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Book Sale! Don’t Miss It!

One of our young readers is keen to sell some of his books – he’s moving out of his flat and so had the brainwave of holding a “clearance sale” on the Catholic Truth blog. 

He’s listed the books for sale below, with a hoped for price, but is willing to listen to offers from anyone who maybe can’t afford the advertised sum.    IotaUnum

 Kevin’s Books For Sale….

St Thomas Aquinas, Summa Teologia, Leonine Edition (10 Vols, Hardback, Cajetan Commentary, Latin only). Cost me about £350 so I am hoping for about £175, but will consider offers.

One set of hardback Garrigou-Lagrange Commentaries on St Thomas Summa, £75.00 ono. 

Garrigou Lagrange: God: His Existence and Nature (£10 per volume) and The Essence and Topicality of Thomism £10 (hardback, a rather slim volume, it must be said!). Catena Aurea (English only, £40.00 hardback)

The following £5.00 plus postage (Garrigou-Lagrange, The Priesthood and Perfection, The Priest in Union with Jesus, St Joseph Cafasso The Priest: The Man of God, Blessed Columba Marmion, Christ the Ideal of the Priest), Amerio, Iota Unum £15.00 plus postage

 Fr Faber, Various works, (£7.00 each plus postage),

The Sermons of St Francis de Sales, (4 Volumes £7.00 each pp),

The Collected Works of St Louis-Marie de Montfort (hardback, £10.00 plus postage),

Prummer’s Handbook of Moral Theology (hardback £15.00 pp),

Tanquerey’s Dogmatic Theology (Hardback 2 Vols £25.00 pp) and The Spiritual Life £15.00,

Archbishop Lefebrve The Mass of the Ages, £7.00 plus postage, Against the Heresies £2.50pp, They Have Uncrowned Him £5.00 pp,

Don Felix Sarda y Salvana: Liberalism is a Sin £2.50 plus postage, Veuillot The Liberal Illusion £2.50 plus postage Fr Bormaud: 100 Years of Modernism £7.00 plus postage. Fr Fahey various texts and prices Webster the French Revolution £12.00 plus postage Pope Paul's New Mass   Davies Pope Paul’s New Mass. £15.00 plus postage. The thread is open for comments, to allow questions, recommendations etc. Any interested prospective purchasers should email Kevin (email address now removed – sold out!)  Update: Blogger, Westminster Fly will be posting a list of books, free to good homes, which belonged to a Catholic couple, deceased, now entrusted to WF to give away to interested parties. Thus, this thread remains open for now.