19 March 2021: Feast of St Joseph… Patron of a Happy Death, Please Pray for Us!


With so much talk in the news these days about sickness and death, it is perhaps timeous to invoke St Joseph under his title Patron of a Happy Death – meaning, of course, that we are granted the grace of receiving the Last Sacraments before we depart this world.  St Joseph is a very powerful saint and, traditionally believed to have died in the presence of Our Lord and Our Lady, Catholics have always invoked him to obtain for us the same wonderful grace. St Joseph, patron of a happy death, pray for us! 

As always with devotional threads, feel free to post relevant comments, stories, jokes of the “good clean fun variety”, and your favourite prayers and hymns.  

Happy  Feast everyone!  

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  1. Happy Feast of St Joseph, all!

    –A Jesuit, a Dominican, and a Franciscan were walking along an old road, debating the greatness of their orders. Suddenly, an apparition of the Holy Family appeared in front of them, with Jesus in a manger and Mary and Joseph praying over him. The Franciscan fell on his face, overcome with awe at the sight of God born in such poverty. The Dominican fell to his knees, adoring the beautiful reflection of the Trinity and the Holy Family. The Jesuit walked up to Joseph, put his arm around his shoulder, and said, “So, have you thought about where to send him to school?”

  2. DEAR St. Joseph, pure and gentle,
    Guardian of the Saviour child,
    Treading with the Virgin Mother,
    Egypt’s deserts rough and wild.

    Hail, St. Joseph, Spouse of Mary,
    Blessed above all saints on high,
    When the death shades round us gather,
    Teach, oh, teach us how to die.

  3. Happy Feast of St Joseph, everyone.

    St Joseph is one of my favourite saints, so humble yet so powerful in heaven.

    I love the story of the staircase in the chapel in New Mexico. I’ve seen the video posted on this blog more than once. It’s an amazing story..

    • MM,

      I love that story of the miraculous staircase – it’s something that teachers could use to great effect in classrooms. Reading the story and then playing the guessing game to identify the mysterious carpenter is the sort of activity that children love. Then to watch the video – brilliant!

  4. “JESUS! let me call Thee son,
    Since Thou dost call me father;
    How I love Thee, sweetest One,
    My God and son together.”

    Blessed Saint Joseph, to thee do we pray;
    Offer our hearts to thy Jesus today.

    “As my God I Thee adore,
    And as my son embrace Thee:
    Let me love Thee more and more,
    And in my bosom place Thee.”

    Blessed Saint Joseph, to thee do we pray;
    Offer our hearts to thy Jesus today.

    Tune: Ampleforth
    Words: St. Alphonsus. Tr. Fr. E. Vaughan

  5. I thought it would be good to post this prayer to St Joseph – it’s very ancient, 1900 years old and is said to be very powerful.

    A very happy Feast to all CT bloggers.

  6. Some very interesting news; a friend rang me in the early afternoon, and mentioned a special intention which he has been praying about but so far, no news. I reminded him that today this is the Feast of St Joseph, which he’d forgotten so he said he would definitely invoke St Joseph earnestly, since this is a very important intention in his life. Around 5pm I had another call from him, delighted to report that his special intention has now been answered, in the most amazing, sudden, way. So, once again, we have evidence of the great power wielded by St Joseph in Heaven.

    This thread is now closed to comments, with thanks to all who contributed to it.

    St Joseph, pray for us all…

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