Boris & Carrie “Marry” in Westminster Catholic Cathedral: Totally Scandalous…

From Mail on Sunday…

Boris Johnson married girlfriend Carrie Symonds in a secret ceremony yesterday morning, the Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Mr Johnson, 56, exchanged vows with Ms Symonds, 33, in Catholic Westminster Cathedral in front of a handful of close friends and family – becoming the first Prime Minister to marry in office since Lord Liverpool married Mary Chester in 1822.

It comes just six days after the couple – who became engaged on the Caribbean island of Mustique in December 2019 and have baby Wilfred, aged one – sent out save-the-date cards to guests telling them to keep Saturday, July 30, 2022 free for a marriage celebration.

Despite sending out the cards, the couple are understood to have been secretly planning the small ceremony for six months.

The couple became engaged on the Caribbean island of Mustique in December 2019 and have baby Wilfred, aged one (pictured together with their dog Dilyn)

Under current Covid rules there is a limit of 30 guests at weddings – although the cap is expected to be lifted on June 21st – ‘freedom day’ – when most restrictions are set to be lifted. 

With Mr Johnson pegged to be back at work next week, it looks unlikely the couple – who will make their debut appearance as husband and wife at the G7 summit in June – will have a honeymoon.

One-year-old Wilfred attended the wedding, as did two official witnesses. Ms Symonds shared a picture of their son yesterday in a field of bluebells – which some speculated was a nod to the tradition of ‘something blue’.

Mr Johnson’s sibling’s Rachel, Jo and Leo Johnson are also understood to have attended, along with his father Stanley.

The PM’s top advisers in Number 10 were said to be astonished that the secret wedding had taken place.    Source

The ceremony was officiated by Father Daniel Humphries (pictured). He baptised the couple's one-year-old son Wilfred last year and gave them their pre-marriage instructions.

One “gay” politician, offering  his congratulations on Twitter, added that he now looks forward to the day when a same-sex marriage can be conducted in a Catholic church.  Who can blame him?  Father Humphries’ action (which, of course, obviously has the approval of his Archbishop) has made it seem like public sin is encouraged, even blessed in the Catholic Church. Not true, of course, but who’s checking the details any more? 

What puzzles me is this;  there is no shortage of churches where conducting such a wedding would be par for the course.  Not a problem.  Why pick the one Church which adheres to Christ’s teaching that those who divorce and re-marry commit adultery?  Why pick that one?  I wondered the same thing when reports emerged that their son had been baptised into the Catholic Church. Why?  Neither Boris nor Carrie seem to be remotely religious – their moral compass is certainly broken, big time – so what is the attraction to the Catholic Church when it stands for absolutely everything which they oppose? 

Help me to understand this strange phenomenon.  It really is a mystery to me, greater than any of the Mysteries of Faith. Help!