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  1. I think this is hilarious – it’s about wokeness and someone who has complained that a poster about birds is “sexist” – LOL!

    • Andrew

      You make a very important and correct distinction between the Church, “the spotless bride of Christ”, and the clergy. Anyone who blames the infallible Church for the sins of her fallen human members has clearly failed to make the leap from human rationalism to supernatural faith, a divine gift.

      • Athanasius and Andrew,

        I haven’t had a chance to check out the link but I’m suspecting it’s a report or commentary on the news of sterner punishments for clergy abusers.

        I made the mistake of clicking on a link to a report in the Washington Post on the subject earlier, and then a second mistake by reading the comments below. Truly heartbreaking.

        The Church is now held in utter contempt because of these evil-doing clergy and lax hierarchy – to the highest level.

        Unfortunately, none of said commentators made that crucial distinction between the Spotless Bride of Christ – His Church – and the seriously fallen members.

        It is truly heartbreaking.

        • Editor,

          That link (I had seen the story elsewhere previously) is actually about how the family of One Peter Five editor, Steve Skojec, were refused sacraments at the FFSP parish they attend.

          Mr Skojec was very angry about this and public criticised the clergy involved.

          I did not follow the story closely, but from what I gather most sympathy has been for the clergy and not Mr Skojec.

    • Andrew,

      I’ve read about half of that link abut Steve Skojec and his situation which is very surprising since he’s been running his blog for quite some time now and I wouldn’t have guessed he was that unhappy.

      I’ll go back to read the rest of it now, but I thought I would say that I think he has been treated badly by his FSSP priest. It’s really quite shocking, as is his account of his experience of World Youth Day at Denver.

  2. A reminder to all that there is a traditional latin Mass at Carfin Grotto this evening, the first Friday of June.

    Rosary & Confessions: 7.00pm
    Sung Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart: 7.30pm

    The idea is to have the mass outside, so as to allow unrestricted numbers.

    At the time of writing, the weather forecast is good, moderate temperatures with a low (6%) chance of rain. (This according to the BBC – the weather is about all they are good for).

    And so it looks like the numbers will be unrestricted.

    In the unlikely chance of rain, the mass will move inside and that will mean a cap on numbers (the indoor list is already full).

    The event has been arranged by Una Voce Scotland, seemingly with a view to establishing a more regular traditional Mass at the Grotto. And so a good turn out would make a good impression to the clergy in charge of the Grotto (no doubt they will be seeking a collection – haha)

    A regular Mass – even if not every week, at first – would be great for the Diocese of Motherwell, which currently only has the traditional Mass provided at a single Diocesan location: St Mary’s Cleland.

    I will go along tonight and hope others will too!

    • Gabriel Syme,

      I couldn’t make it tonight, but I’d like to know how it all went, so I look forward to reading a report from you. Is it Fr Liam O’Connor, I wonder, who is saying the Mass?

      • Fidelis,

        I am just back and would have to say the event was a major success.

        It was a beautiful Mass on a beautiful evening. The sun shines on the righteous! (Although we have been soaked a few times as well, as my friend remarked!). The grotto was a great setting on such a fine evening.

        No doubt an accurate head count will be released, but I would guess several hundred people were present.

        (I think there were 120 places available if the Mass had to move in doors, and I know they were all reserved. There could have easily been 2 or 3 times that number in total).

        There was a rosary and confessions before the Mass. The Mass started late due to the great demand for confessions.

        Yes, the Priest offering the Mass was Fr Liam O’Connor of Motherwell Diocese. There were various other priests present, to help with confessions and distributing communion.

        I recognised Fr Ross Crichton (Argyll & the Isles) and Fr Ninan Doohan (Dunkeld). I did not see him personally, but was told Fr Nicholas Monaghan (Glasgow) was present too.

        There was a large cadre of altar servers, with Tommy Taylor as MC. And the Una Voce schola was excellent, as usual.

        Sancta Familia Media filmed the event and so no doubt a video of the Mass will become available.

        I recognised many people from various latin mass locations, but no doubt many people were attending for the first time too. I am sure their experience will mean it will not be their last!

        Everyone I spoke to afterwards had only positive things to say. And so well done to all involved!

        • Gabriel Syme,

          That sounds fantastic. I’m glad the weather held off.

          I wonder if that “several hundred” present were people who normally attend the old Mass or were they newcomers?

          As you say, we’ll probably find out when the video is released.

          Since there may be news soon of the Pope’s decision to return to the indult situation where priests had to get permission from bishops to say the Latin Mass, and the bishops didn’t usually give it, it would be good if there was a backlash here, if that should ever happen.

          As you say, well done to all involved. It’s good to see the old Mass spreading.

          • Fidelis,

            There were definitely new comers, as there was an announcement giving them advice prior to the mass. (It said not to obsess over trying to follow every last word, but to concentrate more on praying, the presence of God and the beauty of the liturgy).

            I recognised people from various latin mass locations and it was lovely to see everyone “come together” for this event.

        • Gabriel Syme,

          That all sounds very good, although personally I am not attracted to outdoor Masses. The World Youth Day debacles are a case in point. Also, my experience of the novus ordo at Bellahouston Park for the visit of John Paul II in 1982 was off-putting, due to people chatting all around me, throughout the Mass.

          Of course, I’m sure that would not be the case at a TLM; indeed, I remember when one of the SSPX priests in Ireland was forced to have a funeral Mass at the beach when the local bishop instructed the priest to cancel the Mass previously arranged. Apparently, everyone who attended was “blown away” – but not by the wind! Their first ever experience of the TLM. So, I hope, am sure, that the Carfin TLM would have been similarly edifying.

          I wonder how they managed to have everyone kneel for Communion? Did you all have to kneel on the ground or did they provide actual kneelers?

          There are other things about which I’m a little curious but they will keep for now. My beauty sleep beckons. Say nothing 😀

          • Editor,

            I would agree that outdoor masses as usually undesirable – due to the chance of disturbance. However, as it turned out, there were no disturbances in this case. Its probably rare that an outdoor mass would work well in Scotland, so I was thankful it did on this occasion!

            For communion, each priest distributing communion had two kneelers in front of him. And so this allowed for a pretty fast processing of the communicants. The priest moved between them and the queue of lay people just went to which ever one was free (it worked so well that the priest was actually waiting on me arriving!).

            However, there were no kneelers at the general seating for the Mass, so people just had to kneel on the ground during the liturgy (which the vast majority of people did, in my field of vision).

            However, most people preferred to just stoop and not kneel on the ground during the preceding rosary – including myself: I wanted to save my knees for the Mass and so minimise the chance of putting my knees through my trousers!

            (The man who lead the rosary did so at a very sedate pace, hence my concern for my knees – haha! That is not a criticism of the man, but more an appraisal of my knees!).

            • Gabriel Syme,

              Sounds very well organised. I should have asked if there was seating for Mass but I assume not, since you say people “stooped” during the rosary beforehand.

              Anyway, glad everything went well.

              • Editor,

                There was seating – ample actually, presumably for the comfort of anyone who wished to distance themselves a bit. (Even though the attendance was very good, you could tell there was a deliberate over-supply of seating.)

                (most people were very relaxed, as per St Andrews, and – other than give your name and number as contact details on entering – you would not have known there was anything amiss socially).

                The altar was set up with a canopy in front of the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes. It was surrounded by seats, and then there were ample further rows on the raised concourse behind.

                The confessions were outdoor on benches further back – I did not see them personally, but my friend said there were huge queues, even though there was not the facility of confessional boxes.

                Yes I thought the event was very well organised and went very smoothly – credit to the organisers. Often Church events can be a bit rough around the edges, but this was very professional.

                No doubt there will be a video of the Mass and/or highlights of the evening. I saw men with recording cameras and they also had an airborne drone too.

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  4. Editor,

    I take it you’ve heard that Christopher Morris of Motherwell Diocese was ordained deacon yesterday, 6 June?

    Ed: Yes.

    Do you have any comment to make?

    Ed: No.

  5. I toyed with the idea of launching a thread on the visit of Joe Biden to the UK but having watched part of his address to the military – which was totally “yawn yawn” stuff – I decided to simply acknowledge his presence here, on the GD thread. He’s due to come to Glasgow in November, so we’ll mark that with a dedicated thread. On the other hand, If he entertains us with some of his infamous gaffes during his stay in England, I’ll think again – those are always entertaining… 😀

  6. Edinburgh council has had to apologise and pay £25,000 damages after cancelling an evangelical Christian conference (Destiny Ministries) because the main speaker held mainstream Christian morality regarding sexuality.

    While I am glad this has happened, the damages paid out seem remarkably light. Nevertheless this is a positive thing and will put the parasitic busybody wage-thieves of local authorities back in their boxes! Get back to emptying bins and fixing roads!

    There will be more of this in the pipeline, I am sure. Remember the visit of Franklin Graham was canned by various councils, including Glasgow, at the urging of reprobate Patrick Harvie MSP.

    The likes of Harvie and the Councils are insulated from the fall out of their prejudice because, of course, its the taxpayer who has to pay the damages.

    • Gabriel Syme,

      I agree – those “woke” idiots should get on with fixing the roads because if I twist my ankle just once more through their negligence, they’ll be paying out to me and to moi and in my world, £25,000 is peanuts. Yes, I know… I’m a real wee monkey… 😀

      Seriously, they are so “tolerant” of everyone and everything except Christianity. They have some nerve.

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