The Useful Idiots Are Out In Force…

At a Mass of Thanksgiving celebrated at Sclerder Abbey on 28 August, the Rt Rev Mark O’Toole, the Bishop of Plymouth, welcomed EcumenicalcommunityPlymouth the community of Chemin Neuf who have begun a foundation at the Abbey near Looe in Cornwall.

Bishop Mark gave thanks for the life of prayer and service given by the Carmelite Community at Sclerder over many years and thanked God for this new presence of Chemin Neuf. In his Homily he said:

“We give thanks for this new Chapter in the life of this place, recognising the gifts that Chemin Neuf brings to our diocese and to the UK. We thank you all for your generosity in entrusting yourselves so fully to the action of God’s Spirit in this new Mission. Your presence manifests an important gift for the New Evangelisation with the energy and vitality which the newer ecclesial communities bring to the Church….

…Part of our common task today is to accompany people on the journey of discovery into the God who is all goodness and truth, and who desires that we come to Him as His beloved children. This is one important reason why we are so delighted to welcome Chemin Neuf, with your experience of accompanying families, and individuals, along the path of deeper conversion to Jesus.”

The Carmelites, with a small aging community, generously entrusted the Abbey to Chemin Neuf, a Catholic Community founded outside Lyons by Fr Laurent Fabre SJ. The new community is characterised by a spirituality influenced by the Charismatic Renewal and the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius. Chemin Neuf plan to host ‘Cana weekends’ for Families and married couples, organise youth events and to offer guided retreats on the Exercises of St Ignatius. They have a particular commitment to work for Christian Unity and have a community living at Lambeth Palace with the Archbishop of Canterbury. They aim to build on the good Ecumenical relations that already exist in the South West.  Click on photo to read Bishop O’Toole’s complete homily.


This group advertises itself as being a  Catholic group with an ecumenical vocation. In other words, it’s a mish-mash of people from various denominations. In their “manifesto” they publish this gem:  Because divisions between Christians are the greatest obstacle to evangelisation; because we believe that the prayer of Jesus Christ for unity will be fulfilled: “that they may all be one so that the world may believe”, together, Orthodox, Protestants, Catholics, without waiting any longer, we follow the humble path of shared daily life(emphasis in the original)  Click here to reach the Chemin Neuf website. 

It’s laughable really.  That same ever-so ecumenical Bishop of Plymouth would probably jump off the nearest bridge before he’d permit one of his redundant churches to be sold to the SSPX yet he’s given his blessing to this scandalous betrayal of the Catholic Faith, and the same could undoubtedly be said of those Carmelite nuns pictured with Bishop O’Toole. Have they really got so little Catholic sense left that they cannot see what they are doing? That they are betraying Christ and His Church in a way that almost puts the first Judas in the shade? Don’t they make you think of Lenin’s description of the “useful idiots” who spread a false and dangerous message, even though it militates against their own best interests – in this case, their eternal salvation? Or do I exaggerate? Am I being uncharitable?  I’ll hear you… 

Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel…

CarmelOur Lady of Mt Carmel

On July 16, 1251, Our Lady appeared to St. Simon Stock, the Father of the Carmelite Order, and presented him with the Scapular. St. Simon’s story began as an English hermit that lived in the hollow of a tree. He received the name “stock” because he lived in the hollowed trunk or stock of a tree. In time he would become a Carmelite and later the Father General of the order. He led the order during a time of great struggle. The Carmelites in the beginning were hermits on Mount Carmel, near Nazareth in the Holy Land. When they migrated to Europe, in this case England, some decided to no longer be hermits and instead became friars who would work among the people. St. Simon guided them through this state of transition. In the year 1251 a miraculous vision took place. St. Simon Stock, newly transplanted to England, prayed fervently to Our Lady for Her help. Then: To him appeared the Blessed Virgin with a multitude of angels, holding the Scapular of the order in her blessed hands. Click here to read more


This thread is firstly, of course, to pay tribute to Our Lady of Mount Carmel – one of the most beautiful of Our Lady’s Feasts, since it celebrates, too, the Order of Carmelites, often described as “Our Lady’s Order”.  Carmelite nuns are especially committed to praying for priests, so we ought to value them for that reason alone, if for no other.  Carmelites will be celebrating today, having plenty of goodies to eat and enjoying fun recreations. We may also, therefore, use this thread, not only to share our favourite prayers, litanies and hymns in Our Lady’s honour, but also  to share (good clean) jokes and stories – let’s feel free to set aside the serious stuff today and enjoy the Feast. Happy Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, to one and all 😀