Site Security Certificate:

A few people have reported that they get a message regarding the site’s security certificate since we moved server. This can be two things; either your internet security software (so go into those settings and tell it that Catholic Truth is a ‘trusted’ site) or it can be Microsoft Internet Explorer. Here’s what Microsoft say you should do in that case…

Add the URL to the Trusted Sites security zone:
Open Internet Explorer
Go to Menu bar > Tools > Internet Options.
Click Security > Trusted sites > Sites
Type the URL in the Add this website to the zone text box > uncheck Require server verification >Add > click OK
Click OK to exit.Now you have added the URL successfully into the Trusted Sites security zone.

Do you use more than one user-name when blogging?

It has come to my attention that one or two users may have ‘Multiple User-Name Personality Disorder’ (!) and that this might have contributed to difficulties in logging into the site. In other words, some people go onto different blogs with different user names; if you do that either in or when using the Gravatar service, you will have to log in using the user-name already registered with WordPress/Gravatar. In order to maintain your multiple personalities, you will have to go to the ‘Display Name’ option (covered between points 10 and 13 in the Help Guide) and change that to suit.

Here, as promised, is a fully illustrated, registration and log in guide for those who need it. As stated earlier today, I have myself created another user, CT Alphonsus, and will post under that name on the General discussion section now that the guide is up. This is a step-by-step guide for those who are not fully PC literate, as requested by a very small number of users. It works, I promise – it is an authentic record of the creation of Alphonsus’ user. Catholic Truth Help.

And here’s the official WordPress video to welcome new users…

User registration and User Names

When you go to the registration screen, you enter your email address and ‘choose’ a (WordPress) user name. Sometimes people find that their preferred user name is already taken. Don’t panic! We will come back to this…  WordPress will then suggest an alternative username. We already had one unfortunate word choice as a result of that! You can choose to accept or reject that suggestion… The software will let you try different user names and will always offer alternatives.

Whichever ‘user name’ you choose, you will have the chance later on to change the name that is displayed…

Before that, however, you must also choose a password. In common with other sites and software, there are rules about passwords. They must have eight characters including at least one number. They cannot have any spaces in them.

Once you have got your username and password, you can log in to WordPress. At that point, you can go to your user dashboard (control panel) and change your DISPLAY NAME. This is shown when you click on the MY PROFILE link. You can make your display name your usual blog moniker, so you see, dear patient reader, that the actual user name matters little, if at all. Other people will always see, and hopefully use, your DISPLAY NAME.

Change your Display Name

Change your Display Name

Click here to access settings

Click here to access settings

I know that this is quite complex, so here’s the short version:

Use any old user name, it doesn’t matter. Make your password at least 7 letters and one number with no spaces. After you register, go to your profile. Change the display name. Hey Presto! You have your choice of name on the blog…

Here’s the WordPress Guide to Getting Started which covers registration, passwords and so on…

Getting Started

Image link to WordPress Support

Blog Features

If you click on the CATHOLIC TRUTH logo at the bottom of the page, that returns you to the front page.
The arrow underneath takes you to the top of the page you are on.

Posts with more than two links are automatically moderated, so they won’t appear until approved by the editor.
This prevents spam. Best not to put too many links  one post 😉

How to link to a comment

Link to a comment

You can link to a particular user-comment by right-clicking on the time-stamp (highlighted above) and choosing ‘save link address’. You can then paste that into your comment…

2 responses

  1. I’m getting to know my way around the blog now although it’s been quite hard work, especially the past few times I’ve tried to log in, but I get there in the end.

    If I may, I would like to make a suggestion while you’re still tweaking the site. The user-interface on most sites nowadays has a link to “My Account” which means you can log in there and make any adjustments necessary. I’m not sure if WordPress will facilitate that, but webmaster would know. It’s just an idea, hope you don’t mind me suggesting it.

    Great blog, though, very professional look, and webmaster should be given an award for his hard work.

    • Hi Josephine,

      Glad you like the site.

      The equivalent to a ‘My Account’ in WordPress is at the top right of the screen; it takes you to your user settings.