UK: Anti-Lockdown Protest Turns Violent – Surprised (It Took So Long) Folks?

Eight police officers have been injured as anti-lockdown protests in central London turned violent.

a close up of a person holding a sign: Anti-lockdown protesters hold a placard at a protest in Hyde Park (Dominic Lipinski/PA)© Dominic Lipinski Anti-lockdown protesters hold a placard at a protest in Hyde Park (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

Demonstrators hurled bottles as officers attempted to disperse the crowds in Hyde Park on Saturday evening, the Metropolitan Police said.

Photographs posted on social media show a female police officer bleeding from a cut to her head, while another suffered a similar wound on his forehead.

a person holding a sign: An anti-lockdown protester holding a placard at Hyde Park (Dominic Lipinski/PA)
© Provided by PA Media An anti-lockdown protester holding a placard at Hyde Park (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

Two officers were taken to hospital, although their injuries are not believed to be serious, the Met said.

The protests, which also took place on Oxford Street, come almost two weeks after Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were eased.

Five people were arrested for offences including assault on police and remain in custody, the Met said.

John Apter, national chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, tweeted: “These officers are just doing a job, they’re somebody’s son, daughter they’re mums and dads.

“To be targeted in the way they are says a lot about the society we’ve become.

“I will continue to do my best to support them but I need Government to do more, much more.”

Demonstrators held banners with messages such as: “Covid-19 Vaccine Holocaust”, and: “No To Vaccine Passports.”

Another banner read: “You don’t need proof to know truth.”

a group of people standing in front of a crowd holding a sign: People at an anti-lockdown protest in Hyde Park (Dominic Lipinski/PA)
© Provided by PA Media People at an anti-lockdown protest in Hyde Park (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

Earlier in the day, the Met said a 38-year-old man was arrested near Embankment on suspicion of a public order offence, while a 37-year-old man was arrested near Trafalgar Square on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly and a public order offence.

The force said both men had been taken into custody as inquiries continue.

Shoppers flocked to high streets and drinkers downed pints as coronavirus restrictions were lifted in England on April 12.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged the nation to “behave responsibly” as indoor gyms, swimming pools, nail salons and zoos welcomed customers back.

a man holding a sign: A protester in Hyde Park (Dominic Lipinski/PA)
© Provided by PA Media A protester in Hyde Park (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

A Government review into “Covid status certification” said they could “potentially play a role” in settings such as theatres, nightclubs and mass events, and might also be used in pubs and restaurants to reduce social distancing restrictions.

The documents would record – either on an NHS app or a paper certificate – whether someone has had a vaccine, a recent negative coronavirus test or natural immunity, having recovered from Covid-19.  Source


At last, some people are waking up to the truth that we are being controlled and that it has nothing to do with any virus. Arguably, the only thing surprising about the violence mentioned in the above report is that it has taken so long.  We’ve published one article after another giving facts and figures to disprove Government claims that lockdowns are necessary; one letter after another sent to various politicians and “experts”, demonstrating that we know they are lying to us about the “cases” and the “deaths” – with none of the recipients ever replying to challenge the data.

So, is today’s lockdown protest in London (and there was another one in Glasgow) likely to prove a turning point?  Will the politicians realise that they are pushing us much too far into totalitarianism, and we ain’t having it?  Or what?

We need to pray urgently for wisdom for our political and religious leaders…  St Thomas More, pray for us.  Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.   

41 responses

    • Westminster Fly,

      I am just open mouthed reading that article. I can’t believe it. A woman who is openly Communist, has been for 40 years and obviously means to use Communist tactics to control us all, that woman is a major adviser to Boris Johnson, through the SAGE committee?! While doctors like Dr Mike Yeadon and others are left out in the cold? She is nothing but a stupid behavioural psychologist, but her advice means more than Dr Yeadon’s? That’s an outrage.

      I hope now that this has been brought out in a major newspaper like the Mail, that more and more people will shake themselves out of their stupor and begin to see that they are being manipulated and brainwashed by a real live Communist, for goodness sake!

      • Josephine it could be worse as far as the Bold Boris goes .After all He may have put one of His Past Girlfriends into a nice little number. Her name. Ghislaine Maxwell ,one can definitely tell lots about a Person by the company they keep. Although i believe his former Girlfriend is incapacitated or incarcerated from being employed by Him. After being thrown to the Wolves as a Sacrifice for the M.S.M. to keep lets just say bigger fish, from getting fried.

    • Westminster Fly,

      That’s truly incredible stuff. I really can’t add to what Josephine has said except that Boris should be out on his ear for allowing a Communist to have such a lot of input into the covid response. As a Conservative you would think he would know better. What a dimwit.

      • Boris is Conservative in name only. And Carrie Symonds runs the Conservative Party, not him. Reform UK are probably more conservative and they’re not perfect.

    • WF,

      Astounding. I see Lockdown Sceptics have included that report in their daily briefing, asking, of course, how that woman ever came to be an adviser to a Conservative Government.

    • Westminster Fly,

      That news is just beyond the pale. An openly Communist behavioural psychologist advising Boris?

      We really should spread this news all over the place. It’s scandalous in the extreme.

    • Westminster Fly,

      I read that a well – that woman is incredibly powerful. It shows that Communist tactics do work.

      • Josephine,

        I agree – it was amazing to read about the search of her baby’s pram for Communist propaganda all those years ago. It is very concerning though that she wasn’t just having a fling with Communism – she’s still dedicated to it!

        When I agreed that Communists were behind this whole covid/lockdown farce, I thought they were all in China – I didn’t realise they were actually advising the Prime Minister at the SAGE meetings!

        • Lily

          I have always maintained that regardless of whether they’re affiliated Tories, Labour, Lib Dem, SNP, Green, or whatever else, behind all of these pretend oppostion names lies a common cultural Marxism.

          Hence, they are all pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, pro-divorce, pro-sex ed, etc., etc., the only difference between them now being their individual fiscal policies. We’re living under a completely godless and corrupt political system presently attempting to supplant democracy with Communist totalitarian rule in our lands by means of a fake inter-party COVID narrative. What their doing is tantamount to a crime against humanity.

      • Josephine,

        Notice that it was Marxists who were searching that pram for “ultra” Communist propaganda. Honestly, they plot (and I do mean “plot”) thickens by the nano-second.

      • They are certainly dedicated. I knew a woman who was a Communist Party member and became a Catholic. She was a good Catholic too. Sadly she is with us no more. But she used to tell us that when she was a Communist she would get out of bed and think ‘what can I do for the Party this day?’ and then do as much as she could. If only we were the same . . . ‘what can I do to promote the full Fatima message this day?’

    • As i never watch the Rotten to The Core BBC or actually any of the other Marxist M.SM.News thats the first time to my shame av heard of this Evil Woman. Although i do read the Daily Mail ( but obviously not enough ) Forby Her terrible Communist tactics Etc ad like to know What Behavior Psychologist She goes to .How do complete useless people such as this get to the Top in Any Profession ,as its certainly not talent, and 100% it certainly aint looks. Surely someone who believes that Were All Created Equal except of course we know that some are More Equal than others. So i guess she belongs in The More Equal Than Others category. Am also sure as She has such communist ideas She surely wouldnt use Her Wealth to get where She is. Of course i could be wrong.

      • FOOF,

        The key strategies used by Communists are discussed on the following video clip. This is a speaker at a Communist conference speaking on the topic, right after Trump was elected. I haven’t watched it right through but from the outset the speaker distorts the reality and speaks about long term planning. That is what we are witnessing now – the virus has given the Communists here the opportunity they have been awaiting to propagandise us and frighten us into submission. And the obedient spirit of the UK population exhibited so far, has been astounding…

      • J.D.,

        How do useless people get to the top? A basic Communist strategy: employ and promote people who will do what they’re told, and who can be controlled by various means, such as money and threats, including blackmail and extortion.

        Case in point: our present Pope, who surrounds himself with homosexuals and crooks for that same strategic reason.

  1. “John Apter, national chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, tweeted: “These officers are just doing a job, they’re somebody’s son, daughter they’re mums and dads. To be targeted in the way they are says a lot about the society we’ve become.”

    Oh, please. Here’s a news flash for this BS artist:

    Shed your crocodile tears somewhere else, Mr. Apter. What about the many mums and dads you’ve arrested and/or brutalized for simply trying to live their lives in the face of these Communist protocols?

    If you’re going to treat innocent people as criminals, and act like vicious thugs in the process, then you fully deserve whatever you get during protests. And in no sense of the word can your behavior be described as “policing.” Let’s try “thuggery.”

    Oh, and speaking of the “society you’ve become,” you and your thugs bear full responsibility for that, since you obey without question the Communist diktats of your Prime Thug, Boris Johnson.

    • Am most certainly not a Violent Man as am too much of a coward for a start but your correct Victor in what comes around goes around. These are the same Polis ( as we call them in the Glasgow Area ) who kneel for Black Lives Matter B.S. yet as soon as its peaceful People trying to get Their and Our points across they want to wade into them with Brute Force. Their used to be Sign in Graffiti near where i used to work which said. Do The Polis A Favor And Kick Your Own ****** In. Sorry for being so blunt but it was true. As far as am concerned they as in The Polis are the same now as they were back then. As Useless As An Ashtray On A Motorbike. I personally done work for a Polis Inspector Years ago it was through His Wife who asked 3 of us to do Lots of Jobs in an Extension getting built to their Very Large House. I had to go under the Floors and into the Attic to do several jobs. His house was like an Aladdins cave with cases of Booze and Cigarettes all over the Attic and under the floors.Al leave it to the imagination of all on here to guess where all the contraband came from. To cut a long story short after the Job was finished he only paid us Half of what we had agreed on and said and i quote. “If any of you get into trouble with IE a speeding charge or Parking Violations. Just call me up and al get it rescinded ” I said to him that We wanted paid for the Job we done. He refused to give us what the Job was worth. I have of course on Occasions had to Contribute to The Local Polis Fund against my Will of course, and again al leave that up to the imagination.As far as am concerned their lets say a Necessary Good or a Necessary Evil ,Depending of course on your experiences with them.All i can say is am glad that their not all armed over here.

      • Editor,

        Just to be clear, I was not advocating for a return to “an eye for an eye,” just pointing out that the more abusive police become, the more likely their victims will respond in kind. It’s human nature.

  2. Yes, I definitely am surprised that it took so long for some violent resistance to what these politicians are police officers are putting us through.

    I completely agree with RCA Victor, that the police have been treating ordinary people like criminals, for doing what we have always done, what was always legal before this tyranny took hold.

    Now we’re treated like children in a playground, allowed to do somethings but not others. On the mainstream media today it’s all about what we are going to be allowed to do (in Scotland) when restrictions are eased tomorrow, emphasising that people might be tempted to go too far! It’s a disgrace. .

    I’d be very surprised if there was no violence at the Glasgow protest yesterday in George Square but there has been nothing reported – which might mean the news has been censored.

    I loved the placards in the London protest – those people have guts. God bless them!

  3. Should have mentioned it in an earlier post, but that no user Boris has some cheek to Tell Us To Act Responsibly. You should look at The Logs in Your Own Eyes Boris before you tell us to look at the Specks in Our Eyes. Maybe you should also ask your own Children of how responsible they think You are. Of course this Post applies to Me also and am well aware ,at least at the moment, of the Log in My Own Eye.

  4. I smiled a wry smile when reading the comments of the national chairman of the Police Federation, saying something to the effect that the police are only trying to do their job in difficult circumstances.

    The truth is a little different to that sob story, however, in that the police have disgraced the uniform and their noble heritage by turning against the people to become a strong arm of a government out of control. The violence and brutality visited upon otherwise law-abiding citizens by the police in order to suppress the right to peaceful demonstration is well catalogued and utterly appalling.

    Since violence begets violence, it stands to reason that eventually, unless this new police state totalitarianism is abandoned with haste, more and more people, frustrated at having lost their jobs, their civil liberties and soon their right to refuse dangerous experimental vaccines, will do whatever it takes to regain their country and their lives from the new Hitlers and Stalins presently in charge.

    Having witnessed the police in action throughout this criminal period of government with its unlawful lockdowns, I have lost all respect for the police. I think the entire force should be cleared out and replaced with freedom-loving patriots who track and punish criminals, not the innocent public.

    • Athanasius,

      I couldn’t agree more about the loss of respect for the police. It will be very difficult for them to change that now. It’s astonishing how quickly they turned on the people. I wouldn’t have believe it if I’d read it in a history book, but seeing is believing.

  5. Yes, 100% spot on. I’ve personally seen PCSO’s (supposedly part of the police force) blatantly turning a blind eye to local students who walked right past them, clearly smoking skunk (strong cannabis – you can smell it for miles around, it’s a disgusting smell – permeates everything), while I’m quite sure the same PCSO’s would be galvanised into action if they saw me trying to get into a supermarket without a mask. I haven’t forgotten that disgraceful video where a policeman brutally assaulted a man on a train despite the man repeatedly saying that he was medically exempt from wearing a mask. The PC even ripped the man’s shirt off. I tried to follow the outcome of that incident, but it went very quiet, which is very suspicious. Obviously a cover-up went on. Was that policeman sacked? I doubt it. The police are a disgrace. But this is nothing new. I worked closely with them years ago and the stories I can tell you . . . but bad as they were back then, I think the more recent intake are even worse. Brainwashed, politically correct agents of the New World Order. Nothing to do with Law and Order.

    • WF,

      I remember that incident on the train, as well, and you are right – these cases just disappear into thin air. Apparently, it’s the same in the USA when a white policeman kills a white suspect. Only makes the headlines when it’s a black suspect and then the police officer is suspended and in some cases, facing prison.

      In terms of the UK police, though, as I’ve just said in reply to Athanasius, it’s astounding how quickly they have turned on the people. I wonder if that came about as a result of the propaganda/fear, or if special “Covid” payments have been made to all those on the “front line” to keep them on message.

  6. I wonder if the UK police have been trained, or were trained during the lead-up to the scam-demic, in the tactics of the Red Chinese police. Their behavior doesn’t seem to be any different from the “People’s Republic” thugs.

    Last year I discovered that the Minneapolis police were trained by the Israelis on how to subdue a suspect, which was why Derek Chauvin had his knee on George Floyd’s shoulder blades.

    Speaking of People’s Republic, it looks like almost all of the West will soon fall under that political category, thanks to well-paid-off and well-controlled “leaders.” Mercenaries all, who care nothing about the destruction of their citizens’ lives, only about their personal fortunes.

  7. I meant to post that I got a kick out of the woman holding the “Blinded by your mind” sign. She looks like something straight out of the 60s – peace, love and beads, baby!

    (As Robin Williams once joked, “If you remember the 60s, you probably weren’t there.”)

    • RCA Victor,

      LOL! That’s what I thought – straight out of a hippy concert!

      I hate to tell you but Robin Williams was wrong – I remember the 60s and I was definitely there, LOL!

  8. I just wish more and more protests would take place because that’s the only chance we have of sending a clear signal that we are not going to accept this horrible “new normal”.

    • Catherine’s request if moving down the sidebar so I’ve popped in just to draw attention to her request.

      If I get time to watch it (and it would be a couple of days at best) I’ll certainly share my thoughts here.

    • Westminsterfly,

      Thank you for posting that! I think I came across that speech many years ago, when I was first learning about the NWO – it parallels exactly the Communist agenda for the USA.

      FYI, Editor had a scholarship problem with Randy Engel in 2008 and uninvited her to a CT conference (and invited me instead – talk about poor judgment!). I don’t recall what the problem was, but I’m sure she’ll pop in any year now to tell us. At any rate, this is a transcription, not original work.

      • RCA Victor,

        “… Editor will pop in any year now…”

        Hilarious! I am SO sorry about my lengthy absences but it’s been one thing after another all week. I’m actually just this minute back at my computer and popping in to say “I AM alive and well” but I had to take a minute to respond to your wit… Priceless.

        Yes, we’d invited Randy to speak about the problem of homosexuality and I think it was at the time when her book Rite of Sodomy had just been published. Whatever, Athanasius checked out some of her claims about certain pre-Vatican II prelates (can’t remember names) and found that they were so poorly documented that they could not be taken at face value. After some discussion with her, asking for more reputable sources, we felt we had to disinvite her because she refused to say anything except that she would answer questions at the conference. I felt bad at having to disinvite her but we couldn’t justify bringing her over on that basis.

        Still, as you indicate, we managed to hook a first class replacement. I’m sure it made your day to find out that a modernist religious Sister who attended said that YOU were her favourite speaker of the day. We knew that the religious life was going downhill, but that still came as a shock 😀

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