Catholic Universe & Catholic Times Closed – Celebrate! Thank you Covid! 

It’s difficult to describe my delight on hearing that two of the worst of the allegedly Catholic newspapers have bitten the dust. 

Westminster Fly, our well-informed blogger from south of the border, alerted me to this news, with a hint to the effect that it surely demands a celebratory thread.  You bet!  Consider it done. 

Modernist to their fingertips, despite their claims to orthodox Catholicity, there is nothing to be lost and everything to be gained from their passing. RIP.   

In the case of the Catholic Times, the stated aim was to “Follow Peter” – Yeah right.  It was tailor made to Follow Francis, but Peter?  Not remotely.  As for The Catholic Universe – great for wrapping fish ‘n chips.

Both publications were always apparently reluctant to publish letters from readers displaying symptoms of orthodoxy, while those with outright “traditionalist” leanings had more chance of being published in the Morning Star.  

This was particularly annoying because some of us were trying to have important errors corrected, notably those peddled by Monsignor Basil Loftus in his column in the Catholic Times week after week after week until his column was cancelled – I believe in 2018.  Until then, however, he’d done untold damage.

He regularly mocked the traditional Latin Mass (for which he appears to have a particular hatred), and he challenged various dogmas, including the physical Resurrection of Christ and His Real Presence in the Eucharist. Loftus denied, too, the infallibility of the Church’s moral teaching and the impossibility of authorising the ordination of women.  He was “woke” before “woke” was invented. 

Hence our dismay when we discovered that, on the odd occasion when a letter of concern about his column was published, the Editor also published a letter from Loftus right alongside, where he was allowed to defend his statements and repeat his errors for good measure.  Incredible. It was easy to deduce, therefore, that the Editor held the same beliefs as Loftus, that he adhered to the same heresies and errors.  So, the old saying “what goes around comes around” sprang to my mind on hearing this wonderful news of the death of this rag and its sister rag, the not-so-Catholic Universe. 

We did challenge the refusal of the Catholic Times to publish a letter of correction about Catholic Truth some years ago, by lodging a complaint with the Press Complaints Commission.  We won.  The Editor – silly man – was forced to publish my letter and thus shown up for his unjust censorship. Numpty. 

Then, of course, there was the matter of plagiarism.  That was one fun edition, which I thoroughly enjoyed writing up – our November, 2004 edition.  Headlined The Catholic Times – like a thief in the night, we revealed that our September 2004 report on Koran readings permitted at Mass in a Glasgow primary school by the unrepentant priest who said that, not only would he not apologise for arranging those Koran readings, he would do the same thing again.  Well, blow me, didn’t the Catholic Times use our report without acknowledging the source.  Lamely, they tried to defend their theft, but the evidence, needless to say, was on the side of Catholic Truth.  We still await their apology. Don’t suppose we’ll get one now. Still, the closure of the Anything-But-Catholic-Times is compensation enough…

What about you… Do you lament the passing of these two newspapers or are  you, like me and moi, absolutely delighted that the March of Modernism in the UK has been stopped in its tracks, at least for now?  There’s still the Catholic Herald, mind you, and the awful Tablet but the latter is mostly read by Anglicans (or was, last time I checked);  in any event,  shouldn’t we now be thanking the Lord for small mercies?  And what about that virus, then?  Who’d have thought it?  It was bound to do some good, eventually… 😀 Thank you, Covid!  Now go away!   

Catholic Truth Goes To Ireland…

A small group of us will be in Ireland for a couple of days later this week,  leafleting in support of the pro-life campaign in the forthcoming abortion referendum.  

News updates will be posted on this thread, and any statistics on abortion in the UK that you think will help us when we speak to Irish people on the streets of Dublin on Thursday and Friday, will be most welcome.  Please post as many facts as you can find – we need to be well equipped to convince the “undecided” as, sadly, the humanity of the unborn child doesn’t seem to be sufficient in the face of the propaganda about the woman’s alleged right to choose.  We WILL do our best to counter this argument, since it’s not HER body that the choice is about, but about the body – and soul – of the unborn baby. Our excellent little leaflet highlights this fact, that the child being destroyed by abortion was destined for eternal life, known by God from all eternity. 

Above all, please pray for our trip – we’ll only be there on Thursday all day and then on Friday, the day of the referendum, so time is short.  We have organised 3,000 leaflets to distribute so we will be very busy during the two days. 

Our leaflet includes some details about Gianna Care – a practical pro-life group – so please spread this website around, send it to your friends and relatives in Ireland, for them to use in campaigning to save the 8th amendment of the Irish Constitution which protects the right to life of the unborn child. 

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us!


Catholic Truth Goes To Hollywood!


The Catholic Truth About Us video has been amended and improved – check it out below… 

Thanks to our zealous and imaginative video-master, the Catholic Truth About Us page on our website has been transformed into video format.  We thought we would launch the video here as well, for the benefit of our faithful bloggers.  

And we present below, our first-ever professional advertisement – again, courtesy of our talented video-master…




Fr Paul Morton: a bad priest who poisons and rots Church (St Catherine of Siena)

A PRIEST from Cambuslang has become the first Catholic representative to support teaching children about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues in school. 

Fr Paul Morton encourages LGBT lessons in schools…

Father Paul Morton, of St Bride’s Parish Church, says bullying due a child’s gender identity or sexual orientation should be a “thing of the past”.

The priest has lent his support to the Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) campaign, which was set up by two Glasgow men in a bid to crack down on homophobic abuse in the classroom.  Click here to read Evening Times report Cambuslang priest first Catholic representative to support LGBT education in schools  which headline is a tad stronger in the print edition of the newspaper, to read: Pioneer Catholic priest’s backing for LGBT rights.

Seems like only yesterday we were discussing this same priest’s public support for homosexuality; our call for Bishop Toal to act at that time, went unheeded, and so, taking his lead from the Bishop’s tolerance, he has moved forward from “welcoming” active homosexual couples to his Masses, to seeking to educate children in the same vice.  Click here to read our previous discussion…

Now, having pretended that his only interest was in making people feel welcome, he has moved on to recite the LGBT mantra about “homophobic” and “transgender” bullying.  Some chance.  Heavens above, it’s impossible to say a word – not a single word – to express disapproval of the evil of homosexual activity, without finding yourself plastered over the front page of a tabloid or, in my own case, nominated for the Stonewall Bigot of the Year award, so it’s a joke to suggest that any homosexual or “transgender” person is bullied.

One thing we never actually deal with – one thing never dealt with – when discussing LGBT “rights” is what they actually DO.  What IS it that is so objectionable?  Why is it that we are shocked that any Catholic priest would encourage children to participate in such behaviour as this

The above link to what homosexuals do, is mild.  Anyone who has ever visited a “gay” website, will know that.   Still, it gives a flavour of precisely what it is that this priest, and his Bishop – Joseph Toal – is shamelessly promoting. Or, more accurately, “proudly” promoting.  

Challenge From Editor, Catholic Truth, To Father Morton…

I’ve tried phoning Father Morton several times but keep getting a voicemail telling me that he is not available to speak and I can’t leave a message.  You’d almost think he knew that the caller is li’l ole moi…  Poor souls trying to get through with a sick call, if priests like Fr Morton still do such mundane things as attend to the sick, or administer the sacraments to the dying.  Must be a worry, having an LGBT celebrity as your Parish Priest.

Anyway, here’s why I was ringing… I rang to say “Hello, there, Father….Let’s debate St Catherine of Siena’s call for Pope Gregory XI to “rid the Church of bad priests and rulers who poison and rot that garden [the Church]” Some motion to the effect that St Catherine’s description of priests who “poison and rot” the Church applies today, more than ever, including to Fr Morton himself.  I do wish he’d answered his phone. 

Not to worry – I’ll email him the link to this thread in the [fond] hope that he takes up the challenge… I’ll also email the link to Bishop Toal, who is gravely responsible before God for this scandal.  He can have a ringside seat at the debate where he might reflect on the contrast between his suspension of Father Matthew Despard for writing a book exposing the  homosexual culture within the Diocese of Motherwell – a fact confirmed by Fr Morton  – while being complicit in Fr Morton’s guilt by  allowing him free rein to encourage homosexual activity, Communion for unrepentant public sinners and now, actively promoting the corruption of school children into the euphemism of “LGBT rights”.

Vote in New, Updated Poll…


Exclusive: Vatican Appoints Editor of Catholic Truth To Head Think Tank


I’m truly astonished, and honoured, to tell you all that I’ve been appointed by the Vatican to head a think tank on the role of women in the Church.  I’m aware that there will be opposition from within the Church especially from radical feminists,  and I am genuinely surprised that I’ve been chosen for such an important task.  I’d appreciate your prayerful support at this time.  I wanted the Catholic Truth blogging community to be the first to know this news and I’d like to thank the Vatican officials who agreed to allow me to make the announcement here, in advance of the formal communique.  Obviously, I am unable to disclose much detail about my privileged new role, but I am interested to hear first hand from readers as to their thoughts about the role of women in the Church today.