Pope Francis Breaks With Tradition To Comply With Feminist Ideology…


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(1)      Scandalous.
2)     Sister? Humility? Why don’t you start by wearing your habit?
3)     When she says humility, she means Pride…Opposite world we live in now.

Add your comment below – do you, for example, see this as an attack on the priesthood? As a belittlement of  women’s central place in marriage and family life;  does it appear to approve the culture that all women must have a career, that  motherhood/family life are not of sufficient value? What then? 

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  1. He has apparently given her voting rights in the Synod as well. It’s his way of creating the first unofficial female bishop. There’s something very seriously amiss with this man!

        • RCAVictor

          Yes, it does. Let’s go for “amis(ter)” instead – that way we’ve covered everything except hermaphrodite!!

            • RCAVictor

              I still can’t believe that Congressmen and women actually said that at the end of a prayer. How thick are these people?

              • Athanasius,

                I think the 8 years of the Obama regime really emboldened these freaks. After all, when you have a Muslim homosexual “married” to a transvestite living in the White House, everything is fair game – especially Western Civilization.

                If Donald Trump ever makes it back to his rightful office, Mrs. Trump should probably have the place exorcised once more.

  2. I agree with the three comments in the introduction – if this pope had any sense at all, he would at the very least pick a nun who wears a habit, not a modernist, but then maybe the habit-wearing nuns wouldn’t accept (I hope!)

    It is a real scandal – this pope is beyond belief. It is amazing, all the same, to see how God works things so that his promise to be with his Church till the end of time, is not broken. I read ages ago that it was the same modernist thinking that prevented Pope John XXIII from making Vatican II binding on the consciences of Catholics that means anything in it does not break the continuity of Tradition. I think it’s the very same with Pope Francis. He is a modernist to his core so he won’t think of making anything binding, so all that he is doing is just superficial, political stuff.

    Which means – I hope and suppose – that the next pope will be able to remove this nun from her post. I can’t wait for this Church crisis to be over, even more than I can’t wait for lockdowns to be over! A new pope who sets about restoring the Church would be fantastic – and not just for Catholics. The whole world would benefit, IMHO.

  3. I think this is an attack on the priesthood. I went to see if I could find out more about her I’ve just started watching this Taylor Marshall video about this nun, so I thought I would post it here because it looks good. He’s going to look at who she is and why she’s been given this post, and other questions

    • Lily,

      I don’t usually watch Taylor Marshall because his videos are very lengthy, but I’m making an effort with this one. I’ve seen around a quarter of it and it is proving to be very useful – if only to learn about this new Order. Very much in tune with that much lauded “spirit of Vatican II” – that is, the more worldly, the better.

      So, thank you for posting – I will watch the rest later today.

  4. I thought this nun’s speech was as incoherent as the usual fare from Francis, but it doesn’t really matter. She covered all the right feminist, modernist buzzwords. If Francis is a Trojan Horse, then this nun is a Trojan Mare. I agree that the real target is the priesthood – isn’t that always Satan’s target?

    It is one more defeat for the Church and one more victory for feminism and the New World Order Communists who conceived it. Will this revolution go so far that we barely recognize the Church, as Our Lord was barely recognizable after His tortures?

    • RCA Victor,

      I don’t remember the Sister speaking at all – how could I have missed that?

      Yes, I definitely think the target for the next Synod – into which she will have input – is the priesthood.

      God help those priests who are trying their best to live faithful lives in accordance with their vocation. With a pope like this, they certainly don’t need (other) enemies.

  5. This is a great Video and O so Truthful. Av said on here before that it was Basically this Site that led me to the Traditional Latin Mass and as I listened to this Man he makes it so clear . You are basically either a Modernist who really believes in Nothing, or your a Catholic who believes in unbroken Teaching ,since Our Lord Jesus Christ. I must confess I did not know when attending the Novus Ordo Mass the Scandal ( if that’s the correct word ) of Eucharistic Ministers especially women ones and of receiving Communion in the Hand ,I most certainly do now . As for this Women and the next Synod which will as T.M . says probably be on Women Priests this is just obviously a forerunner. First Female Alter Servers . Then Female Priests . Bishops and why not a Female Pope . As far as Francis is concerned nearly everything he says or does now is a Scandal to us in one way or another this is just another of his ( I Did It My Way ) decisions. I love at the End of this Video where T.M. asks any Modernist Apostate Priest or Bishop to challenge him in anyway for what he has said. After all if one is correct and Truthful then their is no discussion.

    • FOOF,

      I agree – that is a great video. I watched it and kept thinking how perfect it is for people who are either (incredibly) just waking up to the state of the Church OR for those who are aware of how bad things are, but not quite sure how to explain it properly, even to themselves. Taylor Marshall did an excellent job there. Very impressive.

      But, here, you… what’s this “…this site led me to the TLM…”

      Whatever happened to “YOU, Ed, led me ….etc.”?

      I’m wounded! 😀

      • You never miss a trick and thanks for the Answer Back. Believe it or not I actually had that Printed out but thought about the Sin of Pride and didn’t in anyway want to be Complicit. At least that’s my Excuse anyhow. 🤗
        Your reply made me Smile both inside and outside.
        You Take Care. James. D .

  6. Fidelis,

    Thank you for posting that short, and to the point, article from The Remnant. I fully agree with his conclusion about that “door” being “open” for, more likely than not, more confusion over women’s ordination. Another waste of time and energy – can’t happen, won’t happen, so why waste time talking about it…

    • Editor,

      “… can’t happen, won’t happen, so why waste time talking about it…”

      However, knowing the way the leftists work, they will eventually “ordain” some women to the priesthood, just like they “elected” Joe Biden. After all, we already have fake bishops in China, so fake priests will be bringing up the rear in a couple more years.

      So just like America has a fake president, and China has fake bishops, the Church will have fake women priests. All courtesy of the same Luciferian cabal.

      • As we say Victor. Your Spot on . I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ if you’ve ever heard of an Irish Woman called Mary McAleese actually She is a Former Irish President, a Post where they do nothing but get paid Enormously. Anyhow am sure that your probably aware of a Supposedly Catholic Magazine in England called The Tablet which I get Emails from ( sometimes it’s good to know what your so called Catholic Friends are up to ) this Week the Great Mary ( that’s Her interpretation of Herself. ) has an article of which I must confess I read the First 2 Sentences and that was enough. Anyhow I digress as usual but if one were looking for the First Woman Pope then one should look No More and BTW thats probably in Her words. Am sure She actually Visited Rome during Pope John Paul’s time and gave Him lots of Tips on how Her ( not Christs ) Catholic Church should be run . Am also 100% sure if the Above Job had been Advertised the Bold Mary would have been the First Choice. As Far As She Was Concerned of Course. So Mary is one Woman who professes to be a Catholic who is doing Her darnedest to Either become the First Woman Priest . Bishop . Cardinal . Or dare I say it Pope . Anyhow their is no doubt that were Mary offered any of the Above Posts am sure She would gleefully accept any of them and have us all Straightened out ASAP . Except of course for one of Her own Family.
        God Help Us from these Modernists who as all want their Own Kind of Catholic Church are really at the End Of The Day . Protestants.

        • J.D.,

          Just imagine how the newspaper ad in the L’Osservatore Romano for a female “pope” would read:

          “WANTED: Person who may or may not identify with their birth gender, but who preferably identifies as female (or at least resembles one), to occupy the Chair of St. Peter. Must be a good team player and have excellent communication skills, including the ability to lie through their teeth, extemporize on airplanes, mouth Marxist gibberish at the drop of a hat, give interviews with atheists, consort comfortably with homosexuals and crooks, pay an occasional photo op visit to “Pope Emeritus” Benedict, and complete the surrender of the Church to the Luciferian New World Order. No experience necessary, Catholics need not apply. Fax resume with photo to 1-666-6666.

          • Victor that Post made me Laugh and Cry at nearly the same time and I most certainly wouldn’t bet against an Ad like that being posted in the near future if things keep deteriorating at the rate their going. Also your Phone number is very apt . Overhere years ago the Joke on Orangemen used to be that the Popes Phone number was 1690 the year of the Battle of The Boyne . Now I don’t think that at least Many of us on Here would care to know his phone number at all .

  7. Editor,

    Just a thought: the headline for this thread could have stopped after the word “Tradition” and that would have been perfectly accurate….

    • RCAVictor

      He’s even broken with Modernist tradition, which, until he arrived on the Throne of Peter, didn’t dare tamper with the Church moral teaching.

  8. Here’s a report about an American archbishop saying that Biden should stop claiming to be a “devout Catholic” – he’s not remotely a Catholic….

    I’m posting this here, though, and not on any of the USA threads (including the one to come about impeachment, so hold fire on that, folks!) because, the key question is, in fact, how come Pope Francis isn’t the person saying that when he had the temerity to say that President Trump isn’t a Christian? It’s not that he’s shy about being “judgmental”…

    Given that Trump is not a Catholic, the Pope had absolutely no right whatsoever to comment on his religious status in this way. So, this is just one more piece of evidence that this Pope is about as Catholic as…er… Karl Marx.

    Indeed, Donald Trump has shown that, in many ways, he is far MORE Catholic than either Joe Biden or Pope Francis.

  9. Ed again you are Spot On ,and just as a side point were I given the Chance to meet either President Trump or Francis then President Trump would win hands down. As you say The Man in Rome Dressed in White had no right whatsoever in Judging President Trump or in fact saying anything against him . Of course am sure that had President Trump the same Mindset as The Horrible Obama Men or was LGBTQ2WXYZ. then Francis would probably be saying ” Who am I To Judge ” . It’s a sad reality that a Protestant President of the U.S is more Catholic in his outlook than both a Pope and Biden who says nearly every chance he gets of how good a Catholic he is .
    Ed I don’t know if you seen or Heard the Homily of a Priest called Father William Kosco this is one not to be missed. https://assets.lifesitenews.com/images/made/images/remote/https_www.lifesitenews.com/images/local/Father_William_Kosko_810_500_75_s_c1.jpg

  10. Again av made a mess of trying to copy his Sermon and it’s just his photo. But this is one Good Priest.

      • Aye your on the Ball 🏀 today Ed and I knew I should have went to that P.C. course. But I know you will have a look at what I thought was the Full Post it’s the best av heard in years . Unfortunately av no doubt that this Good Priest will now probably be posted to somewhere in Outer Mongolia. Have a good day . 👍