Doctors Punished Personally/Financially For Not Obeying “Covid Orthodoxy”…


There are reports this morning on the  refusal of the Westminster Government to identify a way out of lockdown.  Click here to read more.

Note this from one MP – the Deputy Chair of the group, Steve Baker: “We locked down the country and shut down our schools on the basis of a forecast, so why can’t we open it up on the basis of one too? It is not sustainable to leave the public and British businesses languishing any longer.”   

Is Steve Baker right – or is the Prime Minister right to refuse to commit to ending lockdowns and restrictions, in the spirit of “better safe than sorry”? Is “staying safe” the most important thing?  

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  1. This short video highlighting Pope Francis’ support for vaccination against this virus (from which most people recover) is very informative indeed, and poses the key question why the hard sell?… and other interesting questions such as how come such a camera-keen pope didn’t have cameras present when he allegedly took the jab?

    • Editor,

      I was surprised to learn that this very lucid fellow’s name was Patrick Coffin, since the only Patrick Coffin I knew of was, in my estimation, an effeminate Novus Ordo sell-out, a member of the “Here’s what Pope Francis really meant” response to the latest Francis scandal. “Nothing to see here.”

      This Patrick Coffin, however, has a different voice, not to mention an entirely different and refreshingly Catholic attitude.

      As for Francis’ first-class seat on the Great Reset Train, I’m about ready to conclude that his positions are dictated to him by various Luciferians behind the throne, who then leave it to him to make those positions sound vaguely Catholic – or should I say vaguely spiritual. I’m sure he well understands the terms on which he is allowed to keep his seat, and betray the seat he is supposed to be defending: the Chair of Peter.

      Regarding these public vaccination spectacles, Abp Vigano made the point that the syringes are either capped, or filled with clear liquid, but the real vaccine liquid is actually opaque. To which I would add that they could be empty as well.

      It is not surprising that the medical profession is bound to their group-think by threats, financial and/or otherwise. This is the way of Communism and its multi-branched family of ruthless tyrants.

    • Editor,

      I love the name of the video – “The Vaccine is an Anti-Sacrament” and I did LOL at the “camera-keen” pope not being filmed taking the vax. Also, Patrick Coffin is right to ask why the 93 year old Pope Emeritus needed to have the jab. That doesn’t make sense.

    • Apparently, there have been many times more bad reactions to this vaccine than the flu vaccine, and many more deaths. Besides that, it seems the vaccine does not stop people from contracting COVID-19 after all, it merely minimises the symptoms.

      So there you have: “Come be genetically modified with risk of death or bad reaction and no promise of immunity from COVID”. This is what Pope Francis is pushing, quite apart from the fact that the vaccines are made and/or tested using the stem cell lines of aborted babies.

      If and when this goes catastrophically wrong on humanity, Francis will be number one target for blame as one of its promoters. Never known Popes to behave like this man. I wonder how much “Big Pharma” is pumping into the Vatican Bank for his promo!

      • Athanasius,

        There are numerous stories popping up of people who have taken the vaccine subsequently testing positive for Covid! Them there good old PCR tests strike again!

        • RCAVictor

          It’s just typical of the way they keep everyone in a state of confusion and under lockdown – constant conflicting stories and no clarity. It has all the hallmarks of you know who.

  2. I’m not sure there’s that degree of pressure on GP’s in England. A friend of mine in his 70’s with underlying health conditions was contacted by his GP and asked if he wanted the Pfizer vaccine and was told they could fit him in for the jab in the next couple of days. He said no and that was the end of the phone call. No attempt to persuade, no asking his reasons why he didn’t want the vaccine. I would have thought if there was pressure on the GP’s, more effort would have been made to coerce or discover reasons for failing to have the vaccine, but I could be wrong.

    • Westminster Fly,

      Your comment reminds me of something I keep meaning to ask. How is the tracking done? Do GPs have to send a record or a list or something to a Government central point, with the names of those who have been vaxxed, or is it just a numbers count? I’d love to know the answer to that. If it’s just numbers, then what you say makes sense, the doctors won’t feel the same pressure to force us to agree to the vax.

      • Margaret Mary,

        That’s something I’d like to know, as well. If it just goes into our personal medical records, that’s fine but if a central list is being kept with our names on, then I’d be worried. That would say to me, “health passport” in the near future.

        • In answer to Lily and Margaret Mary, the NHS system is centralised now, so your records can be accessed from anywhere, although supposedly only with your authorisation. Where I live, the overflow from my own GP surgery are often sent to a local hospital – one of the old ‘cottage hospital’ type of places, where there is a ‘GP hub’. You can often end up seeing one the locum GP’s there, whichever local GP surgery you are registered at. Whenever that has happened to me, the locum GP has always asked permission to access my patient records, which they don’t have to do at your own GP surgery. So if GP’s are making a record of refusal of vaccines, then in theory, the whole of the NHS has access to that information. I’m sure they’d find a way round getting your permission to access your records if it suited them. Sorry – I have a real downer on the NHS. It’s not fit for purpose and has caused me and another family member a lot of problems in the past. I don’t trust it.

  3. I was livid reading the link about the PM refusing to set out a plan to end lockdowns and give us back our freedoms. This is beyond a joke. At least there seems to be more MPs waking up to the truth and putting pressure on him – all Tories, note, no Labour or SNP or any other party. That tells us an awful lot.

  4. Staying safe the most important thing?
    Yeah sure; even if it makes us all end up with a life not worth living, reducing us to brutes without a mind or a soul. …..
    Not on- topic I know, but the most disgusting thing I’ve seen lately is Salisbury Cathedral being used as a vaccination centre, with the organ playing in the background. Total blasphemy and an abomination. They dress up as an act of charity, this huge moneymaking scam power grab and crime against humanity, built upon a huge web of government lies.
    Yet they close churches for religious services…….
    A few months ago I saw footage too of swaggering brownshirt police thugs brutalising worshippers in a church in Wales.

  5. I heard that 30 older people died in Norway after having the jab.

    Herewith a long but extremely informative video. I don’t know why it hasn’t been taken down but no doubt it will. Does anybody know how to file these reports in a safe place on one’s computer?

    • Helen,

      As James says near the end of this video (which is excellent), he’s got all his videos stored on non-controlled sites, like BitChute.

    • Helen,

      If YouTube take it down from their platform, then it disappears and goes all the way to cyberspace heaven. Just think of the videos posted here which eventually have a notice saying “this video has been removed…” for whatever reason. So, e.g. even if you have a special file to keep all YouTube videos featuring Pope Francis (I love a laugh), you can only watch them for as long as YouTube deigns to leave them on the YouTube platform. You can save them on your desktop, in a special file, wherever you choose, but if YouTube deletes it at YouTube, it’s gone. Over. You’ve had your chips, as they say…

      I suppose this is as clear as mud but it’s the best I can do after another one of those days 😀

    • Er… Helen… I’d imagine so…

      Are your trying to live up to your avatar or is this the real you? 😀

      Apologies to all the blondes out there – just kidding…

  6. You may well have already seen it, but Remnant TV ( Mr Matt) has released very disturbing and very educational videos”what is the new normal” and “Dr. Simone Gold – the truth about the CV19 vaccine” and before anyone asks – I did try to include a link but I am unable to.