Covid Censorship In UK – MP Under Attack For Challenging Propaganda…


Notice how the Sky News presenter intervenes throughout the above report to “correct” the MP. This is censorship writ large. It’s a devious means of not allowing the viewer to hear the full statement(s) from a critic, a means of suppressing the truth. 

Sir Desmond Swayne MP has spoken out from a relatively early stage, questioning the need for the restrictions.  On one occasion he said – paraphrasing slightly  – there may be a time when we find ourselves afflicted by a virus so deadly that we need to impose these kind of restrictions… this is not it!

The TV news outlets are dangerous. You should only watch if you are totally clear in your own mind that they are suppressing the truth about “the virus”, and that the numbers are not reliable – to put it as mildly as possible. The media, certainly the broadcasting media (with the exception of talkRadio), is effectively an arm of the Government, a propaganda wing, no less which is why the entire population has been so easily controlled.  If you disagree, say so in the comments below.

If you would like to congratulate Sir Desmond Swayne MP, and encourage him to continue to use his voice in Parliament to fight the tyranny descending upon us, you can email him on

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  1. As well as Sir Desmond Swayne MP being castigated in the Government controlled broadcasting media, we now see reported by Lifesitenews that the Catholic Church in the UK has effectively become even more of an arm of the State by agreeing to Government lobbying in order to push the vaccine among the faithful, without thought to the facts available from independent sources. Here’s an example:

    “What need for an unsafe vaccine?

    The former vice president of Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yeadon, has flatly rejected the need for coronavirus vaccines, saying: “there is absolutely no need for vaccines to extinguish the pandemic. I’ve never heard such nonsense talked about vaccines. You do not vaccinate people who aren’t at risk from a disease. You also don’t set about planning to vaccinate millions of fit and healthy people with a vaccine that hasn’t been extensively tested on human subjects.”

    Dr. Theresa Deisher, who holds a doctorate in Molecular and Cellular Physiology from Stanford University, rejected the need for a vaccine for COVID-19, explaining that it “has less than a 0.03% fatality rate and most of those people, I believe 92% or above, have other health problems.”
    It seems that Yeadon’s warning about the lack of testing is already bearing fruit, as numerous reports from around the globe are documenting unexpected deaths, shortly after people receive COVID-19 vaccines. Not only that, but a warning issued about Pfizer’s vaccine stipulated that pregnancy should be avoided for two months after the injection, and breastfeeding and pregnant women should not take it. The paper also revealed that there was no knowledge about what impact the injection could have upon fertility.

    Indeed, those who have received their vaccinations may have done so for no reason, as medical advisers across the world are suggesting that people must continue to wear masks and practice physical distancing, even after the injection. Read entire article at the link below.

    So, between the incongruity of one MP speaking up for our freedom in the Commons, while the hierarchy of the Church assists Government in every way possible to control us, we are increasingly brought to a realisation that without direct divine intervention, we are in this totalitarian state (literally) for the foreseeable future.

    So, thank you sincerely to Sir Desmond Swayne MP for being our voice for freedom in Parliament, and thanks a bunch to Pope Francis and the UK bishops for doing the opposite.

    • Editor,

      Dr Mike Yeadon is one of the heroes of this pandemic. He has openly said that the government experts are lying to us. I believe him.

      • Lily,

        Yes, he is a hero. He was interviewed by Anna Brees some months ago and she pointed out that he has been a personal friend of Sir Patrick Vallance, one of Boris’s experts, for some years now, hence she was surprised that he, Dr Yeadon, was challenging the information he (and Sir Chris Whitty, the other expert) were giving out in the daily briefings. Dr Yeadon acknowledged that he was a friend of Sir Patrick Vallance but, he added They are lying to you!” After that first interview (first that I’d seen) he said the same thing several times in various interviews, most, if not all of which, have been posted here.

        I’ve never forgotten that – and I’m pleased to note that you haven’t forgotten either 😀

    • ED I neither watch Sky News the rotten to the core BBC NEWS the so called independent ( that’s a laugh ) nor any on the MSM .My licence was up at the end of 2020 and my aerial is removed from TV .Heres a joke .I called up the licensing people and said I wasn’t paying for a TV licence as I didn’t watch it .The guy said ” Do you not watch catch up on BBC I Player ” I said to him “Listen pal you couldn’t Pay me to watch catch up on the Rotten BBC ” He said ” We will be paying you a visit ” I said to him that I would put the kettle on . As for the video above I switched it off as soon as I heard the useless Sky Guy butting in .He sounded like a Satan Minion ,which he probably is anyhow .We know this Chinese Disease is real but we also know that now no one seems to die from anything else . Am just waiting on an MSM News Headline saying . Man Shot 6 Times on Sauchiehall Street Glasgow But Dies With Covid Whilst Being Rushed To Hospital . Am not kidding when I say that 80% of the ones I talk to on Facebook would actually believe that .Their all Dying to get this Vaccine and that sentence itself may prove to be true .Thanks Again for the work you do keeping this great Blog going . It actually keeps me at least Half Sane .

        • I never noticed that- even for Your Age -Your as Sharp as a Tack It was like I said once to a Friend of mine about a Guy .His Hearts in the Right place .He replied ” His Heart maybe in the right place ( his so and so ) head is most certainly not “. Your a cracker .

    • Theresa Rose,

      I’ve seen reports saying we need to make a cultural change to be like people in Asian countries and wear masks all the time. It’s unbelievable, but I do think this is the agenda behind these masks.

      The clergy in the Church are a total disgrace – they are actually every bit to blame as the government for these restrictions. They couldn’t have kept this going all these months, almost a year already, if the clergy had shows some backbone and said “no” to the closing of churches and now to the push for vaccination. It’s truly diabolical that priests are going to be doing this. So, we’re not allowed to go to church to worship God but we can be preached at about a vaccine that we don’t need and which might damage or even kill us?

      • Lily most of our Priests and Bishops now of course follow the Francis effect ,of course we know that their ( thank God ) are many who don’t .I was at a Mass outwith my own Parish about 3 years ago .The Priest saying Mass during the Homily put on a screen .On the screen was St John The Baptist baptising in the Jordan River .This Priest actually put Francis head onto the Body of St John the Baptist on said screen and said to us ” This is the new St John The Baptist ” .I very nearly fell off of my pew .For Gods sake didn’t he not know that Francis hasn’t even got a Beard .

      • Lily,

        It would be interesting to find out how much brain damage has been incurred by the mask-wearing peoples of the Far East. Maybe I’ll see if I can find a fortune cookie that contains the answer…

        • RCA Victor,

          Well, there ‘s one quick check that anyone can do on a daily basis here – just tune in to the latest Government update and watch and listen. Watching the top politicians and their experts is an education in itself. The deterioration in brain power comes across loud and clear, every time they speak, on any topic!

    • Theresa Rose,

      Nothing, but nothing surprises me any more. I believe, totally, that if the Government were to recommend wearing 2, 3 or 4 (or more) masks, the majority of the population in the UK would accept it and obey. Crazy, crazy, crazy people.

    • Editor

      This doesn’t surprise me since Canada is one of the most Freemasonic-run countries in the world, second only in its hatred of God to Scotland’s SNP.

      • Athanasius,

        I think that video of the police enforcement at a perfectly peaceful anti-lockdown protest, one of the worst I’ve seen. Shocking.

        I loved the way the Rebel News presenter persisted with his questions to various officers about the double standards in policing BLM protests and this anti-lockdown protest. Brilliant! It’s a wonder HE wasn’t arrested as well!

        • Editor

          I’m also surprised they didn’t arrest him but I suspect the government will mark him out for reprisals.

      • I dont think Canada or Scotland to be more God hater than Ireland. Like in most of former Catholic strongholds, the action of Modernists there has subverted the faith, degenerating in open hatred of the Church teachings that has to be public and celebrated. And it’s all a creation of the very same people who run the Church, like the new thug in Dublin, Farrell. What you have in Protestant countries like Scotland and Anglo Speaking Canada is indiference, not hate. The hate is on the people of Catholic origin.

        • Mike,

          That brings to mind what Pope Pius IX said:

          “Liberal Catholics are the worst enemies of the Church.”

          You know, like (here in America) Joe Biden, Gov. Cuomo….

        • Mike

          I would beg to differ – Scotalnd and Canada were once as Catholic, if not more so, than Ireland. Indeed, Pius IX declared Scotland to be “the dearest daughter of the Church”.

          Besides that, we’re not talking just of Protestantism here, we’re talking Freemasonry, the greatest enemy of the Church together with its twin Communism. Both Canada and Scotland are Masonic-led and run countries, the Scottish rite of Masonry being the most widely adopted throughout the world, most notebly in China.

          Ireland will have its Freemasonic influencers, no doubt about it, but it is not in the same league as Canada and Scotland when it comes to influencing world affairs.

    • I watched it all as and the Rebel News Man said, nothing to see here .Again its obvious that He of The False Eyebrows has taken the Chinese Money along with the Soros Money to bribe the Police ( which lets face it is never really hard having a bit of experience in my younger days of doing so ) .I have never up until now been racist but I am now . These Soros and CCP Funded B.L.M mobs are payed to run amock ,probably ones who have never worked in their Lives . Yet hard working Tax Payers are hounded by these Gestapo using the Chinese Virus as an excuse to hound peaceful people .It also makes me make sure I give nothing to The Rotten BBC who want to spend £100 Million this year to make it more diverse and we all know what that means .As one Guy said ” You cannot go and buy anything unless you have a Black Wife ” referring of course to the ridiculous TV adverts .Also Lenny Henry .David Lambie and the Horrible Diane Abbott say that Africa doesn’t want anymore of our money .I wish I knew his Address as maybe he could refund all of the my money back that I donated in my life to the Foreign Missions . Its no wonder that they make you mad .And as for these Footballers taking a knee for so called Racial Justice their just as bad .

      • FOOF,

        You are NOT racist – impossible for any follower of Christ to hate anyone because of the colour of their skin or place of origin. Ridiculous. You are a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them 😀

        And who on earth could be racist after watching Diamond & Silk in this interview on Newsnight some years ago following Trump’s election. They are, to this day, stout defenders of President Trump. Watch the BBC interviewer trying to get them to criticise “their President” – enjoy!

        • ED I love Diamond and Silk and we know that the Vast Majority of Black Americans Voted for President Trump .But and heres the But .I as you say Hate no one for the colour of their skin but I probably like yourself gave without a thought now their is a thought .Charity most certainly begins at home and from now on that’s where its staying .Also there is hardly anything now in any news of the Persecuted and Murdered White Farmers in South Africa .O I know that many of them could have been better to their workers but that’s another story .As for this Slavery Malarchy ,we know that our Grandfathers at least were nothing but white Slaves .Av said it before I never heard any of them singing going to work Miles down in the bowls of the Earth in stinking wet conditions .Am surprised that The Rotten BBC actually let Diamond and Silk on even although it was a few years ago .As for that Euan Guy hes one of the many reasons the BBC will never see any more of my money .He probably fancies Obama anyhow and in more ways than one . On a better note I seen on Newsmax ( I think ) that Texas has started Secession Talks to leave the now Communist U.S.A administration .Lets hope their successful .

  2. Below, an extract from today’s Lockdown Sceptics email…

    [Note: Professor Susan Michie, who sits on both SAGE and Independent SAGE and is a member of the Communist Party.]

    Lockdown Sceptics reader who is a senior scientist has done a fact check on the claims of two psychologists who sit on SAGE.

    In a January 9th BBC report – “Lockdown needs to be stricter, scientists warn” – Professor Robert West (of the SPI-B subgroup of SAGE) said the current rules were “still allowing a lot of activity which is spreading the virus”. Professor Susan Michie (also of SAGE, and also Independent SAGE, and a [Communist] Party member) said the spread of the new more infectious variant meant the restrictions were “too lax”. (scroll to A Senior Scientist Writes…)

    At lease one Communist Party Member on SAGE? I’ve never forgotten the words of Hamish Fraser’s widow, that as only one Communist working in the shipyards in Glasgow, Hamish could get 10,000 men out on strike in no time at all. One Communist working in Government at any time is one too many – to be given a leading position in advising the Government on Covid/Lockdowns etc is more than definitely one too many. No wonder the censorship is being piled on, and all dissent crushed… I wonder if Sir Desmond Swayne MP knows about this – a member of the Communist Party employed on SAGE?

    • ED I agree with you 200% about the Communists in the Unions .In my time and I had plenty of Experience with them they were usually the worst and laziest of Tradesmen which is why they all became shop stewards .I along with other good tradesmen ( and yes I was good at my job even when bevvied ) had no time for them .In fact it was one of the reasons I went Self Employed .I worked beside 2 of them especially in a Job up in Lanark .The firm I worked with at that time sent them up their hoping they would pack the Job in as they came from outside Glasgow on the West Side and Lanark was hard to get to. I actually met one of them 2 years later in Aberdeen Railway Station he said he was working on an Oil Rig .I tore into him and said he couldn’t work in a convulsion .The Communists were useless then and nothing has changed as also our useless Scottish Government is testament to .Of course they call themselves Marxists ,no difference as far as am concerned .

  3. Anna Brees interviewed Sir Desmond Swayne about that Sky News report, calling the Sky reporter “smug”, which he is, I saw her interview and then I saw another short video about it, so I thought I’d post the two of them. This first one is just a minute long and is very good.

    This next one is the actual interview – Sir Desmond Swayne is quite a comic, I loved his honesty about his ego at the end of the conversation, LOL!

    • Of course he has to be suspended ,how dare he have an opinion ,how dare he speak Truth as he sees it .As for that smug Sky Guy av never heard of him nor neither wish to do so .This man like us all is not Anti Vaccine he just does not wish as I do to take the said Mark of The Beast .Now that’s my view and I will debate anyone whos opinion on the Vaccine is different from mine .And on that their is a little Know all on Facebook who keeps referring to Herself as a Very Good well read Catholic .Now that maybe so shes entitled to Her Ego although I see someone different .Now She has come out with a cracker and its this . I hope that those who refuse to take the Chinese Disease Vaccine ( well she of course said Covid ) Will from now on Not seek any other Western Medical Help – .What a little Miss Useless know all .Of course I said so in no uncertain terms but its words like Hers that will be picked up by the useless MSM .As for that useless Rag The Guardian its only good for one thing .And am sure the ED will Bann me if I say what it is .

  4. Yes Editor, he is a hero. He should be applauded by all freedom loving people. Have you sent him a link to this blog? I hope he realises that Boris, a son of Margaret Thatcher, has gone woke. Perhaps it’s the influence of Carrie. He’s just not being rational. He’s locked the country down for a virus from which 99.7% of people recover, for goodness sake. It’s hardly the bubonic plague!

    • Helen,

      I wrote to Sir Desmond Swayne MP the very first time I heard him speak out against lockdown in Parliament. I would have included the blog link at that time.

      the recovery rate is 99.97% (or sometimes quoted as 99.98%).

  5. Here’s an intriguing bit of news: Merck, the gorilla of Big Pharma, has dropped out of the COVID-19 vaccine race:


    “Merck found that the immune responses gained from both vaccines were “inferior to those seen following natural infection,” as well as those which were seen in other COVID-19 vaccines.

    This finding relates to the words of the Great Barrington Declaration, authored by three highly qualified epidemiologists from the universities of Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford, and currently signed by 13,290 medical and public health scientists, 40,199 medical practitioners, and 727,139 concerned citizens.”

    • Crofterlady,

      Having just read the lead article on his blog, I don’t think Sir Desmond is on the right side of sanity. He is calling for more vaccines – cheaper, says he, from AstraZeneca – as the solution to lockdowns and the allegedly overwhelmed NHS. Apparently, it’s all about money for him.

      Whaddya know, just like Big Pharma, the WEF, and the rest of the oligarchs!

      • RCA Victor,

        As I’ve said more than once, even the best of the anti-lockdown people interviewed in the media here, fall short of really comprehending the full scale of the fraud. And they do, generally, see the vaccine as the way out of lockdown, failing to realise that we’re not going to be coming out of lockdown – not for a very very VERY long time.

        The reason we are delighted to hear form them, is that they are speaking out against lockdown as the means of dealing with this virus. That’s all. They object to the removal of our freedoms, but they fail to understand the real reason for the removal of our freedoms and the imposition of totalitarian rule; that’s the pity of it all. They object, rightly, to the use of lockdown and restrictions on our freedom, but they attribute good motives to the Government, assuming that they (Government and “experts”) are really trying to eradicate the virus (as if it is remotely possible to eradicate any virus – crazy.)

        By the time the penny drops, it will be too late. God help us all.

  6. Boris Johnson paid a visit to a vaccination centre being set up by the army in Glasgow, Scotland. And the matter has been reported to the police. Needless to say that Nicola Sturgeon is not a happy lady. Did she, or, did she not have any knowledge of the said visit?

    I wonder how fleeting was his visit?

    • Theresa Rose,

      I’m actually surprised that Johnson would visit Scotland without the Scottish Government being informed. My concern is that this is likely to stir up the anti-English rhetoric of the SNP.

      This is not to be read as a criticism of either Boris or Nicola. Just an observation…

  7. Here in Florida, the fallout from the Wuhan Virus has caused attendance at the churches of the SSPX to increase. An article published today by the priory in Sanford describes the growth in the Society’s Florida churches in the past year.

    On the Covid19 front, ‘The American Journal of Medicine’ now recommends Hydroxychoroquine (HCQ), Azithromycin, and Zinc for treating the China Virus.

    • Wurdesmythe

      What’s happeneing with the SSPX in Florida is testimony of the good fruits reaped by priests with holy zeal for the faith and for souls. May God continue to bless the SSPX in Florida with ever larger numbers.

      As for Hydroxychoroquine, President Trump promoted its use right at the start and they shot him down as a quack. They then went on for a year to ban mention of it from all social media websites as though it were some kind of witches brew from a comic book.

      Billions were subsequently spent on producing immoral and dangerous vaccines, and now they’re suddenly saying that actully Hydroxychoroquine is a good, safe and cheap remedy.

      They did all of this to damage Trump and sacrificed tens of thousands of lives in the process. The whole darn lot of these elitists should be in jail for crimes against humanity. Evil people.

    • Wurdesmythe,

      Many thanks for the link regarding the drugs – I’ve sent it to a relative who is trying to convince another relative not to take the vaccine 😀 # 2 relative has fallen for the propaganda about HCQ. Let’s hope that link makes her re-think her position.

  8. It seems there’s a big lockdown protest going on today in Vienna but Ican’t open the link. It’s probably been taken down. I hope somebody saved it!

  9. Here’s another reminder of the COVID deceit – how they’re transferring flu numbers over to the COVID list to bolster the lie of a plague on the nations. Shocking criminality that can only have Hell as its source.

  10. Another thing, is it not suspicious the way the old and vulnerable are at the front of the jab queue? Let’s pretend for a moment that there really is a need for this saviour vaccine which is in short supply; wouldn’t one think that they wouldn’t “waste it ” on 90 year olds but protect younger people first? Eugenics spring to mind………………

    • Crofterlady,

      It’s just dawning on you now that it’s a tad suspicious that the powers-that-be have suddenly become devoted to the health of those of us who are – albeit slim, glamorous, highly intelligent and super-witty – over the hill? Kidding, right?

      I mean, not to boast or anything, but I spotted that cunning plan on day one, trust me, and I was on the phone cancelling my appointment two minutes after the envelope dropped on my doormat.

      You see, I am in the habit of joining up dots. Not only did I realise that the Government don’t usually give a toss about the “elderly and vulnerable” but they not infrequently debate the timing of when to pass a Euthanasia and/or Assisted Dying bill to, well, push us into the next world.

      I joined up that dot right away, because all the talk about wanting to kill us when our “quality of life” didn’t meet the Sturgeon Standard, didn’t apply when we said that our “quality of life” was so good and we felt so healthy that we really didn’t need or want “the vaccine”. Rumours of health passports and being banned from travel and coffee shops soon followed; here – I thought to myself – we have no benign, caring Government. Here – I added to myself – we have a Government that wants to depopulate the nation. And I’m determined to say put, I insisted to myself.

      So, yes, Eugenics did spring to my mind – as soon as I heard that there was to be a vaccine and that first to get the jab would be the “elderly and vulnerable” . Yeah right, I thought to myself. No chance.

      I might not be the brightest button in the box, but I saw through that ruse right away. You, on the other hand, Crofterlady, remind me of a wee clock I bought in Malta years ago. It’s great most of the time but can be very slow on occasion 😀

  11. The latest on LSN is that in the U.S. thus far 273 people have died and almost 10,000 have experienced adverse reaction to the COVID vaccines. People would need to be out of their minds to take these vaccines. They should all ask for Hydroxicloroquine, the far safer, more effective and more moral alternative. The evil people running the world knew this a year ago and yet silenced Hydroxicloroquine as the fix for this virus because Trump suggested it and it would have opened up the world again very quickly.

  12. Athanasius,

    I agree – nobody with even a drop of common sense would take this vaccine.

    Speaking of “a drop”, I think this helpful video has been posted before but good news always bears repeating – as does a bit of fun 😀

  13. Matt Hancock, the UK Health Secretary, is enterprising, if nothing else, I’ll give him that. We’ve no sooner become used to “the new variant” and obeyed the latest instructions (those of you who are given to obedience) than, lo and behold, there is yet another new variant, this time from South Africa. Well, seems the South Africans aren’t too bothered. Here’s an extract from today’s Lockdown Sceptics report…

    We’re publishing a “Postcard From Cape Town” today by a Lockdown Sceptics reader. Sounds like the people down there have other things to think about than the new variant.

    Rather than sitting out the lockdown and school closures in England we decided to spend our time in Cape Town. Currently, the only South African restrictions are a ban on the sale of alcohol (the illicit trade is very profitable for ANC cronies), closed beaches (the Government was told the virus comes in waves), closed state schools (the teachers’ union is the single most important voting bloc and like many in the UK, the SA teachers are partial to being paid for no work) and a 9pm curfew.

    The great thing about Africa is everyone knows the Government is incompetent and corrupt. For this reason, together with the fact that hunger trumps corona fear, the South African lockdown quickly broke down and the first wave subsided regardless. Virus cycles run their course. The same thing is happening now. Despite a supposedly more infectious variant and no meaningful restrictions, South African cases are down from 321 per million on January 9th to 98. today The South African Government’s attempts to blame lockdown-related hardships on the virus ring hollow; people do not believe the statements of “the virus caused this”. They know it’s the Government preventing them from earning a living and feeding their children. Viruses don’t write laws.

    The actions of politicians aim to increase and consolidate their power and in Africa the citizens know this. The usual tool is fear, delivered through the public broadcaster. I was surprised how the UK Government used public funds to constantly broadcast a message of fear. At least in Africa, the opposition parties say no and push back against power grabs. Amazingly in the UK, rather than push back, the opposition has egged the incumbent on.

    Given South Africa’s limited social security net and inability to print money, the lockdown trade-offs become apparent very quickly. When faced with economic collapse, starvation and riots, the Government was forced to end the lockdown. Developed markets can hide the lockdown costs for longer, but that does not mean they don’t exist, obviously. Nations will be burdened with the fallout for decades.

    Once governments have tasted absolute power and begun spending without limit, it is difficult to reverse course. In developing nations unfettered spending quickly becomes hyperinflation; it will be interesting to see how it ends in the UK.

    Yes, it will certainly be interesting to see how it all ends in the UK.

    • RCA Victor,

      Many thanks for that – I’ve copied the video link to post here separately in case your link is overlooked by the lazy so & so’s who don’t read stuff 😀

    • Athanasius,


      That court case was initiated by Dr. Reiner Fuellisch – the lawyer featured on the video posted here many times.

      If only someone would do the same here but then, again, I don’t think our courts are sufficiently independent – judging by the very limited success following the Keep Britain Free legal action.

      • Editor

        The point is that once the precedent is set all courts in the world are bound by it, otherwise they would look really suspicious. I think you’ll find that someone will now go to court in the UK and win – at least I hope they do before this madness goes any further.

    • Athanasius,

      I would second Editor’s “Alleluia,” except that the Alleluia has now been buried as of the Vespers before Septuagesima Sunday… 🙂

      I enjoyed Michael Matt’s tongue-in-cheek comments at the bottom of the article. But don’t get too cocky, Michael, we still have the problem of forced vaccination to deal with.

      • RCAVictor

        Oh, I think a few Alleluia’s is acceptable under the circumstances. Either that or we could have a few of the Scottish secular equivalents of “Ya Beauty”!

    • Athanasius,

      That’s brilliant! I thought that lawyer and his class action suit had disappeared into thin air so this is fantastic news.

      I hope it puts the brakes on the government here and stops them going on with the cycle of restrictions, then a break, return to “new normal”, then into lockdown/tiers again and so on. It’s getting monotonous and very depressing. So, the news about that legal action being successful is just brilliant.

      • Lily,

        Your comment reminded me of something, a famous saying by Lenin:

        “One step forward, two steps back.”

        It never occurred to me before, but this is the lockdown strategy used by the modern Communists to achieve their “Great Reset.” To put it another way, give a little ground here, make it up some other way.

        • RCA Victor / Lily,

          That is exactly what has been going on since the very start of this. I remember thinking way back, last March, that this is odd, to stay at home for three weeks, only out for essentials etc. And I noticed the brainwashing, neurological programming right away (stay home, protect the NHS, save lives), but I thought, well, let’s wait and see, don’t jump to conclusions (again!) but this really is odd, if not suspicious. And, sure enough, my instinct was on the button – it didn’t end after a couple of weeks. Instead, we had extension after extension and then we entered the cycle of lockdown-limited freedom-lockdown….

          We’ve even gone through a couple of different “programming” verses until we are once again, full circle, back to Stay home, Protect the NHS, Save lives. Neurological programming, aka brainwashing. How often do you hear people telling you to “stay safe”? Drives me crackers.

          The whole thing is what I think they call…. evil. We’re being manipulated and controlled, with very few people apparently catching on, even almost one year later. Incredible.

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