Joe Biden: Victim of Elder Abuse? 


One of the commentators on Sky News Australia recently queried whether what was happening to Joe Biden amounts to “elder abuse”,  and after watching the above video compilation I find myself asking the same question.  Many (if not all) of his gaffes recorded above are truly hilarious but if, as seems to be the case, Biden is suffering serious cognitive decline, should he have been groomed to win the election in November?   He admits that they did put together the most effective fraud in American history [to win the election], but, whatever, is it fair to have the whole world laughing at him as, I’m sorry to admit, I’ve been laughing (heartily) watching his performances in the above video…   Is he a victim of elder abuse?   Very importantly, too, given that he is the leader of the free world, is he a danger, not only to the American people, but to the entire world? 

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  1. Joe Biden is no victim, that’s for sure, he’s one the most corrupt individuals on earth. The real victims are the little babies slaughtered in their mother’s wombs as a result of this man’s support for the demonic evil of abortion.

    Is he a danger to the world? Yes, he definitely is, because in addition to losing his marbles he has no morals. This horrendous man knows full well what he was a party to last November – he knows that he is not duly elected to Presidential office by the American people. He also knows he’s not fit for that office yet his lust for earthly power and importance, even in these last years of his life, is so great that he will betray all goodness and decency to satiate it. I hope he repents of his public evils before his brain is too far gone and a good confession beyond him. The eternal punishment that awaits this wicked man and his evil partner in crime, Pelosi, is too horrendous to contemplate unless, by some miracle of grace, they both repent very sincerely and very quickly.

    • Athanasius,

      By “victim of elder abuse” I mean that those who have pushed him to play the part of presidential candidate are – in fact – abusing him in the sense that they knew perfectly well that he could never, in any way, manage the office of President. That is very clear in the above video where, amazingly even some of his Democrat colleagues are showing disbelief at his confusion. It’s been impossible to cover up from the start, really. They HAD to get Trump out of office. They had already discovered that Kamala Harris had no chance and the likelihood of explaining away “80 million votes” for any other candidate, more or less unknown to the public, was, er… unlikely, to put it mildly. Hence the idea to use Biden as a front man for their power-grab. He’s well known to the public and they could use the rhetoric of “years of experience” and “already held high office” to explain away the huge win. That is what I mean by “elder abuse”. Not that he’s a victim in the normal sense of the word – there, you are totally correct. He’s corrupt to his fingertips, that’s a fact.

      There were a number of “firsts” (for me) in the above video, including the news that his wife posts notes for him on his shaving mirror (probably telling him where to find the cream!) So, he’s obviously in a very advanced state of decline.

      It’ll be interesting to see how they manage to make the switch to Harris. How they dress it up to look unexpected, exceptional, unforeseen.

      You can’t fault them for sheer nerve, that’s for sure.

      • Editor,

        I used to know a guy in his 40s, a fellow parent at a Catholic school, whose car dashboard was literally covered with post-it notes to remind him of all the things he had to do.

        Thank goodness I’m not that busy…

    • Athanasius,

      I came across a post somewhere a few weeks ago that President Trump left Joke* Biden a note before he left the White House. It said,

      “You know I won, Joe.”

      • RCA Victor,

        I remember reading at the time that Biden said President Trump had left him a nice note (something like that) so maybe that was Joe’s confusion on show again. The note you quote sounds more like Trump, LOL!

  2. I believe Biden sold His Soul many years ago, most certainly He must have done so before He performed the so called Wedding Ceremony of 2 Homosexuals in The White House. He also must have known of the Evil Obama Men long before Joan Rivers made Her First and Last statement about those 2 Perverts. As has been more than once also shown in many Pictures and in the Great postscript that Victor Sent a few articles ago ,we know what Bidens Sexual Preferences are or at least were . He now sits on a Punch and Judy show , unfortunately for Biden it’s certainly not Him that’s pulling the Strings. It’s He who is the Main Puppet in the Show. BTW if anyone and I mean anyone thinks this Man has even a Say in The Politics of the U.S.A. it’s they who are suffering from Dementia.

    • FOOF,

      Yes, Biden is nothing more than a puppet. That’s been true of most previous presidents before Trump – hence the hatred of Trump.

    • JD,

      I think the reason Joke* was chosen as Obama’s VP was because he was just as compromised as Obama, if not more so. Communists always like to have blackmail material to hold over each other’s heads. It’s their sick way of assuring control.

  3. I agree fully with Athanasius’ assessment of this disgusting person (I’d also agree with Editor’s assessment, to keep all the zeroes in my paycheck, but she hasn’t weighed in yet…). However, as Athanasius has already pointed out, Joke* Biden is not the victim of elder abuse.

    Here is the official US government definition: “In general, elder abuse is a term referring to any knowing, intentional, or negligent act by a caregiver or any other person that causes harm or a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable adult.”

    Joke* is not only not a victim, he is a perpetrator of abuse, as well as the murder of unborn children. Many truthful commentators, including attorney Sidney Powell, have also pointed out that he is a pedophile pervert (hence the numerous photos of him sniffing young girls’ hair).

    The thing that disturbs me the most about his “residency,” even more than the fact that he was not elected to anything, is that the Communists chose him, a doddering, perverted, corrupt old fool, to enact the rest of their destructive, hellish agenda. Their choice reveals that they have nothing but the utmost contempt for “we the people,” since they apparently believe that this election fraud and this pitiful puppet receiving instructions in his earpiece are actually credible.

    Just sign here, Joke*. Just call on the reporters whose pictures we have circled for you, Joke*. Just read the teleprompter, Joke*. That’s a good boy…Oh, and don’t forget to report to your boss, President Xi, every month.

    Finally, here’s an adaptation of Goebbel’s famous statement: “If you repeat a lie often enough, it become Joke* Biden.”

    (Note to Pope Francis: a person’s character can be evaluated by the people they approve of.)

    • RCA Victor,

      Yes, I agree about the “caregiver” etc definition of “elder abuse”. As I said above in reply to Athanasius, that is precisely what I meant in my selection of headline. I meant that those who should be taking care of him in his obviously declining mental state, are actually abusing him by putting him through the pretence of being president.

      I wish I’d read your comment before answering Athanasius – I could have shortened my (long-winded) reply to Athanasius which comes into the category of “never say two words where a hundred will suffice” 😀

      • Editor,

        If you think about it (which I finally did after my last post), Biden himself is guilty of elder abuse, via lockdowns, masks, social distancing, vaccine promotion…not to mention the crimes that will be committed against senior citizens by the illegal immigrants pouring in through the border with Mexico.

        As you can tell by my last post, I am squirming under this scourge. As Candace Owens (conservative black personality) pointed out, Cuba was destroyed by Castro, Venezuela was destroyed by Maduro, and America is being destroyed by Biden. Socialists all, criminals all, promoted by NWO puppeteers all.

        • RCA Victor,

          So, it is possible…. … crimes …will be committed against senior citizens by the illegal immigrants pouring in through the border with Mexico.

          Can Mexico actually pour through the border with illegal immigrants?

    • Victor as i said above when i read your Transcript of the Anonymous Man who told about The Bidens The Obama Men The Clintons Etc Etc who rode on the Epstein Express. We know that Joke Biden never got anywhere near the same Votes as President Trump.It also just shows how gullible and stupid they are to even let it get out into the Public Domain that The ( so called ) President of the U.S.A has to have notes put on his shaving mirror to remember him to use shaving cream. I mean they have no shame. But then again would anyone who has sold their Soul to Satan have any shame,i doubt it. P.S sorry for going off topic ( again ED ) but on reading your Newsletter i read the link to the site, Learn The Risk .( First time i had heard of it ). I thought it most unusual that the C.E.O of an -Anti Vaccine Site- Brandy Vaughn ,who was perfectly healthy should die from Natural Causes aged 44 in December 2020 ? It just shows really that we should all be on our Guard.For we know not the Hour or the Day when one may drown. Especially when we swim against the tide.

    • Just read your Link Victor and although its not the Primary Purpose of the Bishops meeting the question of course is Why should it be question in the first place. God what is it about Catholicism that these Men dont understand.Of course as you say it probably will just end it up in something like ” Well The Boss Says its OK”

    • RCA Victor,

      That article shows that the Bishops Conference, not Biden’s own Bishop, are to discuss this at their June meeting – that means there will be a division of opinion and we all know that the “liberals” will win the day. I think putting the matter on their agenda is a sop to the Catholics who are rightly concerned at the sacrilege of Biden receiving Communion when he is NOT in communion with the Church.

    • RCA Victor,

      I agree with Michaela, nothing will change on this, unless Biden’s own bishop forbids him from Communion, the scandal will remain.

        • Joe Biden delivered the annual prayer without mentioning Jesus or God. Yet look at how the so-called Catholic EWTN reported it – no mention of that fact!

          • Lacy

            It’s always of grave concern when someone cannot bring themselves to speak the name of Our Lord, or even to acknowledge God. Says everything that needs saying about the man in the stolen Oval Office.

      • This Bishop is a hypocrite – he denounces “weaponising” the Eucharist in the case of the apostate Biden but is quite content with sacrilege! Yet more proof that many of these prelates have lost the faith.

  4. That video compilation of Biden’s gaffes is a scream! I laughed all the way through.

    So, yes, he’s being abused by those who should be caring for him – he’s obviously on another planet most of the time.

    That doesn’t change the fact that he is definitely as corrupt as they come. He has been a corrupt politicians all his life so he’s not going to change now.

    I saw that the USA bishops were torn on the question of him being banned from receiving Holy Communion. That speaks for itself. What is there to be torn about?

  5. As I watched that video I just kept saying “this is unbelievable”. Some of the gaffes I’d seen before but not all of them and seeing them all together one after another was sobering. It’s incredible that this man has access to the nuclear code – or does he?

    He admits that he became president by setting a fraud in place but having done that and now allowing the mass influx of illegal immigrants into the country through the Mexico border, changing the voting system so that nobody needs to produce ID, how can any other party ever win an election? America is really a one-party state now, IMHO.

  6. The compilation video is very amusing – and sad. I think this report is also very interesting. People are noticing that Joe Biden is not in charge.

  7. This is very interesting – it’s the major news network in America, CNN admitting they helped get Biden elected (if he actually was elected, LOL!)

    • Matt Hancock is right up to his eyes with Gates and the New World Order, an insignificant little man who is drunk with the power daft Johnson has handed him.

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