England: Restrictions to Ease Soon? Scotland Calling… Earth to Nicola… 


Looks like some temporary relief is on the horizon for our cousins south of the border, if only because – according to Steve Baker MP – Easter is a very busy time for the hospitality sector, pubs and restaurants… Er, churches tend to be pretty busy around Easter as well, coincidentally, would you believe. The Bishops must, without any hesitation, announce the re-opening of churches without consulting either Government officials or the virus. God will take care of both.

So, here we have Steve Baker MP in very optimistic mood, talking as if the English population is possibly going to have their freedoms handed back in the near future.  Really?  I wonder if they will be accepting asylum seekers from Scotland… Nicola, are you listening? 

Elsewhere on talkRADIO this morning, we heard Peter Hitchens reminding us that, having handed over our freedom, we won’t be getting it back.  He did say that there would be (as has been the case to date) some easing of restrictions, a certain amount of freedom permitted and then there will be another fear-filled reason why we need to have the restrictions imposed yet again, if not another full-blown lockdown. 

So, who do you think is closer to the truth – Peter Hitchens or Steve Baker MP?   

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  1. Pardon me for being cynical, but I have to wonder if the bishops remember what they are supposed to be doing after all this self-imposed lockdown. I suspect they would rather frequent the “hospitality sector” than to re-open the “Holy Sacrifice of the Mass” sector.

    I don’t know anything about Steve Baker MP, but I would hazard a wild guess that Peter H. is much closer to the truth. “One step forward, two steps backward” is the Communist M.O.

    • RCA Victor,

      I think your guess is correct. Today’s Daily Mail shows Boris is shifting the goal posts once again, and in doing so he is dismissing the vaccine, LOL!

      The vaccine was supposed to be the “be all and end all” – once that was rolled out, the end would be in sight. I’m afraid the end is never going to be in sight, at least not until the consecration of Russia has happened.

      • Lily,

        “until the Consecration of Russia” is correct. What we are seeing unfolding around us is definitely a major part of the chastisement of which we were forewarned at Fatima. Communism has spread, as we were told it would, by Our Lady, and until the Pope does what she requested because, obviously, that is God’s will then this is how we will be living. All and anything we do, will be by permission of the Government. Communism.

        We’ve yet to get to the bit – as revealed by the World Economic Forum – where we will “own nothing and be happy about it”, but that can’t be far off now, given the economic devastation brought about by these lockdowns.

        • I have hit upon this website. What do you think? I can’t say I have come across anything that I would argue with about ; at least on topics I know enough about.

        • “until the Pope does what she requested ”
          Francis never will do it ; but if Benedict is the true Pope ( From Rome website), would it be possible and would he be willing?
          Maybe I’m asking a silly question since I know nothing about the Church’s protocols , but just asking.

          • Mary,

            No. Francis is the duly elected and received pope, bad as he is – undoubtedly the worst ever pope in the history of the Church. God will make clear His plans in due course.

    • RCA Victor,

      Sadly, you may well be right about the bishops and the hospitality sector. I can tell you this, by the time they’ve read our March newsletter, they’ll be needing a strong drink! By exception, we will be sending each of the bishops a copy – they were removed from the mailing list on the occasion of our 100th edition, in the spirit of taking care of those pearls and not throwing them around…(Matthew 7:6)…

      And, having read the Daily Mail report linked by Lily, I think it’s a very safe bet to say that none of us will need to seek asylum in England. We’re in this craziness for the long-term.

  2. It might be useful to listen to the Mike Graham interview with Peter Hitchens which was broadcast yesterday. His take on the ending of lockdown contrasts starkly with Steve Baker’s optimism which, as we can see from the Daily Mail report linked in Lily’s post, is certainly looking more like baseless optimism that any well-founded hope, sorry to say. Anyway, here’s yesterday’s interview on the Mike Graham Show, featuring Peter HItchens. You can decide for yourselves…

  3. Peter Hitchens is right. Surely we all by now recognise Tory posturing for what it is, and know better than to believe a word coming from ANY Tory MP.
    Steve Baker, Mogg and their like are posturers, not genuine at all. Or too cowardly to really oppose any of this evil. That’s why Mogg doesn’t get castigated by the marxist media; because he’s no threat to the marxist cause. He says one thing and does/goes along with the opposite. (eg re civil liberties, the Brexit “Withdrawal” “Agreement,” and I believe his position on abortion.
    No, unless we push back this tyranny by civil disobedience, we will indefinitely be like a dog on a cruel leash being tormented by having the leash eased for a short while, then tightened further, and so on, to and fro. Its all part of the mental conditioning to make us feel helpless,

    • Re Mogg; his latest biggest whopper was to say, quite recently, that BoJo was totally opposed all curtailments of civil liberties, or words to that effect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mary,

        “BoJo” – LOL! Editor could be jealous of your American-style abbreviations. That is, unless BoJo is Boris Johnson’s Masonic Lodge code name…

        • RCA Victor,

          BoJo is the tried and tested abbreviation for Boris Johnson. I don’t use it because it might be interpreted as affection, and at this point in time, “affection” is not in my political lexicon. Trust me. What IS in my political lexicon would win me jail time 😀

          • Re the BoJo abbreviation: my feelings about him are the diametric opposition of affection (I didn’t know it had that connotation). I used the abbreviation out of laziness, fewer key depressions.

    • Mary,

      Your final sentence says it all, really, that is what they are up to – making us feel helpless and speaking for myself, it’s working.

      I also agree about Mogg, Baker etc. I thought when I watched Baker in the interview up top that he is trying to get into the same grouping as MPs like Desmond Swayne and Charles Walker who have been much praised online for their speaking out for our freedom in Parliament and on Talk Radio – that’s all it is, IMHO. He is playing both sides to keep on the winning side. In the end, he can say he supported the government’s measures, was cautious but also spoke out for liberty. Makes me sick.

  4. Professor Robert Dingwall while being interviewed on TalkRadio mentions Covid19 passports. I wondered just when this kind of passport would be mentioned. I dread this consequences if it were implemented.

    I agree with Peter Hitchens – ‘Once you give your freedom over, you won’t be getting it back’.

  5. Just a quick note in passing: I believe it was Warydoom who posted a link to a 2-hr video on another thread, with an intro by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., covering every aspect of this scam. One of them, which we actually learned of early on from another doctor, was that no virus has ever been isolated and identified, and that the virus they are claiming as deadly is actually a computer stitch-up. Another is that the “vaccine” will not protect you from any computer-generated virus – a fact which the mouthpieces of evil have admitted in their devious, roundabout way.

    Same old tricks: “climate change” hysteria is based on computer models as well, no?

    I forget where the link was, but it was on the Children’s Defense Fund website. Meanwhile, I can confirm that I am a real person, not a computerized aggregation of bytes and bits.

    • RCA Victor,

      You are correct – this virus has not been isolated using the normal procedure – Koch’s tests or whatever it’s called: which begs the question, why on earth not?!

  6. This is an interview on the Mike Graham Show earlier today – Mike is quite comical in this interview, more than I’ve seen him before. At one point, when the name of the disgraced and discredited Neil Ferguson is mentioned (in the context of him STILL being invited onto TV programmes at Sky and the BBC) Mike points out that he has been wrong about everything so far and now it seems he doesn’t even know how to resign properly! Hilarious. This interview is yet another example, though, of the way those with public platforms on radio just keep on failing to address the real question which is, this is not about any virus… what is going on here?!” Anyway, watch this for the laughs and tell me if you disagree – DO they really, in their heart of hearts, know perfectly well that this is not about any virus? Am I being too hard on them?

  7. Theresa Rose posted the comments and video below on the Vexatious Vaccine thread, but I think it’s worth posting here, as well.

    Madeleine Stone, is a legal and policy officer specialising in emergency powers. In a few short minutes she talks of ‘5 things you need to know about the UK’s Current Lockdown.

    1. Excessive policing. 2. Online Censorship. 3. Protest bans. 4. A Digital Coup.
    5. Vaccine Passports.

    Scary stuff about the collection of information on any giving individual – especially digital information, and that is as yet without the digital chip placed into your body at sometime in the future.

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