Is Pontiff Contradicting Scripture When He Warns of a Second Great Flood? 

ROME — Pope Francis has warned of the possibility of a second great flood, like that of Noah’s time, if humanity fails to address global warming.
Ed: well, that’s not what it says in the Bible. God explicitly rules out destroying the world by flood again, and even sets His rainbow in the sky as a reminder of this agreement – this covenant –  between Him and the earth (Genesis 9:13)    

“God’s wrath is directed against injustice, against Satan,” the pope states in a book titled Of Vices and Virtues due for release Tuesday. “It is  directed  against evil, not that which derives from human weakness, but evil of Satanic inspiration: the corruption generated by Satan.”
Ed: so Satan doesn’t use our human weakness to tempt us to sin – for which we, individually, are  ultimately responsible?  Somebody should have told CS Lewis  – would have saved him wasting time writing that book about the Devil doing exactly that…

“God’s wrath is meant to bring justice, to ‘clean up,’” the pontiff declares in an advance excerpt of the book published by the Italian daily Corriere della Sera Sunday.

“The Bible says that the flood is the result of God’s wrath,” Francis continues. “It is a figure of God’s wrath, who according to the Bible has seen too many bad things and decides to obliterate humanity.”

“The biblical flood, according to experts, is a mythical tale,” the pope states, parenthetically adding his hope that no one writes that “the pope says the Bible is a myth.”

“But myth is a form of knowledge,” he says. “The flood is a historical tale, archaeologists say, because they found traces of a flood in their excavations.”
Ed: oh, well, if archaeologists say it, it must be true.  Actually, one of the gems I’ve never forgotten from my visit to the Holy Land many years ago now, is this:  that every single archaeological discovery made in the Holy Land confirms what we read in Scripture.  To date, I’ve yet to hear the opposite. For a minute there, I thought that was about to change with Papa Francis bandying around that favourite term of the pseudo-scripture scholars- “myth”.   Thankfully, it seems his rambling has led him to the correct conclusion, for once. History has been made, she said, tongue-in-cheek…

“A great flood, perhaps due to a rise in temperature and the melting of the glaciers, is what will happen now if we continue along the same path,” the pope warns.
Ed: if only you would display half as much faith in divine revelation – including  the account of the Great Flood – as you do to Greta Thunberg’s nonsense, you would know that God has promised never to destroy the world by water again – Read Genesis 9:1-17.  Soon. 

“God unleashed his wrath, but he saw a righteous one, took him and saved him,” he says. “The story of Noah demonstrates that God’s wrath is also  alvific.”   

The pope’s new book recounts conversations between the pontiff and Father Marco Pozza, chaplain of the prison of Padua in the north of Italy.

Francis has made care for the environment and opposition to climate change a hallmark of his almost eight-year pontificate, taking to task world leaders who have shown too little resolve in their battle against global warming.
Ed: pity that isn’t his remit.  His remit is to preach Christ, and Him Crucified – not to peddle pseudo-scientific propaganda.

He said last year that it is “evident” that climate change is to blame for a number of humanity’s social ills, as well as disrupting the balance of nature.
Ed: gimme strength.

“It is evident that climate change not only upsets the balance of nature, but causes poverty and hunger, affects the most vulnerable, and sometimes forces them to leave their land,” the pope told a group gathered in the Vatican.
Ed: as intimated above, if this pope would spend half the time reading solid Catholic literature – starting with the Book of Genesis  – that he spends reading climate propaganda, we might begin to hear something from him that points the world to God. Right now, he comes across as merely another climate activist, thus bringing the papal office into disrepute. 

The pope’s audience consisted of participants in a meeting of members of the Laudato Sì community, named after the pontiff’s 2015 encyclical letter on the environment, which bears the same name.
Ed: preaching to the already converted, then. That’s fine.  Keep it that way – the rest of us are not remotely interested. 

“We need a real will to tackle the root causes of the ongoing climate upheavals,” Francis insisted. “Generic commitments are not enough — words, words.”     Source
Ed: well, er… isn’t that what you’ve just done – thrown out some more words, words, words…  What do you want us all to do – stop attending churches (if they ever reopen) to save electricity?  Cancel all choirs, to avoid polluting the air?  What then? 

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  1. It’s actually scary that a pope would not know something in the Bible that is so well known. I’ve heard people who are not even religious speaking about the rainbow and God’s promise not to destroy the world by water again.

    It came up because a friend was asking about that promise a few months ago when there was flooding in England and whole villages were suffering because their businesses and homes were badly affected, more or less destroyed. My friend asked if that didn’t prove that the story of Noah’s ark was not really true.

    I hope I gave the right answer when I said that God’s promise was not to destroy the whole world by water but that doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be floods here and there in the world.

    • Lily,

      That is, indeed, the right answer.

      The climate activist types would argue that God has placed this limitation on himself, that HE won’t actively flood the world again, but if WE carry on (as they see it) damaging the environment, then WE might be responsible for flooding the earth.

      What the Pope should be doing, however, is speaking clearly about the sins which are an offence against God’s natural moral law, now legalised across western societies and regarded as “a good”, instead of speaking about “social ills”.

      That’s all I have time for right now – more later, if required 😀

    • Lily,

      I’ve wondered about that, as well, when I’ve seen people in the likes of York with their homes soaked out and their furniture ruined. They must wonder about that promise, as well, but I agree that it’s different from God himself destroying the earth by flood, and natural flooding of local areas. The climate activists won’t care anyway, they just want to use their climate change claims to introduce green taxes and make life more “green” (i.e. difficult) for us in all sorts of other ways.

      • Am not saying that people being flooded out of their homes is not disastrous but it went on for Many Years where Greedy Builders and Corrupt Politicians gave them Land ( for a price of course ) to Build on Flood Plains .Of course I only know of such in Britain . Actually am sure that Large Houses were due to be built near the Clyde on a Flood Plain at Bothwell . People got lucky for just before the Build was due their was a Flood .Of course the Land soaked it up .There has of course been other Land Disasters because the Land wasn’t maintained properly . The terrible fires last year in California being just one example . Just a Postscript on Francis . Ad bet my Grannies Pension Book that he never said anything to The Chinese who are going to build 100s of Super Coal Fired Power Stations in the next few years . BTW that 100s ,or does their Coal not give off Smoke .

    • Lily,

      Your answer to your friend makes sense to me. God cannot contradict himself and we are taught that Scripture is both without error and infallible, so God will not break his promise. There has to be another answer to localised flooding and I think that is explained by local weather protective systems.

  2. I don’t this Pope Francis thinks before he speaks, at all. He probably doesn’t link up what is actually in the bible about the great flood, he just thinks it can be applied to the climate change message.

    Horror of horrors, he is thinking of coming to Glasgow for the climate conference next November.

    It will be pandemonium enough in the city at that time, without a pope around, as well. It’s a wonder he didn’t invite them to hold it in Rome.

    • Fidelis,

      Why is Glasgow hosting a climate change conference? That seems an odd choice (no offense intended, Glaswegians…). Was he invited by the Scotland Bishops’ Conference?

    • Fidelis,

      I heard that the Pope was maybe coming to Glasgow for the climate conference – God help us all if that happens. I agree about the pandemonium in the city – it’s incredible that he would even think of doing that.

  3. Leave it to the vaccinated (?) Francis to threaten us with another great flood if we don’t cast incense before the fake climate change crisis that he and his globalist handlers are pushing. But I suppose that’s his role in the NWO: add some sort of pseudo-religious dimension to the peddling of the snake oil.

    Watch out, Pope Francis: you’re actually dipping your toe in the waters [pun intended] of a “hellfire and damnation” sermon!

    This reminds me of one of my sons, who likes to talk about “pole shift” flooding and the “new map of the [flooded[ United States afterwards. Actually, this latest Francis stupidity might be a good sign: perhaps the globalists are afraid that their phony “narrative” is losing traction…time to call in the Bishop Dressed in White…

    Oh, and since God’s wrath is directed against injustice and evil, it seems to me that Francis had better watch his back…

  4. If Pope Francis comes to Glasgow to attend that climate conference, it will be a huge scandal.

    The Church in Glasgow (and the rest of Scotland) is falling to bits in the sense of falling attendance (prior to the lockdown) and all the scandals we have endured, so if he comes at all, he should come to fix the Church not the climate!

  5. Really I Honestly think its time to throw in the towel on this Man hes getting worse by the Day . Its been said on here and on other good Catholic Sites to pray for his conversion . When did Catholics have to Pray before for a Pope to be converted to Catholicism .But its also been said lots of times that He doesn’t know Scripture and this is just another example . As for the Great Flood ,if he actually read some evidence of it He should know that their are Fish Fossils on Mountains . That Chariot Wheels were actually found in The Red Sea . He talks of Noah but does he believe in Genesis, as He has talked about the Big Bang . But then again this Man has talked about nearly everything except what He is supposed to talk about . As one good Christian Man an EX Atheist who worked for NASA says . Their are Two and only Two Beliefs . Biblical and Non Biblical which one do you choose Francis .

    • Faith of our Fathers,

      You’d need to be careful where you threw that towel in case it damaged the environment, LOL!

      • Nice one Lily .Certainly cannot throw it into the Clyde as am sure if this Climate Change Garbage goes ahead in Glasgow their will be Special Climate Change Polis . Am sure Patrick Harvie being the Head of The Green Party will see to that . But shock horror what will he do about Pope Francis .


    I’d love to die a Catholic
    With no feeling of compulsion,
    Now with all those closet Marxists
    Who will give me Extreme Unction;
    I can’t see any global warming
    Real thermometers don’t lie,
    Let’s see the readings of the Great
    Meteorologist in the sky.

    The atheistic Shellenhuber
    Wrote the Green Encyclical,
    Made sure no Climate Realists
    To show his science was farcical;
    He would stop the masses breeding
    The lower classes he would bilked,
    Like his Nazi hero Malthus
    He would not wish it on his ilk.

    For years it has been obvious
    Our Mother Church is in decline,
    To stop the rot Pope Francis
    Has asked for help from Naomi Klein;
    A well known Jewish Communist
    Who spouts the parables of Marx,
    The Pope should be preaching gospels
    We know as Matthew Luke and Marks.

    The New World Order plan completed
    With all the major players on board,
    We must make the whole world equal
    With energy we can’t afford;
    We will stop the world revolving
    Let’s kick away the lowest rung,
    Make sure the poor of Africa
    Continue cooking with dried dung.

    • Patrick,

      Apart from only being able to understand poems which rhyme 😀 I don’t always get the details in poetry, such as who are the real people and who are the “poetic licence” types!

      Thank you for your wonderful efforts, but if you want to have a sensible response from me and moi, best to stick to boring old prose. 😀

  7. God provided resources for all our needs and now He`s angry because we had the cheek to use them.

    So what`s next on Pope Francis` mind? Handing in our baptismal certificates to the bishops `palaces` in exchange for ration books?

    How does he explain The Flood well before industrial revolutions and only a scattering of people, I would imagine anyway, around the world?

    Maybe turning off the floodlights which are the latest craze around our churches and open the doors during the day would be a step in the right direction.

    The Pope`s next encyclical should have an english heading, entitled, Get Wired into the Rosary.

    • Frankier,

      Your opening sentence says it all!

      I was just thinking, all we need now is for Joe Biden to say he wants to attend the climate conference but that’s fine, his dithering wouldn’t make him stand out among Scotland’s politicians, LOL!

      • MM,

        No! That really IS all we’d need – Joe Biden to turn up. A friend yesterday said he’d heard that Trump was coming, but I think that’s a wind-up!

        The benefit for Biden is that a climate change conference (especially in Scotland, at this time) is the one place on earth that his dithering definitely would NOT make him stand out, as you say – he would blend in perfectly!

  8. June 17 the Grand Minimum sun has started and will end 2070. The same thing happen near 1700s the degrees drop very low, it was called a little ice age. Bible end days the sun will turn dark. This Grand Minimum has no sun spots, The effect is one degree down every five years and many volcano could blow up with ash around the world and cooling even more. Jerry

    • Jerry,

      I’ve never heard of “the Grand Minimum sun” – may I ask (since this is your first contribution on this blog) if you are a Catholic?

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