Junk Journalism & Bigoted Broadsheets – A Deadly Combination

Junk Journalism & Bigoted Broadsheets - A Deadly Combination

The Pope is cool these days: he has 17 million followers on Twitter; he won’t use the fancy Papal limousine; he loves a game of football and used to hang around in tango bars when he was young. He even has an app.

What’s known as ‘the Francis effect’ sees him greeted like a pop star wherever he goes, with crowds of weeping nuns and young girls holding up hand-written signs with pink hearts which should surely say ‘I LUV Justin Bieber’ but, instead, have messages of affection for their Pope. (TV review: Panorama on whether the new Pope can start a Catholic revolution, The Herald, 3 April) Click on photo of Pope Francis to read the rest of this junk journalism… And click here to watch the BBC Panorama documentary on Pope Francis

And then tell us if you have ever read a more ignorant piece of anti-Catholic writing – ever? For those of you outside Scotland, don’t laugh, but we’ve got “anti-sectarianism” at the top of our agenda. It’s constantly described as “Scotland’s shame”. We’ve even had at least one top politician that I know of, actually admitting that we don’t have an anti-sectarian problem in Scotland, we have an anti-Catholic problem. Journalist, Julie McDowall – like many if not most other lapsed Catholics – is as anti-Catholic as the nearest Orangeman. And WOW! does it come across in her ugly article.  Do you see the connection? It’s usually because they’re ignorant, that they’re lapsed to begin with. Nobody who truly  understands our beautiful Catholic Faith could be lapsed. End of.

I’ve emailed a letter for publication to The Herald but wait – it’s highly unlikely to see the light of The Herald letters page. They had a blatant policy of censoring all letters from Catholic Truth, by command of their then Deputy Editor, Kevin McKenna (who now writes for the Scottish Catholic Observer – now, I said, “don’t laugh”) and although there was a brief respite during the editorship of Douglas-Home, who told me to begin submitting letters again since McKenna no longer worked at The Herald, under the latest Chief Censor, my letters are clearly being blocked again. Scoundrels, I think is the word I’m looking for. Yes, that’s it. Scoundrels.

Your comments welcome – and remember, unlike most other blogs (including The Herald blogs) this one isn’t moderated beyond the first comment from new bloggers and even that is for technical reasons, on the advice of WordPress. We’ve got nothing to fear from the truth – so let’s hear it folks. IS The Herald a bigoted broadsheet? IS Julie McDowall’s article nothing more than a piece of junk journalism?