Ben Shapiro Puts Catholics To Shame

Ben Shapiro is a young American Jewish man who fearlessly speaks out against much of the immorality in western society: unfortunately, he supports birth control, but – as you will see in the video clip below – he destroys the transgender and procured abortion lobby with his incisive and humorous comment…


We desperately need a Catholic “Ben Shapiro” to speak out in the UK media, as Ben does so brilliantly in the USA.  Can you think of someone we could “school” for the job – perhaps a young person in your circle? Or is this best left to the “naturals” who volunteer for the job? 

Should Scots Catholics Support Forthcoming “Couple Retreat”?


19-20 July, Glasgow

Turnbull Hall Glasgow University Catholic Chaplaincy

13-15 Southpark Terrace G12 8LG

Happy relationships don’t grow on trees – Inspire your Marriage!

 The “I+YOU=WE” couple retreat, consisting of lectures,

workshops and individual dialogue, will lead you

through the six steps from routine to joy in marriage

£70 per couple includes:

– detailed teaching materials

– tea/coffee and refreshments

– lunch and dinner

– e-coaching after programme

Retreat Master: Fr Jarosław (“Jay”) Szymczak,

Institute of the Holy Family, Warsaw, Poland

For more information and to register contact Anna and Armin at: tel: 07999 025 963 or 07856 639 016


If anyone feels motivated to go along to this course 19th – 20th July please feel free to report back to us – we’d be more than interested to publish your findings, good and/or bad.

After a fairly quick skim however,  I think it’s safe to say that anyone who clicks on the link to the Family Support Foundation website and studies the content of the courses for both the engaged and those serving life sentences (!) in marriage, there are several danger signals. Can you spot them?  Or, is this a course that Scots Catholics might comfortably support? Should we encourage couples, married and those who are engaged to be married, to attend? 

Are Pro-Lifers Really Pro-Life?

It’s long been a puzzle to many of us that there are dedicated anti-abortionists who fight the pro-life corner while, at the same time, they see nothing wrong with birth control.    At best, they have a flawed understanding of natural family planning and use it as a “Catholic contraceptive” in the mould of “responsible parenthood” and at worst – as you will have noted in the Voris video – young pro-lifers, enthusiastic enough to attend a conference on the subject, see nothing wrong at all with using contraception.

Surprised, anyone?