Liberty Not Lockdown Movement Grows 

A week is a long time in the politics of rallies. Yesterday a Kill the Bill march in London drew five thousand mostly young protestors against the proposed strengthening of police powers over protestors. A good cause was distorted by the divisive identity politics on display: Black Lives Matter banners, transgender flags and radical Marxist placards supplied by the Socialist Workers Party. On the preceding Saturday (April 24th) a gathering twenty or thirty times bigger marched from Hyde Park to Holborn Viaduct and back in a joyful expression of unity by ordinary people of every class and creed.

Whereas the Unite for Freedom rally was initially ignored by the BBC and other mainstream media, the Kill the Bill demo was widely reported.  Source


Click here to  read an excellent article on the growing opposition to lockdown and here to read about the UK media bias showing in the dishonest reporting of anti-lockdown protests.  But will these protests actually win the day – will they cause the Governments of the UK to restore the old normal, return freedom to those who have gone along with the restrictions?   

When viewing the Unite for Freedom march, one poster jumped out at me.  It was addressed to the police, asking the question which I’ve said all along I would ask of any police officer with whom I come into contact these days;  in short, and to paraphrase, you are policing a way of life into existence for your children that, surely, you do not seriously want?  A key question for the people introducing us to the Police State. 

That’s my key thought for the day on the subject – apart from my constant thought for the day, which is that these agents of the Government have no authority to take away my God-given rights.  Share your thought for the day on the subject of “liberty not lockdown” – but keep the heid [tr. keep your  head – stay calm] when allowing your fingers to do the talking on that keyboard. 😀   

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  1. That’s not a good sign that the Communists have now joined – i.e. infiltrated – the protests. That means they intend to use the protests for their own ends, and also try to turn them violent so that the protests will be discredited as “caused by domestic terrorists,” resulting in even more tyrannical government measures and police response.

    The organizers of these protests had better wake up and secure their email lists.

    • RCA Victor,

      I think you’ve misunderstood the intro. There were two protest marches, and the first one was Kill the Bill (not anti-lockdown) that’s where you see the Communists. The second march (on Saturday, just gone) was the Unite for Freedom march and that was the anti-lockdown protest.

      The BBC reported the Kill the Bill one and supported it even though it had a much lower attendance than the anti-lockdown protest.

      I have to say that there have been thousands protesting in London all along, really, from early on, and it’s good to see that continuing, but I am not so sure it means the anti-lockdown protests are “growing”.

      As for here in Scotland – nothing is growing except the ignorance and compliance. Nobody is questioning lockdown at all, definitely not on a scale anything like in England.

      • MM,

        Don’t go jumping to conclusions. I don’t think RCA Victor has “misunderstood the intro” – I think he just had a “Biden moment”… I get them too. All the time!

        • Editor,

          I think you’ve misunderstood Margaret Mary’s description of my misunderstanding, and I only remembered to reply here because of one of the strings tied around my finger. But now I can’t remember which string it was… 🙂

          Anyway, MM was correct, I did indeed jump to the wrong conclusion about the Kill the Bill protest. But the worst part was that I jumped whilst sitting on my couch….

          • RCA Victor,

            I have the same problem, trying to think up tricks to help my less than satisfactory memory. Things are so different now. At one time, I could just remember things, I didn’t need to invent ways and means. Everything is so different these days…

    • RCA Victor,

      One of the amazing things about the anti-lockdown protests is that they are organised by word of mouth – yet they manage to get thousands of people onto the streets. Amazing.

      PS – I don’t mean to imply that there are no email lists; there are sure to be email exchanges and alerts. I just mean they don’t have the luxury of having their protests announced on msm.

  2. This is what is happening in Police State Britain – an elderly street preacher who was quoting the Bible on marriage being between one man and one woman, was arrested and manhandled (and I think there’s a kick in there) after somebody called a “hate crime” in progress into the police.

    • Well after all Lily it is now a Hate Crime. Whether we like it or not one cannot say anything of the LGBTQ2WXYZ mob unless its supporting them. As far as am concerned the Talking with these Perverts is over. I have at least lived a life without Homosexuals and Transgenders shoving their Perversions down my throat, and i have told my Daughter to watch out for this Perverse Teaching coming anywhere near my Granddaughters. As far as am concerned any who do, Get The Operation Free. As for our Freedoms and especially the useless Marxist pro Homosexual pro Transgender pro Abortion anti Catholic BBC there is something we all can do. Dont give them a donation of £157.50p they cannot Jail us all. At least not until they get their Concentration Camps set up. And make no mistake behind the scenes Camps or Gulags will be getting discussed. Dont take the Vaccine or the Micro Chip off to the camps with them .

      • Dear Editor,
        Yes it is sad that Scotland is so in thrall to the Marxist SNP that no noticeable large scale protests have broken out here. The problem will arise when we wake up to find all our freedoms gone, like in Ireland or in National Socialist Party Germany with Hitler.
        It is interesting you should mention the sexually confused people.
        From today our glorious leader, Boris Corbyn, has decided to lower the cost of being certified with a mental illness from £100 to a fiver.
        That is the cost of legally “changing your gender”.
        Strange old world Greavsie!

    • Lily,

      That is so true – if this is happening here, then we really are living in a police state. That poor man, doing nothing except reading from the Bible. And yes, I did see a quick kick there. If that woman hadn’t shouted “you’re on camera” they would probably have been even more violent.

      The police have really turned on the people. It’s very sad to see.

    • Laura,

      I am half-way through that video – I had no idea there was an 8pm curfew in Montreal (or anywhere else!)

      Laughed at the use of the term “socialist distancing” – E X A C T L Y !

      Thank you for posting – I’m going back to finish watching now…

      A little later…

      I’ve now finished watching the video and recommend it to others. Another eye-opener to see the readiness of the police to punish protesters.

      The humour is great – remarking on the 8pm curfew, the Rebel News reporter notes that the virus can now tell the time… and on another occasion, notes that the virus can tell whether people fly into the area or drive through (drivers risk getting a ticket).

      What is particularly interesting is the reference to people from the former Soviet/Eastern Bloc countries; when they interviewed a Polish gentleman, he said that he recognised the introduction of Communism immediately in this virus scam. He said, loud and clear, that Communism is here.

      Ditto the UK.

      WHEN will the compliant clowns waken up and smell the totalitarianism? Stop being such obedient little sheep?

  3. The hate crime in that video is clearly the State’s hatred of God in open display. The police today have become the defenders of societal evils of every kind – they behave exactly as Hitler’s and Stalin’s henchmen did while pretending that they obey the law. Truth is they’re the greatest lawbreakers of all, they trespass against the divine law, the natural law and international law. I have lost all respect for the police force – it’s now just a strong arm of perverse government.

  4. I forgot to mention that the Hyde Park march on April 24 witnessed some incredible police violence. They should understand that when the peaceful citizens of this country finally realise that the police force they fund has gone rogue against the people, woe betide them. This is Britain, not Venezuela! Our ancestors didn’t fight and die in two World Wars to allow our nation to be turned into a Communist Police State.

    • Athanasius,

      The people I meet don’t think the police have turned rogue. That’s the problem. They think it’s the people who are being irresponsible by going on marches etc. Everything is totally upside down.

      • Lily

        I agree, they’re all listening to the fake news and soaking the lies in like sponges. Well, let’s hope this global mass-vaccination business isn’t what Dr. Yeadon and others suspect or there’s going to be one huge death toll about about 6-12 months from now.

        • Athanasius,

          I know you are addressing Lily, but I can’t resist popping in to say how can you PROVE that fake news is fake news… 😀

  5. In Germany protests are being monitored too, by the German Domestic Intelligence Agency, monitoring people and protests against coronavirus restriction. Sounds like a resurrection of the Stasi to me, but in the whole of Germany rather than East Germany alone.


    I agree, they behave exactly as Hitler’s and Stalins’ henchmen did while pretending that they obey the law.

  6. I can’t find the actual BBC interview on YouTube on a speedy search, but I’ve copied this text from the website of Lockdown Sceptics…

    “Sunetra Gupta, Professor of Theoretical Epidemiology at Oxford, gave an interview to BBC News last week which may be a new low in the Beeb’s one-sided coverage of the lockdown debate.

    The interviewer, Annita McVeigh, treated the distinguished Oxford scholar as if she was a David Icke figure whose views were completely beyond the pale.

    At one point, as Prof Gupta was making the case for lifting all restrictions immediately, McVeigh cut across her, saying, “Sorry to interrupt you, Professor, but multiple scientists say lockdowns have worked, the Government says so too.” Gupta patiently replied: “That doesn’t mean it’s true.”

    Professor Gupta’s fellow signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration, Jay Bhattacharya, Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, and Martin Kulldorff, Professor of Medicine at Harvard, have come to their colleague’s support.

    Professor Kulldorff said: “After one year of covering the pandemic, it is surprising that some journalists still do not understand basic principles of epidemiology and public health. Rather than interrupt her, BBC could learn a lot from professor Gupta, one of the world’s preeminent infectious disease epidemiologists.”

    Professor Bhattacharya added: “Dr Gupta’s comments to the BBC were correct. There is a growing scientific consensus that the lockdowns have failed to control the spread of covid in nearly every country that has imposed them. The scientific community even more strongly agrees that lockdowns have hampered vital public health priorities along other dimensions, including cancer prevention, mental health, and health inequality. That the BBC does not know these facts indicates how narrow a set of scientific advisors they rely on.” Ends.

    Will the Covid-Compliant Clowns EVER waken up? Maybe if they stopped watching the British Brainwashing Corporation they would begin to see the truth about this “disease”. Gimme strength!

    • Editor,

      Speaking of covid-compliant clowns (nice alliteration there, Ed!) (sidebar: CCC also happens to stand for Catechism of the Catholic Church…) (I rest my case), on my way out of the gym yesterday, unmasked, I crossed paths with an older gentleman (and I use the term loosely) coming in. When he noticed that I was maskless, he pointedly gave me a very wide berth accompanied by a dirty look. I returned the look and continued on my way out, as the staff behind the desk wished me a nice day.

      So the mentally enslaved imagine that they occupy the moral high ground on two fronts: one, they wear their masks everywhere, and two, they’ve lined up to be vaccinated,

      Meanwhile, people who use their minds have been relegated to various levels of Dante’s Inferno…

      • RCA Victor,

        I LOVE alliteration. Now that I’ve learnt how to spell it…

        A young relative of mine was telling me about her latest encounter at her local shops, where she often finds herself being insulted and corrected whether about being mask-less of not keeping to socialist distancing (that’s what I call it now – I read it somewhere on here recently!)

        This time it was the distancing nonsense. She was near the front of the supermarket check-out queue (next in line actually) when a masked menace behind her point to the floor to indicate that she was not “on the line” exactly. Even the assistant at the check-out shook her head and raised her eyes to Heaven.

        The victim just smiled wryly (can you picture that?) but after a lecture from me, she knows exactly what to say if there is a next time 😀

        I tried to find a picture of “a woman smiling wryly” but this is the closest I could find… 😀

    • Editor

      Yet more evidence that most of the world’s powerbrokers are in the service of Lucifer and are presently perpetrating the greatest crime against humanity ever witnessed. They will not escape the justice of God, however, and the eternal torment they are preparing for themselves when this short life comes to an end.

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