Is the SSPX Assisi cartoon offensive?

Is the SSPX Assisi cartoon offensive?I received an email today from a long-time reader of Catholic Truth in England. Since I stumbled across the “same old, same old”, about the SSPX on various blogs only this week, allegations of “schism” and “cult” that I thought all informed Catholics knew were bogus, I thought it might be an idea to discuss (yet again, yawn, yawn) some of the key issues. To kick start the conversation, then, here’s an extract from the email received today from a gentleman south of the border…

“I went to (the SSPX Masses) about three times. I also went to confession (I later learned that they were invalid without ‘faculties’)

So what you may wonder is my change of heart? It is that they are not in the Catholic Church as founded by Christ our Lord. I originally thought they were just a sub-set of the Catholic Church with just minor legalities being the problem. But now I realise that they are a break away sect and not even schismatic. I did not like the anti-Papal cartoon on their website. This is not being loyal to the Pope. I notice that like all sects they are splitting into yet smaller groups. Striking the shepherd and scattering the flock comes to mind.

They were correctly formed at the start. But then Lefebvre in an act of disobedience ordained bishops. To disobey the Pope like this is to disobey Christ. What you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. What you loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven. These are the words of Our Saviour and must be listened to.

I have just read Mystici Corpus Christi (Pius XII ) There I found a most beautiful description of the Church. Christ is its head. The Pope is His representative on earth.

If I have to put up with career priests. poor humanistic sermons. poor protestantised liturgy. a weak episcopate in face of atheistic laws, I will do so in order to remain in the One Holy Catholic and Roman Church founded by Christ Our Lord. I will work within it to try and make things better.

There is a web site dealing with this. I think it is sspx.agenda.tripod It is by an ex supporter. It also contains an article on obedience/disobedience by a convert friend John Beaumont. He cites the disbandment of the Jesuits by the Pope in the 18th C as an example of obedience. It was hard on them but they obeyed.

(Editor) I hope you see the society through the eyes of the Church and come back to her. Just read Mystici Corpus Christi . You will love it and the Church even more.

[K]eep beating the traditional drum but please . . . within His Church.” END.


So, folks – do I really need to “come back to the Church”? Am I really not one of those “Catholics in good standing” …like those who write letters and articles in the Catholic press demanding women’s ordination, contraception, divorce & remarriage, etc? Really?  I must say, it’s something else to be told that I’m not even a schismatic! That’s a new one.

I have to say, too, that I got the distinct feeling reading the above email (and I could be wrong) that this reader is quoting a priest criticising the SSPX. It’s amazing how many priests are genuinely ignorant of the status of the Society, not to say ignorant of the distinction between true and false obedience.

In any event, the “anti-Papal” cartoon seems to have been the last straw. Click on the above image to reach the original.  Is it offensive – or is the REAL offence to Christ Our Lord, demoted at these shocking ecumenical and interfaith gatherings, including (but not exclusively) the papal inspired Assisi meetings?