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From time to time I find myself in conversation with friends sharing the same hair colour as my unworthy (silver-haired) self, when the topic of “the good old days” inevitably features. In our walks down Memory Lane we discuss friends and fashion, employment histories, church and recreational interests. We remember our favourite books, jokes and films, and I can be relied upon to say that one of my all-time favourite actors is Bob Hope. His delivery of the hilarious scripts in just about every film of his that I can remember, is priceless. 

The above clip is from My Favourite Brunette. Even in lockdown, it made me laugh a hearty laugh or ten. So, given that we are living in hard times, with serious issues to discuss, debate and, of course, pray about, I think that a little light relief may be in order.

In the past, we’ve enjoyed the occasional “joke” threads, where funny stories and jokes of the “good clean” variety are shared, so this is along the same lines. Avoiding anything which is obviously unsuitable for publishing on a Catholic blog, feel free to post clips from your favourite films (movies if you’re an American 😀 )  or if you prefer to recommend a good book, tell us a comical story or joke, feel free so to do.  

We can excuse this levity by simply admitting the need for a little light relief – a break from the stress of lockdown.  It’s not that we are failing to take the pandemic seriously – not at all.   Unlike this bridegroom’s attitude to his marriage …   😀 


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  1. I did have a great laugh at that Bob Hope video. He’s a scream. I used to love him and Bing Crosby together in films.

    One of my own favourite celebs was Doris Day. Her films were a different kind of comedy but great fun. With her it was more the situations she got into and the comic faces she pulled. I am not usually a fan of musicals but I always liked hers. She has a beautiful voice.

    • Josephine,

      I always enjoyed the Doris Day films as well – in fact, the first ever film I saw as a child in the cinema was Calamity Jane. As you say, the comedy in her films was more “serious”! But nonetheless enjoyable.

    • RCA Victor,

      LOL! That was hilarious! I’ve heard of the Three Stooges but that’s the first time I’ve seen them in action! The scene when he was to take the oath was my favourite, it was really funny. The poor budgie at the end, though, would have the animal rights people going mad, LOL!

      One of my favourites is Mr Bean.

    • Victor just in case you don’t read it I got the all clear about my Health Problems yesterday .I still of course have an Enlarged Prostate but that of course goes along with age also .So thank you my Friend for all your prayers .God Bless you and Yours . James .D.

      • J.D.,

        Glad to hear it, my friend – I am at your disposal (as the trash collectors often say). I myself have an enlarged ego, but the doctors are puzzled because that was supposed to become smaller with age….

  2. Here’s one of my favorite Jack Benny skits, with Mel Blanc (the voice of Bugs Bunny, etc.) A little more low key than the 3 Stooges!

    • RCA Victor,

      Jack Benny makes me think of George Burns & Gracie Fields, for some reason! Since I haven’t thought of them for years, I went off to find a clip – this one is what our English cousins south of the border would call “rather sweet” 😀

  3. I’ve enjoyed this thread – so much so that I’m going to feel very guilty when I post a fresh discussion topic!

    Thanks to everyone for the light relief – much needed. As you’ll all realise when I post the next thread 😀

    • I like The Bells of St. Mary with Bing Crosby. The Miracle Worker, with Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke, very inspiring. The Night of the Hunter, with Robert Mitchum. These last two are not funny movies for sure.

      • Mike

        That will be the film with Barry Fitzgerald as parish priest, the one where Bing Crosby invites him to golf and he replies “but I never swung a caddy in me life”. Or was that “Going my way”?

        • The Bells of St. Mary is kind of a sequel of the movie you mentioned. Is the same priest played by Crosby plus Ingrid Bergman as the superior of a teaching nuns congregation.

        • Barry Fitzgerald & Bing Crosby were in “Going My Way’.

          However, if you REALLY want something funny, “Harvey” with Jimmy Stewart is hilarious. I dare you to watch it with a straight face. (1 £ to Catholic Truth if you laugh during “Harvey”.) 😆

      • Editor

        Communists tell the best and most convincing stories, for example, COVID-19 is a killer plague and Joe Biden really did get 80 million votes. They don’t tell ’em like that any more.

        Speaking of which, I heard the following anecdote about Joe Biden during the election.

        He was in his basement apparently, under stress while waiting to see if the fraud was successful, when Kamala Harris received a panic phone call from him.

        “Kamala”, he shouted down the phone, “you have to come over here and help me”.

        Kamala says, “why, what’s wrong?”

        “I have a killer jigsaw here and I can’t even begin to put it together”.

        “What is it supposed to be when finished”, asks Kamala, “what’s the picture on the box?”

        “It’s a rooster of some sort”, replies Joe.

        “Ok, I’ll come over”, says Kamala, “sit tight”.

        When she got there she sat down, had a look at the hundreds of pieces, then lifted the box and had a look at the front, then said: “Joe, why don’t you make us both a coffee and take it easy. Sit and relax for a minute and THEN WE’LL PUT ALL THESE CORN FLAKES BACK IN THE BOX.”

        • Athanasius,

          That is hilarious, I’ll have to send that to a friend of mine. The anecdote omits one detail, though:

          Did Joke stand up when Harris walked into his basement?

          • RCAVictor

            I’m glad you enjoyed that. A friend from the States sent me the original joke and I altered it to make Joe and Kamala the central characters.

            I don’t think he stood up of his own accord, someone above him had to operate some strings to achieve that end!!

        • Athanasius,

          That’s priceless! I’d say “hilarious” but I see that RCA Victor has beaten me to it. Really comical.

          Already Biden is destroying America. I knew that would happen and quickly, too. In case you are wondering why I’ve not yet launched a thread on the topic, well, it’s because I’m giving him as much rope as possible, gathering up as many meaty headlines as possible. In other words…

          I’m biden biding my time.. 😀

          • Editor

            Other people scripted his fraudulent win over Trump and now they’re writing his executive orders for him. He’s not in a position to sign his name right now, let alone write up complicated executive orders. He’s a bought President and he’s doing what his masters tell him.

  4. Light relief! What a great idea for a thread. Heaven knows we need a bit of light relief. In England on Freeview TV (Channel 81) there is a channel called ‘Talking Pictures’, which has a lot of the old great black and white films on, and a lot of British ‘B’ movies from the 40’s/50’s/60’s. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to the horrors of the mainstream channels. It has a website:- which also gives a schedule for the films being shown for about a month ahead. I’ve seen some fantastic films on there – too many to list, but one of my favourites is ‘Last Holiday’ starring Alec Guinness. Some of the films are on late at night but I just record them so I’ve always got something decent to watch whenever I feel like it. YouTube has quite a lot of full-length old black and white movies as well, which can be streamed through the TV.

    • WF,

      I, too, tape films from the Talking Pictures channel – there are some really great films available there from saner times. The thing about those earlier black and white films is that they have real storylines. I remember once, some years ago, staying with a friend in the Manchester area and we sat through a modern detective story, about two hours long; at the end, she turned to me and said “Do YOU know what that was about?” 😀 I laughed and replied that I only vaguely got the gist and was hoping that she could enlighten me!

      I didn’t know Talking Pictures had a website – many thanks for that link.

  5. PS I meant to say: Talking Pictures does sometimes have films on from the 70’s / 80’s which I don’t really care for. It’s a paradox that films from the 40’5 / 50’s I usually find fresh and timeless, while films from the 70’s / 80’s seem to me to be largely timebound and stale, and haven’t dated very well.

  6. Dear Editor,

    Okay okay, I suppose being a golfing freak I should ignore your little wedding picture and not take it personally.
    But I did take my blog clubs on our honeymoon the Priest asked me not to take them into the church.

    • Patrick,

      I’m more of a “Godmother” (of the mafia school of thought) watching over you all, than a Guardian Angel. You flatter me. Keep ’em coming… 😀

  7. Hey – be nice to the Guardian Angels!!! 😦
    Our Guardian Angels watch us 24/7!!!

    As much as I love Madame Editor, she can’t watch all of us 24/7 (that prerogative is already taken).

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