31/5: Queenship of Mary…Happy Feast! 


As the Month of Mary draws to a close with the celebration of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we reflect on this beautiful title of Our Lady. 

The hymn “Bring Flowers of the Rarest…” was traditionally sung in churches throughout the Month of Mary, not just on this Feast Day, and – in this way –  along with the several other “May hymns”, devotion to Our Lady was developed and deepened in young Catholic souls.  The memory still raises a smile when I think of the cheerful rendering (in my own parish) of “The Sun is Shining Brightly” while, in fact, it was pouring with rain outside! 

Thus, I can’t imagine the deprivation suffered today by young Catholics who are denied such devotions.  Indeed, it’s very sad to speak with young people who have attended Mass throughout the Month of Mary and not heard even one of the traditional hymns in honour of Our Lady’s special month. We can put that right here, now, so enjoy! 

As with all Feast Day threads, discuss any relevant issues, and feel free to post your favourite prayers, stories, and hymns.   

Our Lady, Queen and Mother, pray for us! 

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  1. I LOVE that hymn, Bring Flowers… That’s one beautiful rendition of it, for sure.

    I thought I’d post this version of The Sun is Shining Brightly although it’s different from the one I grew up with, the one probably most of us grew up with in Scotland. This is from the north of England, but it’s a pretty version – I like it a lot.

    • Laura

      That is, indeed, a pretty version of The Sun is Shining Brightly. I still prefer the one with which we all grew up in Scotland – here’s the Catholic Truth recording…

      • ED am just after listening to this Lovely Hymn and thank God at least for the Today, the Sun is Shining Brightly .Just a we story i told to a Priest Friend of mine who sadly is am sure Gone To His Eternal Rest as He loved Our Blessed Lady. I said to Him that ” Father you know that theyv changed the words in the Great Hymn to Our Blessed ,Lady The Sun is Shining Brightly ” he said ” What have they changed ” i said ” Instead of the words -And all The World is Gay – . Theyv changed it to -And Half The World is Gay ” Happy Feast Day all. Like you ED my favorite May Hymn is Bring Flowers of the Rarest, and Frank Patterson sings it with all his Heart and Soul . God Rest Him Also.

        • FOOF,

          Here’s a hymn which HAS been changed; the Fatima hymn “O Come to the Throne of Grace” with no mention of Fatima or Russia, .. I did find another one which did mention Fatima, but still no mention of Russian Consecration…

          Then there’s the Catholic Truth recording 😀 We just can’t allow the Month of Mary 2021 to end without a reminder of the importance of praying (and singing) for the Consecration of Russia!

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    Remember ‘O Mary we Crown Thee with Blossoms Today’ ? Frank Patterson sings it so beautifully.

    • Mary Anne,

      Thank you for re-blogging this thread. I’ve just paid a visit to you blog, which looks very interesting. I left a comment to thank you and promised to return soon to enjoy a proper browse – there are some extremely interesting posts listed, so I look forward to it.

      Happy Feast!

  3. Happy Feast everyone!

    This is Hail Queen of Heaven – appropriate for today, though not particularly a May hymn.

  4. I love that hymn “Mary we Crown thee with blossoms today”. It reminds of the German May Dance, my childhood and we sang this at my grandmother’s funeral in honour of Our Lady, a nod to my Austrian grandmother’s heritage,& her devoted love for Our Lady. My grandmothers name was also incidentally, Maria. The hymn brings me joy

  5. I wish everyone the blessing and protection of Our Lady on this the great Feast of her Queenship. May God grant us the triumph of her Immaculate Heart soon.

  6. Time to close this Feast Day thread to comments, with thanks to everyone who contributed – all much appreciated,

    God bless.

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