Biden, Democrats, Buyer’s Remorse: The State of the (United) States – Troubling…

Democrats continue to dramatize the events from January – instilling a sense fear from ‘far-right’ groups – but are their actions hypocritical? Rob Schmitt examines the insanity – via Newsmax TV’s ‘Rob Schmitt Tonight.’  Entertaining! 

And in the clip below …. Buyer’s Remorse…


The above clips reveal only a fraction of the available evidence that the new Democrat administration is leading America well and truly astray. 

Joe Biden is recorded on film struggling to pronounce words, and forgetting simple information – it’s incredible.  I dare say some of those clips will show up in the comments, but for now, the question has to be this:  is it even remotely surprising that voters are suffering “buyer’s remorse” now that they see the new Democrat administration at work?

The Democrats seem to be hard at work all right, but they’re working to destroy America, led by the “devout Catholic” Biden.  So “devout” that he doesn’t even adhere to the basic moral law but endorses (and funds) the murder of babies, both unborn and newly born. So “devout” that he is restoring the Chinese Communist dictatorship to a place of privilege at the “White House table”, so to speak.   

Is there any way on God’s green earth that this administration will enjoy blessings from Heaven?   

“Buyer’s remorse”?  What about the remorse that Catholics and other alleged Christians who voted for this man should be feeling. Shouldn’t they be feeling particularly “remorseful” aka troubled, aka deeply guilty? 

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  1. ED I don’t know if you seen the Moslem Leading Off Prayers in The Senate with that Horrible Pelosi behind him . Am sorry I don’t know which News Outlet it was on as I deleted it ASAP . Buyers remorse of that I know not for Both You and I know that President Trump won that Election by Millions of Voters . Of course they as in the Chinese Especially could not have pulled this Coup off if so called Catholics had not Voted for Biden. As for the Rats keeping on about the so called Riot in D C . These Reprobates have nothing good in them . They have Nothing good to do so they have just got to keep digging up what we know is also False so called White Supremacy. As for the Video above the Final Comment is so Apt ” Well Guys You Weren’t Warned ” Anything that I have missed on Biden am sure Francis will keep me updated. BTW ED i don’t know if you’ve heard but the Word going around Facebook is that Our Own Pope Francis is coming to Glasgow to ( wait for it. ) give a Talk on Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever that has nothing to do of course with Catholicism. Have You Heard Anything About it Yourself.

    • FOOF,

      Yes, I’ve heard that Papa Francis is thinking about coming to Glasgow for the Climate Change Conference – not that he was being invited to speak, God help us all. Still, as long as he doesn’t decide to stay as the new Archbishop I’ll be happy. 😀 Seriously, the man can hardly do more to bring the papacy into disrepute, but will you leave off this topic for now, please because when it is officially announced, I’ll launch a thread.

      For how, will you please tell me if you laughed as heartily as I did at the first video above, where the presenter mocks the idea that the break-in at the capitol building was an “insurrection” – I think it’s hilarious; what say you?

  2. I think the Armed Insurrection video is really funny – I laughed my head off! The young presenter is excellent.

    There’s plenty of footage showing Joe Biden is seriously in cognitive decline. The media try to claim that it’s because he’s always had a stutter but that’s not true. There’s footage showing him speaking fluently as a young man, so his stumbling with words and forgetfulness is obviously something quite serious.

    So, yes, it’s very troubling that the leader of the free world is clearly not in full control of himself, and suffering serious mental health problems.

  3. The latest fake story a huge embarrassment for the media and for the left? Sorry, Rob Schmitt, you don’t understand Communists. Nothing, but absolutely nothing is an embarrassment to them. If one of their lies is exposed they just ignore the exposition, try to punish or at least smear those who have done the exposing, and move on to the next lie. In other words, it does no good to correct the lies of Communists. The only way to deal with them is to put them in jail.

    As for the “insurrection,” I read that Pelosi is calling for a “Commission” to investigate – you know, like the Commission that “investigated” the assassination of JFK, and concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, firing from the 6th floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository.

    And speaking of Nancy Pelosi, it turns out that Special Forces troops were among the Antifa leaders of the “insurrection,” and those troops obtained one or more of Pelosi’s laptops. No wonder she’s so desperate to create a cover story!

    Finally, there is a video on the Richardson Post website that analyzes the shooting/”murder” of Ashli Babbitt during the “insurrection,” which claims that it was staged, complete with fake blood.

    • RCA Victor,

      It may not be embarrassing to them if they have no consciences, but it is definitely embarrassing and even Communists know they have to do cover-ups, as the Chinese President shows when he spoke about “cultural differences” to explain his murderous regime’s use of “re-education” camps and brutality. The TV presenter can’t put them in jail so I think he did a brilliant job of exposing the media/democrat nonsense about an insurrection that never was, LOL! I’m still laughing at the way he said everything e.g. “they didn’t see that coming” (that the majority of the crowd stood outside the building doing nothing!)

      I don’t believe for a minute that the death of Ashi Babbi was staged with fake blood. That sounds like the kindof thing you read on some of the “way out” websites, where they think everything’s been staged. I never visit them but I have friends who do. These websites make claims that are so easily disproved. For example, Ashi Babbi’s mother would have something to say about it if her daughter had been used in that way, her daughter having been a Trump supporter, MAGA cap and all. She wasn’t killed by a Trump supporter, though, that’s now clear.

      Pelosi wants a Commission like the 9/11 Commission but there’s no need for a Commission, she’s just trying to keep the pot boiling, as if it was a real insurrection, stupid woman. Rob Schmitt shows that it was a tiny minority of people who went into the building that day – it’s really no big deal.

      • Josephine,

        The video analysis of the shooting of Ashli Babbitt was linked on the Richardson Post website, which is very good and has consistently intelligent commentary and analysis. It is not a “way out” site at all. In fact, it was recommended by one of the newer bloggers here – might have been Warydoom but I’m not sure.

        (One of the points made at the end of the video, I believe, was to see if we could find an obituary for Babbitt…and if Ashli Babbitt was a crisis actor, then she wasn’t being “used” – she volunteered.)

        If I remember correctly, the site owner posted it with the comment that he found the analysis convincing, but that we should decide for ourselves. I watched the video myself, and it went by too quickly for my aging brain to keep up with it, but it did indeed make the event look very suspicious. My main complaint with it was that it went by much too fast.

        As for Communists having no conscience, yes, their behavior is certainly embarrassing to people who have a conscience, but that doesn’t seem to put a dent in the progress of their wicked plans, or their individual wickedness.

        Your example of the Chinese cover-up proves my point: they have to cover and explain their lies with more lies to maintain their credibility. In fact, they are so depraved I even doubt whether they have any credibility among themselves! They probably have internal contests to see which of them can come up with the most outrageous lies.

        • RCA Victor,

          I just could not watch much of that video let alone watch it to the end – I’d need a week in a dark room to recover. Much too fast-movement and much too fast-talking. I’m now nursing a headache, so keep an eye out for that lawyer’s letter. I take it you’ve never been sued before? 😀

          And since the makers of the video are questioning everything in sight, we, surely, have to question whether the video is recording what actually happened or whether the video creators are not also creating their own (what’s that daft word they keep using these days… Oh yes..) narrative. That is, how do we know the video is real? Maybe they’ve doctored their video to make people say what they want them to say – it’s all so fast-moving that anything is possible. See what I mean? Once we go down that road, we just keep going round in circles. I prefer to take everything, or nearly everything, at face value and then if there is some other, even more sinister explanation, it will come out in due course. But not through some of these (insert preferred adjective) websites 😀

          It’s obvious that there were people there who were paid to protest, as the Antifa people have been paid to protest in the various towns and cities all last summer. I believe there was an Antifa protester at the January 6 protest, who later admitted that he was with Antifa and had gone there to make things look bad for Trump. So, that’s not exactly a revelation.

          As you know, I avoid the often extreme claims made by some on all matters these days – I’m still getting emails, for example, from those who continue to believe that Pope Benedict is still the pope. As if that would be much better than what we’ve got right now. No thanks, I’ll wait for a real improvement! In short, the truth is bad enough on all fronts without these websites adding confusion to the chaos.

          • Editor,

            I agree that the video analysis was way too fast-moving to follow, esp. for a slow-moving guy like me. Or was that slow-thinking?

            That said, however, I just decided to scan the comments below the video, and there are two from people who seem qualified to call “foul” on the shooting. Here are some excerpts:

            “I was a volunteer EMT for two years. I’m sorry, there is just too much chaos. The police would normally move people away from the fallen people before bringing us in and keeping others away to keep the crime scene intact, so that it can be photographed… especially if someone died…The guy doing CPR isn’t doing it correctly. Your heart is in the middle of your chest (a little to the left) not above your left boob and he’s not counting as he presses, there is a rhythm to performing CPR. Five presses and stop breath 5 times in their mouth and back to CPR. He NEVER once takes his back pack off or offer her any aid, he didn’t even put gloves on…They would NEVER pick a person who was injured and carry her downstairs like that… that’s a no-no.”

            And a second one: “I’m a registered nurse, but I don’t think it takes one to know that chest compressions aren’t done on people who are awake with their eyes open.”

            Someone also commented that she was pronounced dead inside the building, but was wheeled out on a gurney with her eyes open!


            • RCA Victor,

              I struggled to follow that fast moving video but the comments you have quoted are very interesting. Maybe there’s more to come on this, after all.

      • Josephine,

        I just tried to find an article about the funeral and burial of Babbitt, but all I can find is memorials…even a gushing one at The Gateway Pundit which, in my opinion, was way over the top.

        See if you can find an actual funeral and burial notice (if you have nothing better to do). And don’t use Google!

    • RCA Victor,

      I’m surprised that you don’t seem too keen on Rob – didn’t you laugh at his depiction of the alleged “armed insurrection”? Shows the Democrats to be utterly ridiculous in their repeated use of the term “insurrection”. Rob really does expose that nonsense brilliantly.

      I hope you’re not going to say a bad word about Rob – he’s almost up there with Columbo in my book… Well, not to exaggerate, with Chris Salcedo 😀

      • Editor,

        Rob was fine, as far as he went, but conservative media commentators always seem to stop at a certain level and never go deeper. For example, everyone on the conservative side of the aisle is mourning Rush Limbaugh over here, but I stopped listening to him years ago because he never talked about the root of the problem – the secular root, anyway, let alone the spiritual root! It was always politics, politics, politics, and not “who’s pulling the strings?”

        • RCA Victor,

          I’m afraid I take that failure to get to the roots of the worldwide crisis at the moment, as a given. Few, certainly in the media, comprehend the enormity of it – when was the last time you heard Fatima mentioned in the mainstream media, by any priest or bishop? We can hardly blame the ordinary presenter in the TV studio when those who DO know what lies at the heart of the Covid/World crisis, keep silent on the subject. Assuming that there are some, albeit very few, who are not suffering the blindness which has overcome the majority of clergymen, who really do NOT see the link between Fatima and what is happening across the world today.

          Chris Salcedo of NewsmaxTV is one of the few who frequently points to the danger posed by China to the world. However, he, too, seems to be totally unsuspicious about the vaccine. Incredible.

          Even President Trump and his wife have had the vaccine, and the TV outlets such as NewsmaxTV speak about the vaccine as if it’s the best thing since sliced bread. That is something which just amazes me.

          How can President Trump not know that it’s just not possible to produce a safe, tried and tested vaccine, within a few months?

  4. As for “buyer’s remorse,” I’m not buying it (without remorse….). First of all, this is not a “Biden” administration: it is Barack Hussein Obama’s third term, which was intended for Hillary in 2016, and which was intended to finish off America. Trump got in the way for four years, so we’re on a slightly delayed schedule, but back on course in a big way.

    I am quite sure, in other words, that the slick homosexual “married” to a transgender freak is the man behind the curtain directing traffic (and Soros is in turn directing him). Biden is too stupid and too deteriorated mentally to have any clue as to what he’s doing. In fact, that stack of executive orders he signed each had a little card on them telling him what he was signing!

    As for leftists complaining that they aren’t getting what they want, this is always what leftists do: it’s called in-fighting. But I suspect most of it is staged. Remember when AOC, the nut job freshman representative from New York, was ostracized for her scarcely believable stupidity and radical leftist Green New Deal agenda? Abracadabra, that Green New Deal is now the key part of the plank of the DemocRAT Party.

    • RCA Victor,

      I understood “buyer’s remorse” to mean those who voted for Biden are now regretting it. It doesn’t matter about the behind the scenes politics – if you are informed you know that Obama is behind Biden, but those who voted and now see what a clown he is and how damaging his policies are, regret voting- that’s what I took it to mean.

      • Josephine,

        I do know what the journalist was getting at when he called it buyer’s remorse, but as I already said, I’m not buying that theory. There may be a few DemocRATS and RINOs who are regretting it (though I’m sure they were pleased that their ballots were counted at least 10 times each…), but I think the vast majority of those who voted for him are perfectly fine with destroying America. A handful of Tweets doesn’t make a movement.

  5. Victor Thank You for calling out those Horrible Obama Men for what they Really are . Even overhere amongst Supposedly Good Catholics when I called out Michael Robinson for what He was People said that the Obama Man who went Sometimes by the name Michelle was a Beautiful Woman. I knew and am sure you did also that from the very Beginning the Whole Family thing was Queer. They always go on about Genders but not as far as their so called Daughters which was easy to count up . 100 plus 50 divided by 2 does not equal 100 and am sure you know what I mean by those figures. Of course they eventually said their so called Daughters were adopted. It’s also Funny how on You Tube you cannot even come across anything of the Transgender Obama funny that isn’t it . Joan Rivers ( probably amongst many others ) paid the ultimate price for calling these Perverted Deviant Reprobates out for what they really are ,Pure Evil. Now their set again as you say through Soros and other Satanists to completely Finnish their Evil Agenda . I said it many Times on Many Blogs . It’s no wonder that President Trump had the White House Exorcised when those 2 Obama Men left . Imagine the Evil that must have Lingered in any Room that those Two Slept in . I just hope and Pray that the American People can see through all of this Charade before it’s too Late . Also as far as that New Green Deal backed of course by Our so called own Pope Francis ,the recent weather in Texas told us all what even an 8 Year Old Child Knows. You can Store Oil . Gas . and Coal. You cannot To my limited knowledge Store Wind . Although am sure as you so Rightly call that A.O.C. Nut Job would actually argue against that . God Bless. James.D.

    • Faith of our Fathers,

      Do you have a link to a reputable newspaper which reports that the Obama children are adopted? I never heard that before, and all the claims about Michelle being transgender have come from “way out” websites, as far as I know. I prefer reliable sources, so anything you can provide, will be good although if it’s off topic and not allowed, just leave it.

      • Josephine as I said above You will not find any News Reports ( especially on You Tube ) about the Horrible Obamas. As for their Adopted Daughters that was all set up to give the Expression of a Loving Normal Family. Their were various You Tube Sites in Pre LGBTQ2WXYZ. Rule Times that called out the one called Michelle as Michael Robinson their were also Photographs of Him and the Obama one called Barry in Africa one which I still have when He / She was going through so called transition. Also as I said above ( but made a Mistake I should have said Race ) Barry is 50 %White The one called Michelle is 100 % Black . Both of their Children are 100 % Black that just doesn’t add up . If their Daughters were adopted and their were no Lies fair enough but they are both Evil. I also have a Photograph of Barry speaking on a Catholic Campus ( I think it’s Notre Dame ) and behind him is The Crucified Christ of which on HIS Orders was Covered Up . Barrack to give Him His stage name was also speaking in Public and said ” Michael and I are grateful ” Etc . I NEVER in my Lifetime Ever called a Woman. Either Mother . Wife . Sister or Cousin by a Mans Name. I could go on but NOW that would be my own view because as I said everything about the 2 of them is covered up . This would still not matter if they were Honest and Good Human Beings. They are neither and what got me Looking at them as So Called Man and Wife was Barry,s obsessed push for everything Transgender. I E Transgender Toilets in all Schools and the Final Nail was Barry asking President Putin at a World Summit ” What are you doing about the LGBTQ2WXYZ ” President Putin looked at Him as if to say ” are you for real ” Obama had Zero Respect with Leaders around the World. Maybe Sturgeon was the exception. BTW the reason I call Him Barry is that is his real name . Barry Sotero,of course I doubt that you’ll find anything as such now on any Google Search . Maybe Victor can fill in any other doubts about the Obamas. But as I said . All You Tube and all news outlets are now well wiped off the WEB a little bit like the way Poor Joan Rivers went .

  6. Sorry Josephine I also should have asked You what is now a Reputable News Station or Newspaper. I cannot now recall any Reputable News Station such as say the BBC were 50 Years ago . Their is now not 1 Newspaper I read that can be believed, as most of the so called News is Leftist Garbage. As for any Mainstream News Outlets in the U.S.A i don’t believe their is 1 even Fox News cannot now be trusted to tell the real Truth. Al ask Victor again if he can name any as the only ones I take for Truth are Life Site News ,Newsmax , and The Remnant.

    • Faith of our Fathers,

      I don’t mean a paper with a good reputation! I used the wrong word there, you are right, but I would expect news like that to be in one of the mainstream papers. There’s nothing wrong with adopting children, that’s why I would be surprised if it’s not mentioned in the press somewhere. It’s actually very praiseworthy, so I don’t see any reason not to publicise it.

  7. Lily am just after reading that article and there is nothing but Shock in it . The only Excuses I could give here ( and its very lame ones ) is theres either a Gun at his Head – Hes now more Senile than Biden himself . When are we ,or will we now hear anything Faithful from Rome .It really is becoming absolutely inexcusable . God Help Our Church .

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