Is Cardinal O’Malley’s Baptismal “Reaffirmation” Blasphemous?


Cardinal O’Malley has baptism “reaffirmed” by Methodist minister

This past Sunday, Cardinal O’Malley preached at a Methodist church in Sudbury.  This Boston Globe article gives many of the details, making it seem like a glamorous event.  What the Globe neglected to mention was that Cardinal O’Malley proactively asked the female Methodist minister to “reaffirm” his baptism with an “anointing” at the Protestant church.  Click on photo to read the entire report.


Lest anyone think that Cardinal O’Malley is just any old cardinal – think again. He’s one of the select group of eight cardinals, hand-picked by Pope Francis to help him reform the Curia. He’s described as a Vatican insider who has the ear of Pope Francis

Has he done anything out of the ordinary in ecumenical terms? Certainly, the female minister seems to think so, judging by her statement when questioned later: “I’m still blown away by it.”   She was “blown away” by the thought that she had been asked to anoint a man who may one day be Pope. So are many Catholics. It seems a very strange thing for any Catholic to do, never mind a cardinal. But is it blasphemous?