold Park. The children would prepare for this by practising drumming, singing, dancing, making banners and even decorating caked with rainbow colours. It all seemed so much innocent fun. But what she was preparing the children for was to participate in Gay Pride Parades. It is only when goes along and sees with one’s own eyes that these are not environments in which to bring children – let alone adults. Prostitutes, sadomasochists, pornographers, transvestites, transgenders, transsexuals, naked men and women, men swathed and dressed in leather and wearing animal headgear, carrying whips and chains , strut and cavort to the deafening sound of whistles and heavy drumming. It is a scene of the utmost depravity and degradation.
These parades are not about love, but lust. They are not peaceful and joyful, but fascist, militant and threatening.

Elly Barnes said on ITV news and in the Evening Standard that she is determined to smash heteronormativity, in the school, the community and the home. What kind of language is that? She encourages little children to go home and dictate to their parents that they have no right to tell them whether they can be a boy or girl. She is preaching subversion and rebellion.

What the children are never told are the health hazards of practising anal and oral sex and all the other kinky and extreme behaviour peddled by the so-called sex experts. Though according the Office of national statistics gays make up only 2% of the population they are disproportionately represented amongst those with sexually transmitted diseases, and mental problems.

Public Health England produced this report:

‘Men who have sex with men (MSM) have remained the group most at risk of acquiring HIV in the UK.

In 2013, after adjusting for missing exposure category, there were 3,250 new HIV diagnoses reported among MSM; this compares to 3,230 reported in 2012 and represents the highest number ever reported in the UK….

New HIV diagnoses among MSM accounted for 54% of all diagnoses reported in 2013.
Both the proportion and number of new HIV diagnoses among MSM aged 15-24 years have increased over the past decade, from 8.7% (250/2,420) in 2004 to 16% (460/2,950) in 2013….. After adjusting for missing information on region of diagnosis, London had the highest number of new diagnoses among MSM (1,470), followed by the North of England (470), South of England (410) and the Midlands and East of England (340). Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland had 130, 80 and 50 diagnoses respectively, in 2013.’

The high mortality rate comes as no surprise when one sees the kind of activities being encouraged by one of the main LGBT charities, the Terrance Higgins Trust (THT). Commenting on this, Alan Craig, who at one time ran for Mayor of London, writes,
‘It works regularly in partnership with NHS trusts , received £200,000 from the Department for Education last year to train “100 disadvantaged 14-19 year-olds to become Sexual Health Champions who will then go on to deliver peer-to-peer SRE (sex and relationships education) sessions for 2,000 more young people”, and runs Sex Education Days for teenagers alongside local accredited youth organisations …..

But read this astonishing health information for gay men direct from THT’s website and easily available to all, including THT’s youthful followers:

Watersports: “Watersports means letting piss get on his or your body or clothes – or in the mouth, or drinking it. Drinking plenty of beer – or water, apple or cranberry juice if you want to stay clear-headed – makes sure your urine isn’t too salty and smelly.”

Scat: “Scat is sex involving playing with shit, maybe eating it, too. Smearing shit onto healthy unbroken skin poses relatively little health risk if the person the turds came from is free of infections”.  [Editor:  I spoke with a “gay” MP only a few days ago, when, as a side issue, LGBT lobbying was raised.  He held up his hand to stop me from defining “scatting” (two other people were present) when I expressed concerns about the way LGBT issues are covered in schools.  “NO WAY is scatting taught, he insisted.” rejecting my point that this sort of behaviour is described in the resources used in schools, it’s not about someone standing up “teaching” it.]

Fisting: “Fisting involves inserting a hand, sometimes forearm, into the rectum – occasionally going up as far as the lower colon… Fisting fans call it the ultimate sexual experience, giving intense feelings of trust and intimacy.”

“Felching involves sucking (usually your own) semen out of someone else’s a**e – with or without a straw”

You will be a key stage in encouraging little children at your school into a dangerous lifestyle. The parents who complained about the gay pride have every reason and right to be concerned about the health of their children.

Ms Papas, you have said, “We thought we would celebrate Pride month so those children from LGBT families would feel included and to show the kids that children come from different families.” You are merely echoing what Lord Justice Munby of the Family Division, and strong supporter of the LGBTs, said on the 30th May 2018:

“In contemporary Britain the family takes an almost infinite variety of forms…. Children live in households where their parents may be married or unmarried. They may be brought up by a single parent, by two parents or even by three parents. Their parents may or may not be their natural parents….. They may be the children of polygamous marriages. Their siblings may be only half-siblings or step-siblings. Some children are brought up by two parents of the same sex. Some children are conceived by artificial donor insemination. Some are the result of surrogacy arrangements. The fact is that many adults and children, whether through choice or circumstance, live in families more or less removed from what, until comparatively recently, would have been recognised as the typical nuclear family. This, I stress, is… a reality which we should welcome and applaud.”

He was simply rubber stamping what the Marxist, lesbian, Elizabeth Wilson, civil partner to Angela Mason, 2nd Chief Executive of Stonewall, (1992-2002), wrote in the preamble to the Gay Liberation Manifesto 1971, which stated:

“The oppression of gay people starts in the most basic unit of society, the family…Formal religious education is still part of everyone’s schooling, and our whole legal structure is supposedly based on Christianity, whose archaic and irrational teachings support the family and marriage as the only permitted condition for sex…Yet although this struggle will be hard, and our victories not easily won, we are not in fact being idealistic to aim at abolishing the family…. the family unit …will not disappear….without a struggle…
Gay shows the way. In some ways we are already more advanced than straight people. We are already outside the family….We question however as an ideal, the finding and settling down eternally with one ‘right’ partner. This is the blue-print of the straight world which gay people have taken over…. we believe that the suffocating small family unit is by no means the best atmosphere for bringing up children. ..”

In February 2018, The MP, Fiona Bruce, in the House of Commons, said,

“Research from the Social Trends Institute into families with children under 12 shows that Britain has the highest level of family instability in the entire developed world. Family breakdown has reached epidemic proportions. If it were categorised in health or environmental terms, it would be a national emergency”.

Would you or the parent who said “The parade was about teaching the kids love has no label and celebrating love in all its forms”, promote the love of adultery, fornication, incest, paedophilia and bestiality in all their kaleidoscopic forms?

In 2009, The Telegraph reported:

“Children as young as four were among the pupils told about same sex relationships as part of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. During the talk children at Bromstone Primary in Broadstairs, Kent, were played music by Elton John and told he was homosexual. A string of parents have since complained their children were left “confused” and “worried” by the assembly.

Gemma Martin, 28, whose daughter Chloe, seven, and Danny, four, are both pupils, went on: “It’s meant a number of girls are worried about being friends with each other.
“Little girls often cuddle each other if one of them is crying or has fallen over, and now they are afraid to do that in case the others think they are gay.

“I think kids as young as four don’t need to know about that and it should be left to their parents to tell them when they think they’re ready.”

Michelle Cosgrove, 33, of Westgate-on-Sea, said a number of parents had felt the school had not listened to their complaints about the assembly, and they were treated as homophobic just for asking why they were not consulted.

Lorna Meloy, 38, added: “My nine-year-old daughter Melissa told me there was a photo of two men lying down together with their feet intertwined. ”

The loving relationship between Elton John and his fake husband, David Furnish is sordid. As one reporter, said, David Furnish and Elton… are now all over the net trying to prevent the story of their threesomes and open relationship being public knowledge, especially here in England, where a lot of people know, but it can’t be published “to protect the children” ! After using the kids for years as publicity material and playing happy families. So all those rumours of Lady David hanging out with hunky guys, escorts, personal trainers etc are true – while at the same time he was busy getting rid of Elton’s old retainers, and of course causing that fallout with Elton’s mother.

Are these the sort of role models we want for our children?

Twenty years ago, Section 28 made it illegal for schools to promote homosexuality. Since then attitudes have changed, not because of rational argument but because the political scene changed with Stonewall, the most powerful gay lobby in Europe, given free rein to dictate legislation to Parliament. A combination of the corruption of the cultural pillars of society, such as entertainment, the mass media, the arts and education, coupled with oppressive legislation that could send someone to prison for seven years, simply for saying something that might offend a homosexual, might have changed the views of society, but this is simply because the public have been intimidated to be quiet.

Those of us who have a memory of life fifty one years ago would never have dreamed that, following the decriminalisation of homosexuality and abortion, the relaxation on laws on divorce and censorship of pornography and the repeal of capital punishment in 1967, Britain would have slid into the degree of moral anarchy that we see all around us, resulting in the murder of nine million babies in the womb at the rate of nearly 4000 babies every week.; the spread of AIDS and HIV, principally amongst the gay community; rampant drug addiction; widespread mental illness and suicide; a breakdown in discipline in schools; children being sexually abused or abusing other children on an industrial scale; hundreds of children wrenched from their parents, put into social “care”, and sold off through the adoption agencies; sex trafficking; paedophilia; Satanist ritual abuse; a rocketing violent crime rate; a fundamental breakdown in societal trust and loyalty; a prison population that is the largest in Europe, the defilement and the sodomisation of marriage and a present generation, noted for its cynicism and nihilism.

I think you owe an apology to that brave minority of parents who justifiably objected to their children been corrupted and emotionally abused. I support them 100% and hope there are many more like them, otherwise our nation is doomed to extinction.

I am yours

……………………………………………….4TH July 2018

David Skinner

Our mailing address is:
David Skinner
PO Box 9133
Bournemouth, Dorset BH11 0GE
United Kingdom


If you prefer to email, address your  message to The Head Teacher,  Susan Papas at office@heaversfarm.croydon.sch.uk

Consider this for discussion:  are we too ready to accept the LGBT “rights” message?  Shouldn’t we be much more militant – or at least be ready to openly condemn these alleged “rights”?  Nobody should be discriminated against in employment etc. Obviously not.  But should we be accepting of this fashion of identifying people by their sexual behaviour?  I think not.  What do YOU think?  And should children be banned from “gay pride” marches/parades?

UK: At 16, No Tobacco Or Alcohol But You CAN Change Your Gender…!


From Voice for Justice UK…
Have they really thought about this?

The Government has now published its response to VfJUK’s petition calling for the prohibition of all medical treatment for gender reassignment below the age of 18. The petition was posted on 1st January, and the Department of Health and Social Care posted a direct response on its website on February 20th.

Read our petition here: http://www.citizengo.org/en/signit/147194/view
Read their response in full here: http://www.gov.uk/government/news/voice-for-justice-uks-campaign-about-gender-reassignment

You may be unsurprised to learn that The Department of Health and Social Care is blandly reassuring, while not giving an inch on policy. They write:

“If children have the capacity to give consent for themselves, then consent should be sought direct from them. Once young people reach the age of 16, they are presumed in law to be competent to give consent for themselves for their own surgical, medical or dental treatment, and any associated procedures, such as investigations, anaesthesia or nursing care.

Those under 16 are not automatically presumed to be legally competent to make decisions about their healthcare. However, the courts have stated that a person under 16 will be competent to give valid consent to a particular intervention if they have “sufficient understanding and intelligence to enable him or her to understand fully what is proposed”.

The Department ignores entirely the fact that as a society we routinely protect children from making choices they might in the future regret. For example, we prohibit the sale of tobacco to children under the age of 18; similarly with the sale of alcohol; and, although widely ignored, sex under the age of 16 remains a criminal offence.

But there are no such reservations apparently when it comes to the truly momentous and life changing decision to undergo treatment to change sex. Indeed, from age 4 we are now encouraging children to choose their gender for themselves, telling them they don’t have to be limited by biology! And it seems, from the Department of Health and Social Care response, that we will persist in this, even though there is now growing evidence of children subsequently regretting their decision and asking for reversal.

When will this country wake up and tell the ideologues they’ve got it spectacularly wrong? Adolescence is notoriously a time of confusion and experimentation, with children pushing the boundaries to find out who and what they really are. It’s a time to rebel and make mistakes in relative safety, knowing that parents are there to pick up the pieces.

But this modern approach changes that. Propelling children prematurely into treatments that will necessitate the rest of their lives spent on damaging medication and surgical mutilation is not compassion. It is prioritisation of ideology and a failure of care.

What does protection of children’s rights really mean? Protection to grow up in safety? Or ‘protection’ to make life changing and potentially irrevocable decisions that they may in the future bitterly regret?

Children have neither the intellectual nor emotional maturity to make such life changing decisions.

VfJUK will shortly respond formally to the Department of Health and Social Care. We shall circulate our reply and would urge supporters also to write.

The petition is still open.
Please sign here: http://www.citizengo.org/en/signit/147194/view


Surely the same tax-payers who are complaining about inefficiency in the National Health Service will refuse to accept this waste of money?  It is unthinkable that the Government will authorise NHS funding to be spent on – to say the very least – totally unnecessary surgery, based, not on health needs but on a ridiculous – clearly demonic – ideology.  If not, why not?  Is the Government, not to mention the medical profession, completely mad? Is the UK population so devoid of all ability to think critically that they will go along with this dangerous stupidity, allowing children to be used as guinea pigs in the attack on our very humanity which is the “transgender” experiment? Share your thoughts  – I know what I think… 

13/7: Fatima Centenary of Vision of Hell

The Lady told Lucia: …Sacrifice yourselves for sinners, and say many times, especially whenever you make some sacrifice: ‘O Jesus, it is for love of You, and for the conversion of sinners, and in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.’“ 

As Our Lady spoke these last words (Lucia said) she opened her hands once more, as she had done during the two previous months. The rays of light appeared to penetrate the earth, and we saw, as it were, a vast sea of fire. Plunged in this fire were demons and souls in human form like transparent burning embers, all blackened or burnished bronze, floating about in that conflagration, now raised into the air by the flames which issued from within themselves, together with great clouds of smoke, now falling back on every side like sparks in huge fires, without weight or equilibrium, amid shrieks and groans of pain and despair, which horrified us and made us tremble with fear (it must have been this sight which caused me to cry out, as people say they heard me). The demons could be distinguished by their terrifying and repellent likeness to frightful and unknown animals, black and transparent like burning coals. That vision only lasted for a moment, thanks to our good Heavenly Mother, Who at the first apparition had promised to take us to Heaven. Without that, I think that we would have died of terror and fear.”

The Explanation of the Vision

Our Lady said to us, so kindly and so sadly: “You have seen Hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The war is going to end, but if people do not cease offending God, a worse one will break out during the reign of Pius XI. When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God, that He is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecutions of the Church and of the Holy Father.

To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the Consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated.

In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world. In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved etc.”

Our Lady then taught the children a prayer to add to the end of each mystery of the Rosary: O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fire of Hell, Take all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need.

The seers photographed after the vision of Hell.


Believe it or not, there are actually Catholics who disapprove of Our Lady showing the children the vision of Hell.  Why on EARTH would anyone think or say such a thing? 

There is no shortage of warnings about Hell in Sacred Scripture, and saints down the centuries have had visions of the torments awaiting souls in Hell: “I saw the torments of hell and those of purgatory; no words can describe them. Had poor mortals the faintest idea of them, they would suffer a thousand deaths rather than undergo the least of their torments during a single day.” St. Catherine of Siena.

So, rather than be shocked at the children of Fatima being shown the vision of Hell, the truly Catholic response  is one of gratitude; it is, surely,  a great grace to have had the dogma of Hell affirmed by Our Lady herself at the beginning of the 20th century, when it was to come under enormous attack.  Or perhaps you would have preferred a vision of Heaven? Share your thoughts…


Restoring The Faith – A Model Parish…

From the Parish Website, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Glasgow, Scotland…

To celebrate the Eve of All Saints’ Day, some of our young parishioners and friends of the parish dressed up for our All Saints Party. We started the evening by processing into the church and chanting the Litany of Saints in Latin. After some food, the Saints played Seven Deadly Sins bowling, slayed a pinata-dragon, completed a saints trivia quiz, played St Cecilia’s Musical Chairs, and “Simon Peter Says”.

Winner: St Bernadette - front right...

Winner: St Bernadette – front right…


The Saints were all brilliantly dressed, but the grown-ups decided to award St Bernadette with the “Best Costume” prize. Thank you to all the Saints for coming in your great costumes, and thank you to the parishioners who helped with food and games for the children.  Visit Parish Website for most photos here


The Angels & Saints Party has been a fixture in the Parish of the Immaculate Heart, Balornock, Glasgow for around 11 years, I believe. I’ve not heard of this idea being implemented anywhere else in Scotland. In the USA, yes.  Not Scotland, or, indeed, anywhere else in the UK, as far as I know.

It is a simple, but effective way of doing a number of things at once: killing several birds with one stone, as the saying goes. The children are encouraged to research the saints in order to choose  a saint to represent. They are, thus, learning about the saints; at least they are learning some key facts about the saints whom they research.  That’s important in itself. Then they have the fun of using their imaginations in order to create their own costumes. AND they are mixing with other young Catholics in an atmosphere conducive to developing their Faith and hopefully making new friends or consolidating friendships with other young Catholics.  What’s not to like?

Perhaps you could suggest this idea to your Parish Priest in good time to organise an Angels & Saints party in your parish next year? OR, if he is unwilling, or if you don’t have a large enough group of children, you could put a note in your diary to support the Immaculate Heart party next year. It’s well worth supporting; the children love it and the adults seemed to have a good time, as well.

Additionally, this thread may help to spark a few fresh ideas about how to restore some aspect of the Faith in your neck of the woods, especially, perhaps, enable new approaches to developing the knowledge and understanding of the young – an (insert soundbite adjective) Catechism Class…. that sort of thing.  Over to you!

19th Feb: SNP To Re-Define Family…

Plans to assign every child in Scotland a state guardian could lead to good parents being penalised, an academic has warned ahead of a final vote on the issue in Holyrood later this month.  animated_baby_arms_100x100

Sociology lecturer Dr Stuart Waiton said the “secrecy” inbuilt in the SNP’s proposals – which would give children a ‘named person’ to monitor their progress – is a “cause for concern”.

“It will take very little to trigger an investigation into a child and from there a false picture can easily be arrived at”, he said.


He said innocent aspects of a child’s life such as what they eat or the views they express can make “good parents fair game” in the eyes of “health and safety zealots, obsessed with risk management”.

“It is incredible just how far the state is interfering in the lives of Scots”, he added.

A leading human rights lawyer has warned that under the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill, a child’s named person – a state employee – would have powers that “cut across” the rights of their parents.


Aidan O’Neill QC said in a legal opinion that the scheme may not be compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights, which says the state should respect “private and family life”.

Mr O’Neill also described the Bill as “universal in scope” and said the “blanket” provisions allow the state to assign a guardian without assessing a child’s individual need.

He said it is “startling” that the proposal “appears to be predicated on the idea that the proper primary relationship that children will have for their well-being and development, nurturing and education is with the State rather than within their families and with their parents”, he added.


Under the Bill a named person would be able to share information with a wide range of public authorities and intervene without parental consent.

Currently, information can be shared without parental consent only if there is a danger of significant harm, but the Bill would enable data to be passed on to a named person without permission if there is a risk to a child’s “wellbeing”.

Nick Pickles, of campaign group Big Brother Watch, said: “This whole scheme is an unprecedented attack on the privacy of families and the civil liberties of law-abiding parents and children.”

The Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill reaches stage 3 in the Scottish Parliament on 19 February, when MSPs will vote on it for the final time.

Click on picture of Big Brother for source.

Click  here to read our original discussion on this topic


The Scottish Government has already shown its utter contempt for public opinion by re-defining marriage despite the manifest opposition of the majority of the people of Scotland. Is there any point in contacting MSPs to ask them to reject this latest assault on family life? Should we just roll over and accept that the primary relationship for families now is between the State and children? Or is there anything – anything at all – that we can do to prevent this legislation from being passed?

Child Protection: State Vs Family …


In recent years, I’ve met several parents who are deeply concerned at the way parents are regarded with  suspicion by the authorities. One parent, whose (now grown up) son was particularly accident prone as a toddler, told me that if she were in the same position now, she would not dream of taking him to the doctor/accident & emergency, as she did, without giving it a second thought at the time.  It never occurred to her that anyone would think that she would harm her own, much loved, child.

Click on the picture of the baby to watch the Panorama Special “I Want My Baby Back”, broadcast on BBC 1 last night, to see why parents today are afraid to place themselves and their children in the path of medical professionals and social services.

But what if a child is in pain after a fall or other accident in the home or at play. What should parents do – what would you do?  Take your child to the doctor and hope for the best … or what? 

Key Question 1 : what can parents do about the erosion of their rights due to the excessive State interference in family life?

Key Question 2 : Is it time for the Catholic Bishops to speak out forcefully about this excessive State interference, perhaps suggesting that social services put their own house in order by focusing on the abuse on both children and the elderly in their own institutions?