Catholic Universe & Catholic Times Closed – Celebrate! Thank you Covid! 

It’s difficult to describe my delight on hearing that two of the worst of the allegedly Catholic newspapers have bitten the dust. 

Westminster Fly, our well-informed blogger from south of the border, alerted me to this news, with a hint to the effect that it surely demands a celebratory thread.  You bet!  Consider it done. 

Modernist to their fingertips, despite their claims to orthodox Catholicity, there is nothing to be lost and everything to be gained from their passing. RIP.   

In the case of the Catholic Times, the stated aim was to “Follow Peter” – Yeah right.  It was tailor made to Follow Francis, but Peter?  Not remotely.  As for The Catholic Universe – great for wrapping fish ‘n chips.

Both publications were always apparently reluctant to publish letters from readers displaying symptoms of orthodoxy, while those with outright “traditionalist” leanings had more chance of being published in the Morning Star.  

This was particularly annoying because some of us were trying to have important errors corrected, notably those peddled by Monsignor Basil Loftus in his column in the Catholic Times week after week after week until his column was cancelled – I believe in 2018.  Until then, however, he’d done untold damage.

He regularly mocked the traditional Latin Mass (for which he appears to have a particular hatred), and he challenged various dogmas, including the physical Resurrection of Christ and His Real Presence in the Eucharist. Loftus denied, too, the infallibility of the Church’s moral teaching and the impossibility of authorising the ordination of women.  He was “woke” before “woke” was invented. 

Hence our dismay when we discovered that, on the odd occasion when a letter of concern about his column was published, the Editor also published a letter from Loftus right alongside, where he was allowed to defend his statements and repeat his errors for good measure.  Incredible. It was easy to deduce, therefore, that the Editor held the same beliefs as Loftus, that he adhered to the same heresies and errors.  So, the old saying “what goes around comes around” sprang to my mind on hearing this wonderful news of the death of this rag and its sister rag, the not-so-Catholic Universe. 

We did challenge the refusal of the Catholic Times to publish a letter of correction about Catholic Truth some years ago, by lodging a complaint with the Press Complaints Commission.  We won.  The Editor – silly man – was forced to publish my letter and thus shown up for his unjust censorship. Numpty. 

Then, of course, there was the matter of plagiarism.  That was one fun edition, which I thoroughly enjoyed writing up – our November, 2004 edition.  Headlined The Catholic Times – like a thief in the night, we revealed that our September 2004 report on Koran readings permitted at Mass in a Glasgow primary school by the unrepentant priest who said that, not only would he not apologise for arranging those Koran readings, he would do the same thing again.  Well, blow me, didn’t the Catholic Times use our report without acknowledging the source.  Lamely, they tried to defend their theft, but the evidence, needless to say, was on the side of Catholic Truth.  We still await their apology. Don’t suppose we’ll get one now. Still, the closure of the Anything-But-Catholic-Times is compensation enough…

What about you… Do you lament the passing of these two newspapers or are  you, like me and moi, absolutely delighted that the March of Modernism in the UK has been stopped in its tracks, at least for now?  There’s still the Catholic Herald, mind you, and the awful Tablet but the latter is mostly read by Anglicans (or was, last time I checked);  in any event,  shouldn’t we now be thanking the Lord for small mercies?  And what about that virus, then?  Who’d have thought it?  It was bound to do some good, eventually… 😀 Thank you, Covid!  Now go away!   

Joe Biden in UK – No Major Gaffes… Yet! 


Below, a selection of the comments from the above YouTube platform – they say it better than I could! 

I can only imagine how productive this meeting was / Talking about environmental issues when Boris took a jet from London to Cornwall / Johnson..” talking with Biden is like a breath of fresh air”..Awwwww, sweet, were they holding hands running through a wheat field together also / Ah, just imagine that conversation lol. Johnson constantly mumbling gibberish while Biden tries to remember who Johnson is and what day it is. The west is [blanked!] / Keep anyone you love away from the man “I love those barrettes in your hair. Man I’ll tell you what, look at her, she looks like she’s 19-years-old sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed,”  [Ed: this refers to a comment which Biden directed at a child during an event in the USA recently.] Anyone seen or heard Biden take a question from the UK press yet? …his staff rush the press out No Questions    Ends. 

Firstly, note the gushing Jon Sopel in the above BBC report – he was vicious when reporting on Donald Trump.  Totally vicious.  Anyway,  what do you think so far about the visit to the UK of the new resident in the White House?  Jill Biden was photographed sitting at the presidential desk on the plane “prepping” for the G7 – is she going to be present at the meetings, does anyone know?  Even with Jill in attendance, the gaffes keep coming, so it will be interesting to see what, if any, gaffes are revealed to the world this week.   More likely that we will be witnessing the mother of all cover-ups in that regard.    So, is the the above contributor is correct to say that  “the is west [blanked’] – do you agree?   

11 June: Feast of the Sacred Heart… 

Below, a couple of traditional hymns to honour the Sacred Heart of Jesus on this great Feast day – with thanks to those who performed. They are young volunteers who are keen to emphasise that they are not professional singers, but simply wanted to honour Our Lord. Enjoy!


Today is a good day to pray for our special intentions – not least for the return of friends and family members who have abandoned the practice of the Faith.  And, of course, as ever, feel free to discuss relevant issues and to post your favourite prayers, novenas, stories of wonderful graces, and hymns.  To check out the history of the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, click here…     

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in Thee…

Happy Feast to all Catholic Truth bloggers and readers !    

Scotland’s New Chief Scientific Officer – Expert in Animal & Plant Health…

Professor Julie Fitzpatrick graduated from Glasgow’s School of Veterinary Medicine with the McCall Award for most outstanding veterinary student, and has worked principally on UK and global livestock health and welfare in the last three decades. She is currently chairwoman of both the UK Science Partnership for Animal and Plant Health and the UK Scientific Advisory Board, and non-executive director of the Animal and Plant Health Agency. (The Scotsman, 4/6/21)

Below,  read Martin Blackshaw’s (aka blogger Athanasius) letter to Scotland’s newly appointed Chief Scientific Officer, Professor Julie Fitzpatrick OBE…

Dear Professor Fitzpatrick,

I note that you have been appointed to the position of Chief Scientific Advisor to the government and that you are already advising the urgent vaccination of children as essential to the reduction of COVID-19 transmission rates.

Before further advising on such a potentially-catastrophic programme you may wish to read the linked expert testimonies, including an Open Letter to New Zealand’s Prime Minister, penned by one of the country’s top lawyers, warning of criminal charges if the Pfizer vaccine rollout is not immediately halted in light of devastating new research highlighting the danger it poses to human beings.

I understand that your background is in veterinary, not human, vaccination and disease control, which raises the question of why our government recruited you and Professor Jason Leitch (a dental specialist) to spearhead its response to the “COVID pandemic”.

It seems to me that if the situation is as dire as the government has been conveying to the population then it surely warrants experts in the fields of human epidemiology and virology to fill such positions. This is especially critical in terms of accurate scientific information being related to the general public via the media.

At any rate, you may or may not be aware that COVID-19 is statistically no greater a threat to global humanity than seasonal flu. This is a well documented fact that can be very easily verified by objective reading of official figures reporting the infection/death ratio. It is also a documented fact that the new “variants” are very similar in structure to the source virus and therefore pose no significant new threat. Hence, the global governmental response to COVID remains both unwarranted and unlawful, particularly in the matter of enforced and/or coerced vaccination which breaches medical ethics, international law and the protocols of Nuremberg.

If the pharmaceutical experts responsible for the vaccines are themselves admittedly ignorant of the short and long term effects of this rushed experimental technology on human subjects then the government should not be peddling it via the media as “safe”.

Indications from chronicled deaths and other serious adverse reactions are that it is anything but safe. This is hardly surprising given that its spike protein, a toxic pathogen, is now known to spread from the initial inoculation site into the bloodstream. This shocking discovery should be sufficient in itself to warrant immediate cessation of the vaccine programme, yet the revelation is irresponsibly (and criminally) suppressed while the programme is expanded to include children who have never been at risk from this virus. To make matters worse, data suggests that the vaccines are not even effective in preventing viral transmission.

Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Vice President of Pfizer and also that company’s Chief Scientific Officer responsible for vaccine research for respiratory viruses, particularly Coronaviruses, has declared publicly that he is terrified by what is happening. His experience with previous vaccine research in this field is that they have all failed due to delayed serious adverse reactions. He simply cannot understand why this new nanotechnology, which is irreversible due to its action on the body’s cells, is being rolled out as safe across the globe when it hasn’t undergone the lengthy clinical trials required by law and ethics to ensure its safety.

They don’t come more qualified than Dr. Yeadon, who, with 32 years of experience, is one of the most eminent voices in the field of virology and immunology, yet he is silenced by a government-controlled media which suppresses his and many other eminent scientific and medical testimonies opposing the pseudo-scientific narrative of politicians and their “experts” regarding this pandemic.

Another such eminent voice is that of Dr. John Lee, a former Consultant Pathologist with the NHS, likewise silenced by unscrupulous politicians and media moguls. The policy appears to be one of a 24/7 psychological terror campaign against the people with all opposition to the official narrative being actively and deliberately suppressed.

The same is true with regard to uncomfortable World Health Organisation advice which is at odds with the narrative. Some months back, for example, the WHO advised all governments against locking down their nations as a means of restricting virus transmission, citing this unprecedented measure as “counter-productive” and “destructive”. The scientific rationale underpinning this critical advice is that once a virus is in the population lockdowns are utterly useless as a method of control – they merely slow the spread of the virus for the duration of the lockdown while visiting catastrophe on economies and human wellbeing, both mental and physical. The media did not report on this advice and governments everywhere ignored it.

Further to this, the WHO issued statements to the effect that face coverings and social distancing are not grounded in peer-reviewed science and have proven to be of little value in reducing viral transmission. Again, the media and governments remained silent and continued with their programme. Then, more recently, the WHO declared that PCR testing was never intended for use as a solitary diagnostic tool on the general population and must not be used in this way to diagnose and isolate asymptomatic people, “who are likely not infected”. That information was also suppressed and the psychological terror campaign continued. What does this tell the thinking person about the government mantra “we follow the science”?

Even non-scientists know that PCR testing cannot distinguish between a live virus and a dead one, much less between COVID and the common cold. We also know that “case” numbers can be manipulated by governments by simply upping the testing cycles beyond the recommended 20-25, thereby guaranteeing a higher number of false positives to suit political and “big pharma” ends.

The proper method of PCR testing, says the WHO, is to use it only in conjunction with medical symptom checking and other diagnostic tools, yet it is rolled out as an infallible means of testing to drive up case numbers and enforce self-isolating imprisonment on asymptomatic citizens. There are no medical or scientific papers that I am aware of pre-COVID upon which this asymptomatic transmission of virus narrative is based – it is simply invented to justify unlawful overreach by governments.

I should state in conclusion that I am neither a conspiracy nut nor a per se opponent of vaccination. Rather, I am an objective and open-minded citizen who has researched every aspect of this virus via official sources over many hundreds of hours, paying absolutely no attention to the controlled media, as human reason demands.

What I have discovered throughout my research is shocking, especially in relation to these dangerous experimental vaccines, the imposition of which by force or psychological coercion, reeks of Dr. Mengele!

I sincerely hope I am wrong in my prediction that some months from now there will be huge numbers of deaths in the world as a result of these vaccines. This is the dire prediction of Dr. Yeadon and other eminent men of his stature which I share given the evidence that is already suggestive of a forthcoming human catastrophe.

If and when, God forbid, such a tragedy occurs there will be no blaming it on a dangerous new variant of the virus, which narrative, as I have already pointed out, is unsustainable in light of scientific evidence showing the variants to be of little difference in structure or threat to the source virus.

Venturing my own opinion in the matter, I am firmly of the belief that what the world is witnessing right now is the greatest crime ever perpetrated against humanity. COVID-19 has never been a threat to the healthy populations of nations – a truth easily verifiable by officially statistics and declarations, not least Professor Chris Whitty’s unguarded May 11, 2020, declaration from Downing Street that “for most people COVID-19 is harmless”.

Whatever the real end game is, and I suspect it is about changing the way we live in the free world, shifting from democratic to totalitarian government by means of pseudo-scientific fascism and the deliberate suppression of informed public and political debate, people are beginning to catch on that something is very seriously amiss with this perpetual totalitarian terror programme which, you may recall, began in March 2020 under the pretext of “a few weeks to flatten the curve”.

Joseph Stalin, Ruler, Soviet Union 1927-1953

That few weeks has now extended to 16 months of Police State tactics frighteningly reminiscent of the dictatorships of Nazi Germany, the former USSR and present-day China and North Korea, whose despotic leaders likewise claimed or claim to remove civil liberties, enforce medical experimentation, suppress religious worship, administer arbitrary fines, deprive people of their right to earn a decent living, etc, as in the best interests of the nation. All reasonable and rational people, on the contrary, recognise such tactics as manifestations of evil governance.

As regards my own situation, I am now 16 months furloughed from work with no end in sight. My brother has already lost his employment, as have many others, while I live in daily dread of that phone call from my employers confirming an end to my career. You will never know the psychological and emotional torment of such a protracted nightmare. It is  unwarranted, unlawful and completely unjustifiable abuse of authority that will surely be investigated and condemned judicially in the near future in a Nuremberg-type trial.

What is currently unfolding around the globe in the name of this relatively harmless respiratory virus has no precedent in human history, not even in response to real plagues that killed tens of millions. The wanton destruction that has been inflicted on the global economy as well as on human life is incalculable. The targeting now of the young for unnecessary vaccination is absolutely unconscionable.

My advice to you, therefore, is not to advise the government further in any aspect of this COVID-19 racket. The truth has a habit of coming out in the end and when the suppressed truths about COVID are finally revealed to the public a lot of people presently in positions of authority and influence, believing themselves exempt from the mandates of medical ethics and international law, will have some seriously searching questions to answer regarding this fabricated health crisis.

The process is already underway by a large group of lawyers, medical professionals and economists from across the globe uniting in a lawsuit against the purveyors of the COVID scam, accusing them of “crimes against humanity”. The case is being prepared for presentation to the judiciary of California. You won’t have heard that in the mainstream media, so here’s the link for verification:


Martin Blackshaw


Once again, we owe a debt of gratitude to Martin for writing to the Scottish Government about the scandal of, as he so aptly describes it, “this fabricated health crisis”.  Share your thoughts – how can the Government justify employing an expert in animal and plant health, as Chief Scientific Advisor on the “Covid [fabricated] crisis”?  

New Zealand: Top Lawyer To Govt – Stop Covid Jabs Or Face Criminal Charges… 

Editor writes… 
Mary, one of our bloggers from “Down Under” alerted me to the following dynamite Open Letter…
Top NZ lawyer warns PM Ardern of criminal charges if Covid jabs continue


June 4, 2021

From: Sue Grey

Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2021, 23:33


To: Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern, Hon David Parker, Hon Andrew Little, Hon Chris Hipkins, Chris James

Dear Prime Minister, Attorney-General, Minister of Health, Minister of Covid, Minister or Seniors, Director General of Health and Chris Hipkins.

I attach below some new and very important research which I must assume your advisors have not yet provided to you, or the experimental Pfizer injection rollout would surely already have been suspended.

It is now clearly established that the SProtein is a toxin that causes the harmful symptoms known as “Covid”.

Lawyer and Microbiologist Sue Grey (below) warns PM Ardern of criminal charges should Covid jabs continue

I surely don’t need to explain the legal, ethical and human rights consequences of a government knowingly promoting a program which intentionally injects a life threatening toxin into healthy people.

I also attach a report indicating that injected nanoparticles (and the SProtein) do not remain in the arm muscle but instead circulate throughout the whole body.

The combined effect is that the Pfizer jab injects mRNA to take over cells to manufacture the deadly SProtein toxin and this spread throughout much of the body, manufacturing the SProtein toxin for days and in some cases many weeks.

This explains why even the limited available research from the two months of study as summarised in the Comirnaty Data Sheet identifies possible harm to many different parts of the body including the heart, blood, brain, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, fainting and dizziness etc.

This is no longer just a shocking experiment. Everyone involved is now on notice of this “injection roulette” which may result in death or serious injury to previously healthy people. The health and safety implications for employers and those who push this jab, are significant.

No post injection death can legitimately be ruled out as being caused or contributed by the injection, at least not without a full coroner’s report. Certainly any post vax stroke, heart attack, other blood disorder, nervous system disorder or even suicide or car accident (known overseas as “vaccidents”) must prima facie be assumed to be caused or contributed to by the jab, at least until a full coroners report is undertaken.

Similarly it is not good enough to claim that our seniors who die post jab were frail and likely to die. Surely if they were that frail they should have been spared from the jab. Anyway, surely “deaths post Jab” should be treated consistently with “deaths post Covid”.

Despite the secretive, flawed and very passive official post jab injury reporting process ( CARM), and as a result of the more active community led follow up, you are already on notice of a number of deaths and life threatening and life changing harm from this injection. The deaths and harm will inevitably continue if there are any further injections. Perhaps initially you had an excuse that you thought the SProtein was “safe”. However now you are on notice that it is not “safe” by any definition.

Further, although you in privileged position are on notice, many members of the public who you were elected to represent remain deceived by misleading claims in crown propaganda that the jab is “safe and effective”. In these circumstances there can be no “Informed consent”., Each jab without Informed consent is in breach of the Health and Disability Code and is an assault.

In these circumstances, the ongoing program is surely criminal, and indeed may result in Homicide as defined by the Crimes Act:

158Homicide defined

Homicide is the killing of a human being by another, directly or indirectly, by any means whatsoever.

Compare: 1908 No 32 s 173

Anyone who aids, abets or otherwise incites homicide is a party to that homicide.

I note that the Director-General of Health has shared his view in sworn evidence that Covid is the most serious health issue for New Zealand in 100 years.

I invite you all to consider that claim very carefully and critically. Please put Covid in perspective against the many other challenges which we face, including for example heart attacks, strokes, cancer, suicide accidents and diabetes and the nitrate and other contamination of much of our water.

Surely you must agree that the harm is not from “Covid” but from the “Response to Covid”.

The best expert evidence is that the risk from Covid is similar to the risk from influenza. Many experts are now saying that Covid is simply a rebranding of influenza and colds, supported by PCR testing that was never intended as a diagnostic tool. The WHO says that PCR testing should not be used beyond 20-25 cycles. OIA responses indicate that in NZ PCR tests use up to 45 cycles, which simply multiplies any contamination.

Our government is about to enter dangerous new phase if it proceeds to inject more healthy New Zealanders with an injection that experts have established is toxic.

Apart from the direct harm to those who choose, or are bullied to accept this injection, there is considerable peripheral harm. This includes the contamination of our Blood Bank with SProtein. We can only speculate on the risks for vulnerable people who receive blood contaminated with this toxin.

Please stop and reflect. Please listen to international experts who are independent from Big Pharma and who are not invested in the Covid paradigm.

Please listen to the New Zealand scientific and medical experts who have put their careers and reputations on the line out of extreme concern.

Please correct the misinformation that this injection is “safe and effective” and “approved by Medsafe” when in fact it did not meet the statutory criteria that “benefit exceeds risk”.

There is no imminent health risk from suspending the program. Dr Bloomfield’s sworn evidence was that the risks were mainly financial and reputational.

Please find the courage to challenge whoever is driving this, and any who act on dogma rather than evidence, reason or ethics.

The future of New Zealand depends on your courage to step up and make this critical call for our people.

I urge you to listen, engage and act in the public interest.

Please put aside your pride and the dogma, and suspend this program.

I am happy to assist however I can.

Sue Grey LLB (Hons), BSc (Biochemistry and Microbiology), RSHDipPHI

Co-leader NZ Outdoors Party

Click here to read the above Open Letter at source…


I have sent the link to this thread to the lawyer, Sue Grey, to thank her for her initiative. We continue to await similarly professional and ethical action from a lawyer – any lawyer – in Scotland or the wider UK.  Hope springs eternal. Or let’s even settle for coverage of this Open Letter in the mainstream news outlets which would, at least, serve to warn those who are still not injected  – just don’t hold your breath as that can be bad for your health…   As an aside, I believe this is the first thread we’ve had featuring New Zealand; so thanks to NZ for giving us hope, for bringing us great news! News that should send the right kind of fear into the hearts of politicians the world over.  We hope and we pray…

Dr John Lee on 21 June, “Freedom Day”: My Faith In UK Society Really Shaken… 


Apart from his support for the vaccination programme, I share Dr Lee’s observations about the past year. I think most of us will also, surely, share his desire for the immediate restoration of our freedoms.   Yet,  there are people who think Boris’s decision to open up the UK on 21 June, should be overturned; some “experts” (and fearful members of the population) are advocating an extension of the restrictions “just in case”… You know, just in case someone catches a cold or has a headache and the NHS is overwhelmed again, like it wasn’t the first time we were told to worry about the NHS being overwhelmed.  So, what do you think – will 21 June turn out to be “Freedom Day” as promised, or “Latest Excuse NOT to be Free Day” – i.e. a damp squib?   

North Korea: Total Obedience – is this where Covid-Compliance is leading us?


The above video, albeit less than an hour, is longer than we usually post, but I urge everyone to watch it right through. It is, truly, an education in CIA – Communism in Action… 

Witnessing the almost total compliance of the UK population – certainly the Scottish population (there is, at least, some fightback in England, which is where the protest marches have been held, with nothing remotely comparable north of the border) – I wonder how easily we could end up like those poor people in North Korea – totally enslaved.  We’re already beautifully programmed to obey the State – it began with “Stay home / Protect the NHS / Save lives”- and it’s working a treat.  Below, an extract from commentary about the famous Russian political prisoner,  Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn – who was big into fighting for freedom after suffering the horrors of the Gulag …

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008) was one of the great souls of the twentieth century. A survivor of World War II, cancer, and 11 years in captivity in the Soviet Gulag, he not only survived but went on to expose for the free Western countries what the true nature of the Soviet regime was with his breakout work One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (1962), as well as In the First Circle (1968),Cancer Ward (1968), and the monumental Gulag Archipelago (three volumes, 1973-78). As the historian and political journalist Richard Brookhiser observed, what Solzhenitsyn taught the West was the word “gulag” and its meaning: that Communism was not the path to freedom but the way of ideological lies, slavery, and violence.

While Solzhenitsyn admired immensely the American founding, considering the Founders’ “original intent” a blueprint for a good society with its defense of the rights of the individual “under God” proclaimed alongside his duties and “the assumption of his constant religious responsibility,” he believed too many Americans had fallen victim to an ersatz notion of happiness pursued apart from the “concepts of good and evil.”

This happiness consisted solely in a negative freedom combined with a materialism that paralleled that of the Marxists. Are plentiful and affordable goods and services a blessing? Yes, but they are not the only blessing to be pursued, and not at any cost. This counter notion, which we now call consumerism, of seeing happiness merely in the availability and possession of goods creates a malaise that “imprint[s] many Western faces with worry and even depression.”

But the problem with false notions of happiness doesn’t limit itself to Westerners’ feelings. It paralyzes them by making them risk averse. Western “well-being” had the effect of making fighting for freedom at home and abroad seem not worth the effort…

What then ought we to do with our freedom? The answer is to reject these enemies, first and foremost by seeking out the truth about happiness, liberty, equality, law, and rights – all of which are gifts of God. “Truth eludes us if we do not concentrate our attention totally on its pursuit,” said Solzhenitsyn. But we then need to speak the truth, courageously refusing to be intimidated into lying or agreeing with lies. Third, we need to freely act on the truth, doing our duties and going beyond them in charity. When we do that, we will see why God gave us liberty in the first place: to make us extraordinary: “[Liberty]’s old function was to render possible the emergence of values. Liberty pointed the way to virtue and heroism. That is what you have forgotten.”

Let us who have freedom remember and act. Let us be heroes.   Read entire article at source here

Reflect… We have almost total compliance with the Covid restrictions to date; the news/flow of information is clearly controlled by the State; no dissenting  scientists are given a fair hearing and there is no serious questioning of the virus and vaccination propaganda from any public broadcaster.  On that basis, then, how long, thinkest thou, might it take for the populations of the UK to end up in the kind of totally enslaved lifestyle experienced by the people in North Korea?  


3 June: Happy Feast of Corpus Christi… 

O Bread of Heaven  is one of several Eucharistic hymns  traditionally sung in churches across the land on this great Feast day (as well as being a regular favourite on Sundays after Communion).  Also, below, two Latin favourites, also most fitting to mark this hugely important Feast if the Body of Christ, Corpus Christi… 

O Bread of Heaven, beneath this veil
Thou dost my very God conceal:
My Jesus, dearest treasure, hail!
I love Thee and, adoring, kneel;
Each loving soul by Thee is fed
With Thine own Self in form of Bread.

O Food of life, Thou Who dost give
the pledge of immortality;
I live, no ’tis not I that live;
God gives me life, God lives in me:
He feeds my soul,
He guides my ways,
and every grief with joy repays.

O Bond of love that dost unite
the servant to his living Lord;
Could I dare live and not requite
such love – then death were meet reward:
I cannot live unless to prove
some love for such unmeasured love.

Beloved Lord, in Heaven above
There, Jesus, Thou awaitest me,
To gaze on Thee with endless love;
Yes, thus I hope, thus shall it be:
For how can He deny me Heaven,
Who here on earth Himself hath given?


Panis angelicus
Bread of Angels 

fit panis hominum;
Is bread for all mankind;
dat panis coelicus
that bread of Heaven

figuris terminum;
ends symbols

o res mirabilis!
O wonder! Miracle! 

Manducat Dominum
This Body of the Lord will nourish

pauper, pauper
even the poorest
servus et humilis.
and most lowly servants

pauper, pauper
even the poorest

servus et humilis.
and most lowly servants

Ecce panis Angelorum,
Hail, the Bread of angels

Factus cibus viatorum,
Now food of the travellers
Vere panis filiorum
True Bread for the sons

Non mittendus canibus!
Not to be thrown to the  dogs

In figuris praesignatur,
In advance it is significed in figures 
Cum Isaac immolatur, Agnus
When Isaac is immolated,
that the Paschal Lamb is sacrificed
 deputatur, Datur manna patribus.
That  Manna is given to our Fathers 


Share your own favourite hymns, prayers and stories to mark this beautiful and centrally important Feast.  I have been unable to find a good rendering of another favourite – O Godhead Hid (devoutly I adore Thee – St Thomas Aquinas), so if you can unearth one with the traditional music (not a pop version!) please post it – like the above hymns, it is spiritually uplifting, wonderful nourishment for the soul in these days when life is spent mostly in the desert!  Not today, though!  Happy Feast everyone! 

Tyburn Convent: Nun Addresses Freedom March; Warns Against Covid Jab… 

In London, Unite for Freedom marchers protesting coronavirus restrictions and vaccine passports were greeted by a group of cheering nuns as they made their way past Marble Arch.

One of the sisters, Mother Marilla, the Mother General, addressed the protestors, encouraging them as they marched through the streets of the capital.

“You were made in the image and likeness of God. You were born free,” she said. “Don’t let them take your freedoms away from you.”

She also warned against the much-hyped experimental coronavirus injections. “Protect the children, and under no conditions let them have that vaccine, it kills people,” she stated.  Click here to read entire article…   


Clearly, Mother is filling that vacuum left by the Absent Fathers, the pro-lockdowns, pro-vaccine clergy. Let’s pray for her that she doesn’t suffer any hostile consequences. 

As  for that jab… I’ve met more people again today who are determined not to take it.  My decision is written in stone… Mother Marilla has reinforced my decision, not that it really needed any reinforcing.  What about you? 

“Corona Fraud Scandal”: Charges of Crimes Against Humanity Looming…

Thousands of attorneys and doctors have joined forces to sue the CDC, WHO and the Davos Group for crimes against humanity.

Humansarefree reported in March:

Should the technocrats who pushed governments to lockdown their citizens be tried for crimes against humanity?

One prominent German lawyer, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, [in photo below] who is also licensed to practice law in America, thinks they should. And he is organizing a team of thousands of participating lawyers who want to prosecute a “second Nuremberg tribunal” against a cadre of international elites responsible for what he calls the “corona fraud scandal.”

Fuellmich was on the legal team that won a major lawsuit against German automaker Volkswagen in a 2015 case involving tampered catalytic converters in the U.S. He also was involved in a lawsuit that exposed one of Germany’s largest banks, Deutsche Bank, as a criminal enterprise.

The bank was recently ordered by the U.S. Justice Department to pay $130 million to resolve corrupt practices that included money laundering, bribery and fraud between the years 2009 and 2016.

Fuellmich is licensed to practice law in Germany and the state of California.

He believes the frauds committed by Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank pale in comparison to the damage wrought by those who sold the Covid-19 crisis as the worst viral outbreak to hit the world in more than a century and used it to cause media-driven panic, government overreach and human suffering on a scale still not fully quantified.

The truth is revealed in the numbers, Fuellmich said, citing figures that show COVID-19 has not caused any statistically significant increase in the 2020 death counts over previous years.

This group claims the tests used to identify COVID-19 were faulty and was used to commit crimes against humanity.

Fuellmich and his team present the incorrect PCR test and the order for doctors to describe any comorbidity death as a Covid death – as fraud.

The PCR test was never designed to detect pathogens and is almost 100% inaccurate at 35 cycles. All PCR tests monitored by the CDC are set at 37 to 45 cycles. The CDC acknowledges that tests over 28 cycles are not allowed for a positive reliable result.

This invalidates over 90% of the alleged Covid cases / “infections” detected by the use of this incorrect test.

In addition to the incorrect tests and fraudulent death certificates, the “experimental” vaccine itself violates Article 13 of the Geneva Convention.

Under Article 32 of the 1949 Geneva Convention, “mutilation and medical or scientific experiments not required for the medical treatment of a protected person” are prohibited.

The group claims:

The “Experimental” Vaccine Violates All 10 Nuremberg Codes – Which Carry The Death Penalty For Those Who Try To Break These International Laws.


Will this happen?  And if so, will, in due course, others – such as national politicians – be held similarly accountable for their co-operation in this evil?  Will we see Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon among those national leaders (I use the term very loosely) charged with crimes against humanity for their enforcement of unhealthy/dangerous mask-wearing, and the rest… for their participation in this massive fraud?