Is UK In Permanent Lockdown? Is The New Normal Already Here… To Stay?

From Spiked Online…

Brendan O’Neill
Editor of Spiked

This lockdown feels different to the first one. Everyone can sense it. It feels greyer, more dispiriting. The sunny weather of the April / May lockdown has been replaced by rain and the occasional snowstorm, robbing even our ‘daily’ walk of its tiny promise of pleasure. The social solidarity of the first lockdown has been usurped by a concerted emphasis on the necessity of atomisation. Back in March, April, May, we set up local WhatsApp groups and pulled together to shop and care for isolated neighbours. This time round if you go outside you’ll be greeted by ghoulish public-health posters featuring elderly people in oxygen masks and the reprimanding line: ‘Look her in the eyes and tell her you never twist the rules.’ First time round we were assistants to the elderly; this time round we’re their potential killers.

The first lockdown felt novel; this one – the third – feels onerous. The first encouraged us to remove ourselves from society but to still think and behave as members of society: sign up to be an NHS volunteer, deliver medicines to the old, phone a mate and check he’s okay. This one discourages all forms of social connection. This is best summed up by the instruction from the Department of Health’s propaganda wing: ‘Act like you’ve got it.’ That is, assume you are diseased, assume you will sicken others. Who would knock on an elderly neighbour’s door to see if she needs anything if they believed, or assumed, that they were carriers of a virus that has a high fatality rate among the old? In the first lockdown I received messages every hour from local volunteers asking if someone could do some shopping, drop off some drugs, give somebody a phone call. This time, nothing.

Then there’s the most striking difference – the absence of anticipation. In the first lockdown there was always a buzz, building after a while to a palpable sense of national expectancy, about a return to normality. Remember the cheers and memes when we found out the date pubs would reopen? Lockdown was seen as a temporary measure, and more importantly an unusual measure. Aside from a few comfortably off green types who loved the lack of airplanes and the disappearance of greedy shoppers, and some millennial socialists who fantasised that having the government pay everyone’s wages was akin to revolution, most people viewed lockdown as a thing that would end, not a way of life. The baleful impact of lockdown was partially alleviated by a shared desire for a return to the crowded, shoulder-rubbing, maskless days of old. Never had the word ‘normal’ seemed so thrilling. ‘Back to normal’ was the moral glue of a necessarily atomised people. Now, perhaps most tragically of all, that seems to have disappeared, too. 

Of course many people still crave a return to normality. But in the public sphere of commentary and politics, talk of opening up, of planning for the thrusting of society back into normalcy, is actively discouraged and even frowned upon. There can be no going back, some say. Ask the government for a timeframe for the restoration of normality and you’ll be branded a ‘Covid denier’ who wants to rush things to a potentially catastrophic degree. ‘We are not at the beginning of the end of this pandemic’, says Yale sociologist Nicholas Christakis, ‘we’re just at the end of the beginning’.

The ‘dream of going back to normal’ is a ‘huge distraction’, says a writer for the Guardian. The inescapable Devi Sridhar, the public-health academic whose voice of doom is enthusiastically coveted by the media, speaks to us as if we are patients on a therapist’s couch – ‘it is perfectly normal to grieve for our lost normality, but denial needs to be followed by acceptance’, she has counselled. This idea of ‘denial’ – the favoured slur of lockdown elites who want to frustrate discussion about life and liberty after Covid – was taken up by the New Statesman, too. The blather about going ‘back to normal’ is just a way of denying reality, says one of its columnists. Which isn’t surprising – ‘denial… is a natural dysfunction’. ‘It is a hard truth to swallow, but: there won’t be a return to “normal”’, says a writer for the Atlantic.     Click here to read entire article at source…


There’s only one way to object to the “lockdown is here to stay” mentality and that is not to comply. There IS no other way.  If you disagree, share your strategy, because I’m fresh out of ideas…   

It seems to me that if everyone opened up businesses – and churches – and we all went about our daily lives as we did before China sent us this less-than-deadly virus, there really isn’t anything the Governments of the UK could do, except bring in the military to round us up and take us to the re-education camps… and thus they would be revealing their true colours, making clear their real agenda.  Then we would know that this is not about a virus at all.  Not at all.  And is this not what we have been saying from the get-go?  

At that point, we could surrender our freedom freely (so to speak) – we would know officially that the game was up.  Until then, we need to stop the childish obedience and start living our lives fully again. Yes? No?

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  1. Well, that article and the links to the various publications in it, was a blow. I had no idea so many publications, newspapers etc were saying that we ought not to want to go back to normal. That has stunned me. It was bad enough to think that might be the position of the government and most politicians, but if the media is singing from the same hymn sheet, who is there to fight for us? The bishops obviously are a lost cause and most of the priests, so it looks like it’s left to each of us, as suggested in the introduction, just to fight for ourselves.

    If we refuse to comply, though, it means always looking over your shoulder in case there’s a police officer watching or a neighbour who could snitch. It’s no life, really.

    I just hope those writers are all wrong and that we will, some day, return to the “old” normal.

    • Michaela,

      Nor did I realise how those newspapers and magazines are welcoming the permanence of lockdown and restrictions – not a clue. I should, of course, be keeping more informed but I’ve long given up on the mainstream media. I never watch the TV news and only when I’m driving do I listen to the radio for a few seconds. I say “for a few seconds” because it’s almost always about Covid from one angle or another and I immediately switch off.

      I’ve spoken to people who are genuinely depressed about the way they (we) are being forced (I repeat “forced”) to live, and I am more determined than ever not to even know what the rules are. Of course, others tell me some of them, at least, but if I don’t check them out myself, I can honestly tell any police officer who has the misfortune to find him/herself speaking to me, that I don’t watch the daily briefings or news, that I haven’t a clue what I’m “permitted” (air quotes) to do or not to do, because I’ve made up my mind to live as I have always lived, like a free person in a free country, not like the way convicted prisoners have always lived, under guard.

      Since I’m not keen on travelling, don’t like planes and boats and even trains, I’m running out of new life experiences; a stint in prison will be something to do for posterity, not that posterity has ever done anything for me. The old jokes are the best, aren’t they, officer, as the handcuffs clink, clank closed.

  2. Hi, off topic question again. Any signs on who could be the new bishop of Glasgow? Thanks and greetings from Rio de la Plata.

      • I am not surprised by anything that a government can do, specially one from a Catholic country, because governments are a reflection of its people and the people are a reflection of its faith, and in the case of Catholic peoples, their lack of faith. To change governments we fiesta need to change the Church.

    • Mike

      They don’t need a new Archbishop when they have First Minister Nicola Sturgeon running church affairs for them in Scotland!


      I couldn’t resist making that statement of truth, even though it is off topic.

      As regards lockdown, I’m afraid too many people have bought into the lie and are utterly committed to following the rules of government, even to the point of becoming slaves. I meet them every day, usually the middle class sort who thin they’re super intelligent and cultured when in fact they’re as thick as mince. This is a divine chastisement – the removal of wisdom from so many people who cannot see that Communism has taken over their country. Only the consecration of Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart can reverse the global trend downwards, I’m afraid, and I don’t see Pope Francis ever doing anything so Catholic. In fact, going back to the vacant Archbishop’s See, there’s every chance this man will ask the Imam of Glasgow’s Grand Mosque to double up as temporary Archbishop of Glasgow. His big mosque is, after all, right across the street from the Cathedral and Archdiocesan offices. Watch this space!

      • Athanasius,

        The only thing wrong about your introductory “off topic” sentence is that I didn’t think of it first! Pricelessly spot on – well said. Love your concluding sentiments. Again, more likely than not to be on the button.

        As for the rest – you are correct. Even the minority who seem to sense that this is all too strange for words, not right, “something else going on here” are usually expressing their belated opinions through their face masks. It’s beyond belief. I wonder how long it will be before they take up Dr Fauci’s advice to wear “multiple masks” – at least two…? You just could not make this stuff up.

        Needless to say, I wholly agree about Pope Francis – he is (as we’ve already discovered) more likely to promote devotion to a pagan goddess in the Vatican than to obey Our Lady’s request for the Consecration of Russia, to bring us world peace.

        With even a couple of headlines indicating that China is sending warnings to the UK, and building up in all sorts of ways, sufficiently to have some commentators across The Pond asking if war with China is inevitable, I think we have to resign ourselves to awaiting either such a disaster as will force Pope Francis to consecrate Russia OR a new Pope who will do that immediately. Archbishop Vigano springs to mind. The fact that the last election of a non-Cardinal as pope was in the 14th century, means, surely, that we’re due for such a (hopeful) event, given the state of the current college of [modernist] cardinals.

  3. “Until then, we need to stop the childish obedience and start living our lives fully again. Yes? No?”
    Agree entirely. And as Govt sees it gets away with every tighter turn of the screw, the whole punishment package will get worse and worse, and lockdown or whatever horror to replace it, forever.

    • Mary,

      If there is one thing I love nearly as much as chocolate, it’s someone who says “I agree” (with me/moi), and “I agree entirely” means you’ve almost overtaken the chocolate!

      Seriously, unless people do rise up and stop complying, they can kiss a permanent goodbye to their freedom.

      As I’ve said before (and will, no doubt, say again) it takes a particular kind of stupid, at this stage, to still believe that the continuing control of the population to the point where we are being told when we may leave our homes, and that we may not leave the area in which we live – to still believe that this is about a virus, takes a truly particular kind of stupid

      What was that number again… Oh, yes. 99.98% of people who become infected with “the virus”, make a full recovery from it. Unlike those who commit suicide as a result of lockdown depression and untreated, even undiagnosed cancer. So, as I say…a particular kind of stupid…

  4. I really do not understand why almost everyone is falling for this hoax one way or another. I really don’t. Common sense tells one it is sheer stupidity. I’m the only person I know who doesn’t wear a mask! I overheard sombody today saying “Are we allowed to do that?” Allowed?! Allowed?!

    • Crofterlady,

      Snap! I just can’t believe how people are still going along with this scam.

      Who was it was absolutely right when he said “It’s much easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled. Mark Twain, that’s who…

  5. I have thought about this a lot and I wonder if it’s just because people find it easier to be told what to do. They don’t want to think for themselves. They assume they can’t possibly go against the government.

    I read somewhere that the war criminals from the Nazi army who appeared at the Nuremberg trials defended themselves by saying they were only obeying orders.

    That seems to be the reaction of most people to government orders – you have to obey. They forget that these people are not super-human, and we really don’t have to obey them, definitely not when they are issuing unlawful commands.

  6. The American Dr Fauci is saying we need most of the world to be vaccinated before we can return to normal, and that could be around 7 years more of lockdown. Maybe if people are told that, they will rebel.

    • Josephine,

      They’d better rebel soon, before the graveyards start filling up with vaccine victims…btw, anyone want to place a bet that Catholic burials will soon be outlawed because corpses might “spread the virus”?

      Cremation will soon be the new state diktat.

    • Josephine,

      One of the UK government ministers was on Talk Radio the other day saying we can’t come out of lockdown until the whole world has been vaccinated. So, this is obviously all part of the plan. Once we’re vaccinated, we can have our freedom back, but they forgot to mention that they really meant once the whole world has been vaccinated we can have our freedom back. It’s really evil, what they’re doing.

  7. I checked on the official Scottish COVID-19 death statistics again last night and discovered that there is not a single death recorded as directly resulting from COVID-19.

    Of the almost 15,000 deaths recorded to date, 6,300 were of people who had merely tested positive for the virus and 8,400 were of those whose death certificates mentioned COVID-19. Not a single death has actually been declared as directly from the virus.

    Besides that, 15,000 deaths represents a mere 0.2% of the Scottish population. This is the kind of information that exposes the evil behind these lockdowns and the push for vaccination.

    I have said before and I say again, what is presently unfolding is a global government crime against humanity hatched by the Davos people who own the world and hate God. The Nazis come a very distant second in wickedness in comparison with what these demons are currently orchestrating.

    We must only hope that one day they will be brought to justice as were the Nazis at Nuremburg. Failing that, in terms of the shortness of this life they will not escape the divine justice which is eternal. They are having their moment of power now, but it will be very short lived and they will pay for it with eternal damnation and in suffering they cannot even begin to imagine. If they could only understand what lies ahead of them.

    • Athanasius,

      Re Covid deaths = nil in Scotland (if not the entire UK) I’ve been saying that all along. Any time I’ve checked the figures myself (not that often, I admit) or seen a headline, it’s been absolutely crystal clear that this virus is not killing anyone. The latest attempt to pull the wool was the death of Sr Tom, the elderly gentleman who raised money for the NHS during a previous lockdown (I am losing track, can’t remember which lockdown, possibly the first).

      Anyway, Sir Tom was taken into hospital with pneumonia where, allegedly, he contracted Covid-19 so, naturally, when he died, the headlines were that he was a Covid death. It’s always the same, when reading down from the headline, there’s always been an underlying cause, another health condition. Goodness knows how many death certificates show “Covid-19” where the true cause of death should have been entered.

      There is nothing these politicians (with the complicit NHS) won’t do in order to ramp up the fear, and spread their evil propaganda.

    • Lily,

      Thanks for that. I think this short video is interesting – Nigel Farage addresses this issue.

      And here’s Sir Charles Walker – fantastic. I plan to email to thank him later for speaking up

      • Editor

        Two very good videos highlighting for all the totalitarian rule we have all been placed under. It’s set to get much worse unless the people take back control of their lives from these criminals who are running our country. We need to hammer MPs with letters demanding that this madness is stopped and that normal life is allowed to resume, otherwise they’ll just keep lying about why they are establishing Beijing rule in the UK. Enough is enough!

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