20/1/21 Inauguration: Joe Biden, President For (Maybe) Half American Population? 

– – Monday, December 21, 2020

A smart friend of mine who is a moderate liberal asked why I was not recognizing Joe Biden’s victory.

The friend made the case that Mr. Biden had gotten more votes, and historically we recognize the person with the most votes. Normally, we accept the outcome of elections just as we accept the outcomes of sporting events.

So, my friend asked why was 2020 different?

As I thought about it, I realized my anger and fear were not narrowly focused on votes. My unwillingness to relax and accept that the election grew out of a level of outrage and alienation unlike anything I had experienced in more than 60 years involvement in public affairs.

The challenge is that I — and other conservatives — are not disagreeing with the left within a commonly understood world. We live in alternative worlds.

The left’s world is mostly the established world of the forces who have been dominant for most of my life.

My world is the populist rebellion which believes we are being destroyed, our liberties are being cancelled and our religions are under assault. (Note the new Human Rights Campaign to decertify any religious school which does not accept secular sexual values — and that many Democrat governors have kept casinos open while closing churches though the COVID-19 pandemic.) We also believe other Democrat-led COVID-19 policies have enriched the wealthy while crushing middle class small business owners (some 160,000 restaurants may close).

In this context, let’s talk first about the recent past and the presidency.    

In 2016, I supported an outsider candidate, who was rough around the edges and in the Andrew Jackson school of controversial assaults on the old order. When my candidate won, it was blamed on the Russians. We now know (four years later) Hillary Clinton’s own team financed the total lie that fueled this attack.

Members of the FBI twice engaged in criminal acts to help it along — once in avoiding prosecution of someone who had deleted 33,000 emails and had a subordinate use a hammer to physically destroy hard drives, and a second time by lying to FISA judges to destroy Gen. Michael Flynn and spy on then-candidate Donald Trump and his team. The national liberal media aided and abetted every step of the way. All this was purely an attempt to cripple the new president and lead to the appointment of a special counsel — who ultimately produced nothing.

Now, people in my world are told it is time to stop resisting and cooperate with the new president. But we remember that the Democrats wanted to cooperate with Mr. Trump so much that they began talking about his impeachment before he even took office. The Washington Post ran a story on Democrat impeachment plots the day of the inauguration.

In fact, nearly 70 Democratic lawmakers boycotted his inauguration. A massive left-wing demonstration was staged in Washington the day after, where Madonna announced she dreamed of blowing up the White House to widespread applause. These same forces want me to cooperate with their new president. I find myself adopting the Nancy Pelosi model of constant resistance. Nothing I have seen from Mr. Biden since the election offers me any hope that he will reach out to the more than 74 million Americans who voted for President Trump.

So, I am not reacting to the votes so much as to the whole election environment.

When Twitter and Facebook censored the oldest and fourth largest newspaper (founded by Alexander Hamilton) because it accurately reported news that could hurt Mr. Biden’s chances — where were The New York Times and The Washington Post?

The truth of the Hunter Biden story is now becoming impossible to avoid or conceal. The family of the  Democrat nominee for president received at least $5 million from an entity controlled by our greatest adversary. It was a blatant payoff, and most Americans who voted for Mr. Biden never heard of it — or were told before the election it was Russian disinformation. Once they did hear of it, 17% said they would have switched their votes, according to a poll by the Media Research Center. That’s the entire election. The censorship worked exactly as intended.

Typically, newspapers and media outlets band together when press freedom is threatened by censorship. Where was the sanctimonious “democracy dies in darkness?” Tragically, The Washington Post is now part of the darkness.

But this is just a start. When Twitter censors four of five Rush Limbaugh tweets in one day, I fear for the country.

When these monolithic Internet giants censor the president of the United States, I fear for the country.

When I see elite billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg are able to spend $400 million to hire city governments to maximize turnout in specifically Democratic districts — without any regard to election spending laws or good governance standards — I fear for the country.

When I read that Apple has a firm rule of never irritating China — and I watch the NBA kowtow to Beijing, I fear for our country.

When I watch story after story about election fraud being spiked — without even the appearance of journalistic due diligence or curiosity — I know something is sick.

The election process itself was the final straw in creating the crisis of confidence which is accelerating and deepening for many millions of Americans.

Aside from a constant stream of allegations of outright fraud, there are some specific outrages — any one of which was likely enough to swing the entire election.

Officials in virtually every swing state broke their states’ own laws to send out millions of ballots or ballot applications to every registered voter. It was all clearly documented in the Texas lawsuit, which was declined by the U.S. Supreme Court based on Texas’ procedural standing — not the merits of the case. That’s the election.

In addition, it’s clear that virtually every swing state essentially suspended normal requirements for verifying absentee ballots. Rejection rates were an order of magnitude lower than in a normal year. In Georgia, rejection rates dropped from 6.5% in 2016 to 0.2% in 2020. In Pennsylvania, it went from 1% in 2016 to .003% in 2020. Nevada fell from 1.6% to .75%. There is no plausible explanation other than that they were counting a huge number of ballots — disproportionately for Mr. Biden — that normally would not have passed muster. That’s the election.

The entire elite liberal media lied about the timeline of the COVID-19 vaccine. They blamed President Trump for the global pandemic even as he did literally everything top scientists instructed. In multiple debates, the moderators outright stated that he was lying about the U.S. having a vaccine before the end of the year (note Vice President Mike Pence received it this week). If Americans had known the pandemic was almost over, that too was likely the difference in the election.

The unanimously never-Trump debate commission spiked the second debate at a critical time in order to hurt President Trump. If there had been one more debate like the final one, it likely would have been pivotal.

This is just the beginning. But any one of those things alone is enough for Trump supporters to think we have been robbed by a ruthless establishment — which is likely to only get more corrupt and aggressive if it gets away with these blatant acts.

For more than four years, the entire establishment mobilized against the elected president of the United States as though they were an immune system trying to kill a virus. Now, they are telling us we are undermining democracy.

You have more than 74 million voters who supported President Trump despite everything — and given the election mess, the number could easily be significantly higher. The truth is tens of millions of Americans are deeply alienated and angry.

If Mr. Biden governs from the left — and he will almost certainly be forced to — that number will grow rapidly, and we will win a massive election in 2022.

Given this environment, I have no interest in legitimizing the father of a son who Chinese Communist Party members boast about buying. Nor do I have any interest in pretending that the current result is legitimate or honorable. It is simply the final stroke of a four-year establishment-media power grab. It has been perpetrated by people who have broken the law, cheated the country of information, and smeared those of us who believe in America over China, history over revisionism, and the liberal ideal of free expression over cancel culture.

I write this in genuine sorrow, because I think we are headed toward a serious, bitter struggle in America. This extraordinary, coordinated four-year power grab threatens the fabric of our country and the freedom of every American. Click here to read at source


I fully sympathise with the author of the above article.  Indeed, I will forever think of Joe Biden as The Man Who Stole America… What about you? And – very importantly – what about America?  What lies ahead for the U.S.A. under the Biden-Harris Harris-Biden administration? 

Here’s one chant from a crowd of thousands of Americans, which neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris will EVER hear. I’d bet on it…

And for now, a final address from President Trump to the nation… note:  “for now”…


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  1. All so true. Little things pop out however. The official word ‘concede’ was never used. Wait … there’s more. There is that ‘something’ about our president that tells me he is as honest as the day is long. He is as caring as a big guardian angel. He comes to us as a father figure. He is intellectually brilliant. Would this man ever leave us all to suffer under a socialist tyrannical regime which had undercut him to get power?
    Would he … with full knowledge of the poisoned voting? How depressed he must have been when the supreme court turned its back on his evidence? EVIDENCE OF TREASON!! How much abuse can a man takeP Why he was abused even by the pope (who actually could use a little talking to himself)! This kind of a man is not done yet. 65,000 national guard in Washington D.C. and plenty more spread through the states !! For an inauguration? I think not. Something else.!! After a few rough weeks we may breathe the clean fresh air of freedom. Let freedom ring O Lord. with the light from a light from above.

    • Mary Anne,

      I don’t think the President will do anything like you maybe are thinking, e.g. Martial Law – I think he’s playing the long game now and will be a thorn in the flesh from the sidelines. I heard one commentator saying he is still the most influential person in US politics and he’ll be on the airwaves for months (if not years) to come.

      What disgusts me is that Pence, McConnell and McCarthy are not attending his farewell send off but going to the inauguration. I’m truly appalled at that. I have completely misread both Pence and McCarthy, though not McConnell. I always thought he was not to be trusted.

      I also keep thinking of all the unborn babies now at risk again – it’s so very sad.

      • Lily,

        Not only will Pence, McConnell and McCarthy skip President Trump’s farewell send off in order to attend the Inauguration but they are going to attend Mass with Biden first!

        You just could not make up this stuff. It’s beyond belief that this crook is to begin his presidency – including presiding over the murder of countless unborn babies – by attending Mass. If that’s not tantamount to blasphemy, give me a better example.

        • Editor,

          It is hard to believe that Biden would go to Mass and presumably Communion when the whole world knows he is pro abortion up to birth. There must be a special place in hell for him.

    • Mary Anne,

      Hear, hear! When Gen. Flynn says the odds are 10 out of 10 that Trump gets a new term, then there are 4 Aces that haven’t been played yet. No concession, no reference to a Biden administration (which would really be an Obama administration, behind the scenes – i.e. a NWO puppet administration).

      Speaking of a NWO puppet administration, that is who would be the beneficiaries of a Joke Biden presidency: the elites. As for the millions of Americans, including many Catholic clergy and laity, who actually voted for this despicable criminal, I can’t post what I think of them.

      (PS: It does bother me, however, that Sydney Powell has withdrawn her Georgia lawsuit. What’s up with that?)

      • RCAVictor

        Up to the point when President Trump gave his farewell speech, I too shared such hope. I no longer believe this to be true, however. I genuinely believe that Trump looked at Marshall Law under the Insurrection Act, but soon realised it was a no go when the military chiefs of staff came out publicly in favour of Biden. I think President Trump knows he has no option now but to leave office and start preparing for 2022, assuming the evil forces don’t stop it.

        Never wanted to be so wrong in my life!

        • Athanasius,

          I am also at the point of abandoning illusions, though when I was praying fervently about it last night, the thought entered my head that the inauguration had to happen first. Well, who knows, but the point I wanted to make is that invoking the Insurrection Act is not the same as martial law, according to what I’ve come across numerous times lately. And honestly, I’m not sure of the difference myself, but apparently Trump has already invoked the IA.

          I’m on a quick visit to the blog so I don’t have time to find information about it, but will try to come back later with something relevant.

          Meanwhile, I’ve become aware that I’ve descended halfway into a sort of bunker mentality through fears of a Biden “presidency” (actually it would be another Obama regime, telling Harris what to do behind the scenes – with Soros looking over Obama’s shoulder, of course, as he did for those 8 awful years already. Biden will be quickly “disappeared.”) and the persecution of Christians and patriots that will result.

          So in response I’m going to cling even more fiercely to our Faith, to Our Lord and Our Lady, and make sure my earthly home is well inside the Mystical Body of Christ.

          • RCA Victor,

            I look forward to reading your thoughts about the inauguration and Biden’s speech, which I found instantly forgettable, and for once I was right. Can’t remember anything about it except thinking it was full of sound-bites but no substance.

            As and when, RCA, as and when 😀

            • Editor,

              I paid no attention to Biden’s so-called inauguration and his so-called speech, since he is not only not qualified to be President, he has usurped the office through brazen fraud. Besides all that, I’m sure someone else wrote the speech.

              I did note that Francis called him to offer his congratulations. Well isn’t that special: the beneficiary of a suspicious election calling to congratulate the beneficiary of a stolen election. Crooks of a feather sell their souls together.

              There we have in a nutshell the Communist ruse: portray themselves as the champions of the poor, the marginalized, the oppressed – all the while accumulating for themselves unlimited power, wealth and privilege at the expense of their alleged clients.

              • RCA Victor,

                Your middle paragraph above is a classic! ” the beneficiary of a suspicious election calling to congratulate the beneficiary of a stolen election. Crooks of a feather sell their souls together.”


          • RCAVictor

            I agree with you entirely about where our home has to be located – never felt that so strongly as I do now.

            As for the rest, I think we’ll find that Donald Trump will not be back anytime soon, the new Administration will try to pretend he never existed and America will sink into complete Communist totalitarianism. There won’t be a delcaration of Marshal Law.

            The two predictions I make going forward are: 1. Biden will soon be replced with Harris, the first female President and Marxist. 2, China will invade Taiwan and take control of the South China Sea. They’ll all pretend surprise and outrage but they’ll be part of it and China will continue to pull the strings of world events. Now that Trump is out of the way it will be full steam ahead into global Communist darkness, until God decides that enough is enough.

            • Athanasius,

              My head is dizzy with reading two different spellings of “Marshall / Martial Law” on this blog. I always thought it was “Martial” Law but because I see you as a genius, I couldn’t believe you were wrong and so I put “Marshall Law” into Google and guess what came up – “Martial Law”! I thought you would want to know that.

              Anyway, I totally agree that it was unlikely that President Trump would bring Martial Law in. I think if he’d done that, they’d have got him arrested and into jail in no time at all.

            • Athanasius,

              I think your predictions are in the realm of 100% probability.

              And if justice should ever prevail, I wonder if the other inmates will have to stand up when Harris is brought to her jail cell…

    • Mary Anne

      You’re forgetting the treachery of the military chiefs of Staff, who have already shown their colours in favour of Biden. Without the military there can be no Marshall Law. No, President Trump knows there’s nothing he can do now but leave the White House and start preparing for 2022. My fear about this, however, is that once his Presidential authority has gone he will be hounded by the left, accused of all sorts of crimes to prevent a re-run in 2022. I also believe the left will fabricate crimes against his followers and outlaw the MAGA movement as potential domestic terrorists. It’s not looking good. Only Our Lady can help now with the state America and the world is in with evil and corruption. No man, however good, has the wherewithall to do it or President Trump would have been the man. He achieved a lot of great things but failed entirely to touch the swamp creatures who ultimately ended his Presidency with relative ease.

      Trust in God and Our Lady is truly our only hope, we must pray for a holy Pope who will consecrate Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart and then watch as she crushes the head of the serpent and ushers in a restoration of all things in Christ, Our Lord, and a time of holy peace.

      The attack on America, it’s President and good citizens, originates from the same source as the general evil assault on Christian cultures all around the globe. That source is truly diabolic, Luciferian, and it can only be defeated by supernatural means – primarily the rosary.

      To paraphrase St. Paul: “Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, against the wicked spirits in high places”. He says outright what we feel in our own souls. I think President Trump feels it too. Many rosaries and a holy Pope, that’s when we’ll feel the tide turning.

      • Athenasius! Our Rosaries and prayers have been answered. He has drained the swamp completely. As I write, arrests are being made for treason against the United States government. You will start hearing about it in the morning, but, you can read the beginnings at: https:maryanne84.Wordpress.com Go to the first article with our gov. Is like rhe gov in Uganda. Scroll down to ‘read the entire article’ Click. Scroll down to a picture of a dead rat in a trap. The next picture is the American flag with the words. January 19 update. Listen to the video by Simon Parkes tell you about it.

        • Mary Anne

          I watch the video with Steve Parkes and I’m afraid it’s just wishful thinking like so many others I watched over the past months. No, Biden will be inaugurated and nothing will happen – just watch and see.

  2. Dont do any more math. Joe Biden is the “Catholic” president of the U.S., worthy of the American Catholics, bishops, priests and laity, that is, completely corrupt and degenerate. He won because of the huge support of people of Catholic origin (Irish, Italians, Poles) who have lost their faith in swing states. Just like in Scotland or in England, the Catholics there are the number one promoters of abortion, sodomy, the ones who have fewer kids, if any, in the end, the Vatican II hateful ideology. And the handful of Tradis in those countries are comoletely irrelevant, they are an insignificant minority much more louder in social media than in real life, with plenty of chapels and churches that celebrate the Traditional Mass comoletely empty, whether they are FSSPX, FSSP, ICKSP le any other.

    • Joseph

      I can certainly understand your bitterness, even if I do believe it to be contrary to the Catholic spirit and presently skewing your objectivity.

      Had you examined post-election results you would have discovered that President Trump actually won the Catholic vote, especially the Latino vote. And while I agree with you that Pope Francis and the likes of Cardinal Wilton Gregory and many more prelates of his ilk are culpable before God for their treachery, not all prelates in America by any means are Biden supporters, and cenrtainly not many priests and religious, especially the pro-life ones.

      The Catholics of influence who have helped this evil succeed, apart from the aforementioned Pope and prelates, were all people in very influential positions, who used that influence to assist the steal.

      These were Biden himself, Pelosi, Republican Senator Patrick Toomey, former Attorney General Bill Barr and the six Catholic SCOTUS justices out of nine, including chief justice John Roberts. Looking at the bigger picture, the COVID fraud that aided the election fraud, the two principal peddlers of global influence there were apostates Dr. Anthony Fauci and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

      The Traditional Catholics you refer to, whose churches are actually packed with souls, when permitted by the COVID police, have nothing to do with this. They prayed and they voted for Doanld Trump, as per their duty. I don’t know what else they or any of us could do given that this election steal is diabolic, not human, in orchestration. Only a divine intervention can help this world now, it was always too great a fight for one man. We need to trust in God and in Our Lady of Fatima rather than our own efforts if we are to get through this present global chastisement, otherwise we get bitter and despair. I don’t know about you but I don’t fancy the latter choice. Faith and trust in the Immaculate Heart of Mary – she’ll snatch the victory ffrom Lucifer and his minions just as they think they have it.

      • I believe Trump lost, its sad but not a shock to me. Regarding the attendence to the handful of Traditional Mass centers that we have, I can tell you for sure that many of them are empty, well before Covid, with priests doing an awful job. If you live in Britain I can offer you the most disgraceful example: one of the biggest Catholic church building in England, and the tallest, is the Church of St. Walburge in Preston, run by the ICKSP. Its almost a cathedral with capacity for more than one thousand faithful and it is completely empty. I doubt that in a good Sunday there are 50 people. All the photos that you see during Mass are towards the presbitery because if they focus the faithful what they have is only empty pews. A disgraceful sight, it is the stereotype of smells and bells and no faithful, they attract no one, Is a dead church and they have been there since 2014. And like that there are plenty of Traditional churches (FSSPX, FSSP and specially ICKSP) Please wake up, stop daydreaming. If Tradis are the future of the Church then the Church has no future at all, the future will look like Preston. The opposite of the salvation of souls, what souls, if no one goes there. Its a crime to have a church like that in such a state, even the priest there recognized in an article that the church is falling apart, and obviously they can afford to repair it cause they have no faithful. There you have it, the Tradi paradise. We so called Traditional Catholics are in crisis, like it or not. We should dedicate less time to criticize Bergoglio and its minions and more to fill our empty churches. If clergy and faithful dont wake up and start attracting people to the faith and the Mass, we will continue to be nothing but an anecdote.

        • Joseph,

          You believe Trump lost?

          Presumably, you are still watching the BBC and other mainstream media outlets? If so, you certainly would believe that Trump lost. That’s the lie they have been peddling.

          There is no way in this world that Joe Biden won; he can scarcely string two sentences together and he actually admitted that he would win because they’d decided to cheat their way to “victory”. See his admission in the clip below… It’s been broadcast in several USA (conservative) news reports but I seriously doubt it will have been aired in the UK. If I’m wrong about that, let me know.

          And from the many clips available, I chose the one below to demonstrate Biden’s total incapacity for the office of President. The blurb underneath this next video on YouTube reads: We were told it’s too dangerous to go vote. But as soon as the perfect amount of mailbox ballots for the worst candidate of all time trickled in; leftists ran to the streets to party. Meet the person they want to command our troops and lead. Shameful.

          You still think he won, fair and square?

          • I spoke 95% about how Traditional parishes are dying and you focus on Trump? You care more about electoral issues that about the tragedy we face as faithful? Trump and other presidents always pass, what we want help to grow, the faith, lasts forever. Stop focusing on politics. If we could change our church we would not need to complain about the state of politics.

            • Joseph

              Politics comes under the category of Catholic Social Action – it is therefore our Catholic duty to participate in such matters.

              As regards those Traditional parishes you seem to think are everywhere dying, even though many of us observe differently, what you need to do is help promote the consecration of Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, the only way any of us will ever see this magnificent re-birth of faith you, and we, so desperately hope for. If, on the other hand, you are advocating mere human action then I’m afraid you’re on a loser, for we are living through times of lost faith and indifference to truth.

              This blog, in case you haven’t noticed, consistently treats of the crisis in the Church and is not shy in mentioning failings within the Traditional arena either. That we also do our duty here by exposing massive frauds in the public domain that affect the Church and the world, is testimony to our Catholic duty to expose error whenever and wherever it appears. We cannot, must not, become isolated Catholics within a little conclave of Traditional groupings, however vibrant, that turns a deaf ear and blind eye to what is happening in the Church and in our society. What is unfolding everywhere is the chastisement of the Third Secret. Fix your mind and efforts on that truth and you’ll begin to understand what really needs to be done.

            • Joseph,

              Er… In Scotland, the traditional Masses are as well attended as can be expected in this post-Vatican II “Great Reset of the Church” era. That, plus I don’t know anything about the situation south of the border, I thought I would take a minute to correct one glaring error in your comment – that Trump “lost” the election. No, it was stolen from him. No question about it. As Athanasius points out, it is not possible to put “politics” into a box separate from our Catholic lives – otherwise, Archbishop Vigano wouldn’t have written his Open Letter to President Trump, because now, more than ever, we need to be wide awake to the fact that the Devil has never worked harder to destroy the Faith and to lead souls to Hell. Maybe now that there’s a socialist administration installed in the White House, you’ll get to see that more clearly for yourself. Socialism leaders, inexorably, to Communism. So, fasten your seat belt, our friends across The Pond!

              Incidentally, your reference to “…the stereotype of smells and bells…”) surprised me somewhat, that being the language of the critics of the ancient Mass. Oh and “Tradis” are not the future of the Church – if you have been reading this blog for any length of time you will have read my personal dislike of this sort of language “trads, tradis, rad trads” blah blah – we are Catholics; end of.

        • Joseph,
          I go to a large diocesan parish traditional Latin Mass every Sunday and before covid it was packed – especially with younger, large families. Since covid it has thinned out a bit because seating is now restricted but there is still what I would call a healthy attendance level. Please see Dr Joseph Shaw’s piece on attendance of the TLM:- https://www.hprweb.com/2021/01/the-demographics-of-the-extraordinary-form He acknowledges the small amount of TLM-goers compared to NO-goers, but makes some interesting observations. He states:- “The Extraordinary Form is today attended by a very tiny percentage of Catholics, which is why it is possible to take surveys of Catholics as a whole as a proxy for Catholics who attend the Ordinary Form. After thirteen years of rapid growth following the Apostolic Letter Summorum Pontificum, it is nevertheless becoming a phenomenon worthy of serious study.” I think it also has to be borne in mind that we are at the very beginning of Catholic restoration, so I wouldn’t expect packed TLM churches immediately. I think it will grow organically, especially as the novus ordo parishes, merge, close and then die out due to lack of priests.

          • I said that there are plenty of Catholic TLM churches that are a complete disaster and they have been functioning for years. If your church is well attended, good, plenty of others are empty. Just check out St. Walburge in Preston, the biggest Catholic church run by Tradis, completely empty, a ghost church.

        • Joseph,

          Regarding St Wulburge’s church, the local Bishop put it in the care of the ICKSP in order to save the church from closure, but then the Bishop also gave them the neighboring parish of English Martyrs. Added to that, the ICKSP also say Mass in a church in Penwortham which is only 10 miles from Preston. I have been told that there is also an evening Mass at St Wulburge’s which means that their congregation is split between four Masses in three different churches. If they were all at one Mass then the church wouldn’t look so empty.

          • If they are going to have an empty church, why have it in the first place? The churches were made to be full. But they dont care about evangelization, they dont care about converting people to the faith. In that sense they are useless. At the end of the day it proves that Traditional Mass movements have no interest in recovering the faith, just to have their little liturgy for the local handful of people who like that. Saving souls? Nah, we have the Mass and a couple of folks attending, we are fine with that. The Novus Ordo has empty churches and Traditional Mass comunities are no different. They atract a little group of people and little else.

            • Joseph

              What exactly are you trying to say? It looks to me like you think the present crisis of faith everywhere is something human beings can fix. There’s only one way this crisis will end and that is with prayer (primarily the rosary) and sacrifice. It’s a supernatural crisis that requires a supernatural intervention. All we can do is try to win the odd soul back to truth by God’s grace, nothing more.

              Have you written to the priests you refer to with your concerns? That’s the best place to start, though don’t expect miracles. Just do your bit and leave the rest to God, same as us.

            • Joseph,

              Makes you wonder why Our Lord came down on earth to suffer and die, first of all establishing His Church when he knew all along that Judas was going to betray Him.

              Makes you wonder, too, about those Genesis accounts of the creation of a beautifully ordered world, when God knew that the old serpent would come along and set in motion the wheels of ugliness and disorder.

              I believe it’s called something along the lines of the Mystery of Iniquity.

              You should have been taught in your Confirmation class that, as Athanasius says, evil in the world is not something we can “fix” by human effort alone. We must exercise our Faith and do our duty to spread and defend it whenever necessary but ultimately, God is in charge.

              You also write as if you know nothing about the Fatima warnings – we are living through the fulfilment of those prophecies in our time. One cardinal (Ciappi) revealed that “in the {undisclosed part of) the Third Secret it is revealed that the crisis in the Church begins at the top.”

              It doesn’t stay there, though, it has trickled down to the rest of us and we are suffering that now. You need to do what YOU can, Joseph, and leave the rest to God. What was it that St Ignatius said …”Work as though everything depended on us and then pray as if everything depends on God.”

              Worrying and despairing is not a sign of Faith – it’s the very opposite and you can attend all the churches in the world – full or empty – and it won’t mean you have Faith.

  3. Editor

    That was a great article from Newt Gingrich, a true American patriot. His observations are spot on and so concise. I’ll bet there are still a good number on Congress who share this view. Biden won’t last long, we know the intention is to replace him with Harris, a true Marxist. I give her about six months and almost every Democrat voter will have switched to Trump and be demanding her resignation. She hasn’t a clue and she’ll falter as soon as China Joe gets carted off to a sanitorium.

  4. According to a news report today, Kamala Harris demands that everyone stand up when she enters the room. Biden is a distraction in a way, he will almost certainly just serve one term due to his age – if he even serves a full term. Harris is the one to keep an eye on.

    • WF,

      WOW! I wish you’d put a link to that source. I knew she comes across as arrogant, now we know she IS arrogant – absolutely!

      I’ve known since the get-go that the intention is to get rid of Biden and replace him with Harris – even before I saw the video of her husband boasting that he was “married to the next President of the United States”…

        • PS Editor – I hope you stand up when reading my comments, because I’m soooooooooooooooo important. And humble. Seriously though – this woman is America’s worst nightmare. A friend of mine keeps saying that 6 months of Harris and the USA will be begging Trump to return.

          • WF,

            It goes without saying! I always stand up out of deference to my elders 😀 If only you WERE older than me, that would make me around 25… One lives and one dreams.

            As for Kamala Harris – that report says it all. Although, this Einstein quote also says something that might cause Harris to reflect…

            • Editor

              I like that cartoon caption. The downside is that what I thought was unlimited genius in me is actually more likely to be limitless stupidity. I knew it was too good to be true!

              • Athanasius,

                Talking about limitless stupidity… I’ve just watched the first few minutes of a press conference given by Kevin -The Judas – McCarthy (R) who is now complaining about the Biden administration – one day in…

                I switched off with a flourish, saying, “serves you blankety blank right!”

                I’m nothing, if not original 😀

  5. What a yawn yawn inauguration! I almost fell asleep watching it. Joe Biden is not exactly rivetting, LOL! He didn’t stumble though so I presume he was reading.

    By contrast, President Trump’s ceremonial farewell was lovely. I love his style and I’m really missing him already!

    • Lily,

      Thank you for that – very touching, indeed. The President spoke with dignity and grace.

      I’ve only seen bits of the inauguration – Biden’s speech was instantly forgettable, which is probably why I can’t remember a word of it.

      As for the singers – goodness! Lady Gaga singing the national anthem (my first ever witnessing her performance. Powerful voice, horrendous dress, exaggerated theatrics. God help us all.) And the man who sang Amazing Grace? Jennifer Lopez singing This Land is Your Land at a speed of about half a mile every two hours? Honestly, I’ve been to livelier funerals and I’m not kidding.

      Contrast all of that with the beautiful and magnificent end at the last Republican Convention … No contest.

      • Editor

        Interesting also that the priest who prayed at the inauguration was Leo J O’Sullivan S.J. Yes, a Jesuit, of all things!

        I did a quick search of his name and read a little about him on Wikipedia. Not much there except strong hints that he is pro-abort and pro-LGBT. His fists up display to Biden’s wife after the prayer was a pretty low-life, left-wing gesture unbecoming of a priest of God and clear evidence that he has no issues with fraud and immorality. Aman after Francis’ own heart, so to speak!

        • Athanasius,

          I’ve not seen that part of the inauguration and didn’t see a priest when I checked out the actual swearing in, too busy doing my own swearing 😀

  6. I have not had the stomach to closely follow the inauguration or news about it. However, I read a few interesting points today:

    The inauguration event was ringed by razor wire and guarded by 25,000 National Guardsmen, each of whom had been especially vetted for this role.

    It is nice to see that Joe Biden is very confident that he is widely seen and accepted as a legitimate president and is feeling both at ease and welcome, as he enters the White House.

    I wonder if these paranoia levels will be a defining mark of his Presidency, even if (as was widely speculated about) he steps down after a planned short term due to “ill health”.

    The USCCB, led by Archbishop Gomez, was to release a statement critical of Biden and stating that his presidency will advance moral evil on several fronts. However, this was ultimately not released after intervention by the Vatican (i.e. that toad Francis).

    • Gabriel Syme

      The USCCB are just as culpable before Our Lord for allowing Francis or anyone else to silence them on speaking out about great public moral evils. Their all spineless.

    • Crofterlady,

      I agree with the person who wrote in the comments that this statement is too late, it should have been issued during the campaign.

      A priest told Church Militant this – and it took my breath away:-

      At this point in time the United States is near to having aborted 70 million babies, and frankly, Abp. Gomez’s statement does not go far enough to address Biden’s and the Democrats’ unflagging support of this grave evil. At this moment in our history as a nation, the number of dead by abortion exceeds every and all of the wars ever fought.

      That is just too serious for words. It’s totally shocking.

      • Laura,

        There is a grisly feature of the American abortion death count that has not been dealt with yet, as far as I know (perhaps Wendy Walker knows about it). Abortion has rightly been compared to the child sacrifice of the pagans (you know, those sacrosanct “indigenous peoples”); the sale of aborted baby parts has rightly been exposed; the use of fetal cell lines in the manufacture of vaccines has also been widely resisted (among faithful Catholic laity, that is, and a small minority of our clergy).

        However, there remains (and I apologize for the graphic reference) the use of blood from these child sacrifices. That is a requisite of Luciferian rituals, and it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the connection between the Democrats and satanists. What do the Democrats do as soon as they gain power? They legislate more abortion.

        During the past 4+ years, we have become aware of the existence of a powerful “Deep State,” which is good. But how many times have you heard of the satanic nature of this shadowy force? I hope that is the next step in public awareness.

  7. I note that China Joe’s first action was to sign back up to the Paris Climate Accord, thereby condemning American businesses once again to strangulation under legislation and financial penalties. He couldn’t even wait one day after his inauguration to re-introduce the globalist agenda.

    • Athanasius,

      Not merely the Paris Accord but a whole stack of Trump’s policies are now reversed by Executive Order on Day One of the evil administration.

      It will be very interesting indeed to watch this unfold – already I’ve seen one chart showing the hike in taxes under Biden – once the reality for people’s bank balances sinks in, then, as one commentator said this morning, voters will be asking “what have we done!”

        • Athanasius,

          Well, I was counting in the dead voters and all those who refused to do anything about or with the plentiful evidence of fraud. They, too, will be asking what they have (or have not) done!

          See what I mean? I might not always be right, but I’m never wrong!

  8. I just can’t believe that President Trump is no longer the President. Joe Biden is never going to fill his shoes, no way. What’s happened is a disgrace. I cannot believe that those thieves have got away with what they’ve done, to cheat in a national election on such a massive scale and get away with it. .

      • Editor,

        I found that article to be a tad naïve. The success of the election fraud and the suppression of its correction, on every level from judicial to legislative to communication to financial, makes the statement that “we have them right where we want them” to be rather goofy (I’m trying to be polite).

        Aside from the writer’s unbounded optimism, he, like just about everyone else, fails to deal with the fatal flaw inherent in the American Republic: it is a creation of Freemasons whose god is Lucifer, or nature, or both.

        So if Americans are going to regroup, and overthrow this reign of evil, it has to be through the cause of Christ the King, and no other. We need a radically different foundation and Reign, otherwise America will just become another failed empire and experiment.

        • RCAVictor

          I tend to agree with you, for the following reason: The author seems to forget that those Republicans holding in sway in office are the very ones who have just abandoned their President to his fate. They did deals with the enemies of America to legitimise the fraudulent election and stabbed their Commander-in-Chief in the back for personal gain. These same people are now working together with the left in the dismantling of everything Trump achieved, they have no intention of resisting the left.

          The Republican Party, like the UK’s Conservative Party, is corrupt. It went over to the dark side of cultural Marxism some time ago, despite the rhetoric.

          If there’s to be any revival of Christian/Conservative politics in America it can only be through a new political party created for that purpose. We all witnessed the betrayal of Trump by the ruling Republicans and it was painful to see. Trump himself realised that the GOP is dead in its soul.

          • Athanasius,

            Chief RINO backstabber has to be Mitch McConnell, who, I read a day ago, threatened not to block the impeachment proceedings if Trump pardoned Julian Assange!

            Speaking of impeachment round 2, the Demon-crats are actually sending it to the Senate, even though Trump has already left office! Whilst scratching my head at the insanity of this (it is Constitutionally impossible to impeach a President after he’s left office), I had a vewy vewy intewesting thought:

            Perhaps, without realizing it, the Demon-crats are admitting that Trump is actually still the President!

            I’ll leave that to Sigmund Freud…

            • RCAVictor

              Yes indeed, Mitch McConnell is some piece of work. He’s married to a woman originally from Taiwan whose family is up to its neck in business with the CCP. Her father, a shipping magnate, left her and Mitch a legacy of millions of dollars. Tells us all we need to know.

              • Athanasius,

                I read or viewed in a couple of places, at least, that Elaine Chao was actually related to President Xi’s wife! But again, the accuracy of these sites has to be questioned.

              • LOL – here’s one for you. I was just watching the latest Jeffrey Prather video, in which he continued his habit of saying very little – although in this video he was trying to be supportive and encouraging in the face of defeat – he said that if you type antifa.com into the URL box, you’ll be taken to the Biden White House website! Oops!

                (Or perhaps it is a spoof WH site, I don’t know)

                I tried it and it is true. Not sure if that will work overseas, but try it and give us a full report!

                • RCAVictor

                  Yes, it does exactly the same over here in the UK. Type in Antifa.com and it goes straight to the White House website. Looks like the genuine WH site. Incredible.

        • RCA Victor,

          Your reply reminds me of a piece of advice intended as consolation, given to me by a good friend years ago: when you find yourself feeling foolish in a discussion, just remember that somewhere in the world there is someone pulling a door that says “Push”… 😀

          I agree, absolutely, with your final paragraph – I simply read the article as being hopeful of the possibility of a base for precisely that time; we thought we had that base with the presidency of Donald Trump.

          Let’s face it, we’re unlikely to see a sudden infusion of divine and Catholic Faith in the US Bishops any time soon, if ever, and until the Consecration of Russia, we’re stuck with the diabolical disorientation through which we are living at this time.

          Still, it’s good to remember that somewhere in the world, right at this moment, someone is pulling at a door which says “Push”! 😀

          • Editor,

            Not sure why you’re feeling foolish, we Yanks are always optimistic about something!

            You know what could well be the most disturbing aspect of this evil episode in our history? It is that the so-called alternate news sites all led us down the path of “Trump will pull this out,” “All the traitors will be rounded up,” “the military will intervene using the Insurrection Act,” etc.

            Well that turned out to be a load of cow manure, didn’t it?

            I’m talking about Gateway Pundit on down to Gen. Flynn and Lin Wood – speaking of feeling foolish, they’re the ones who should be sitting in corners wearing their dunce caps.

            What will o’ the wisp sources do these people have, that they actually think they have accurate information? I’m getting pretty steamed just thinking about it. My morning internet reading is going to veer sharply in another direction, methinks.

            I even came across an article yesterday pointing out that the “Q” phenomenon was actually tried once before in history: by the Bolsheviks, shortly after they took power, in order to entrap their enemies!

            • RCA Victor,

              I have been noticing that the news outlets favouring Trump such as Newsmax have been pulling back on the “fraud” claims. They nearly always make a comment about “not having seen the evidence” if one of their guests mentions it, so it looks like the bosses have given instructions and the way people are being censored if they so much as had a selfie taken with Trump, I can sympathise!

              Biden is obviously not the full shilling, and he won’t last long in the job. HIs talk of unity is all for show since he is allowing the impeachment of Trump to go ahead. How ridiculous is that, to use impeachment after a President has left office.

              Also, if Donald Trump was causing incitement by a speech encouraging his crowd to “peacefully and patriotically” make their voices heard, where does that leave Kamala Harris who bailed out Antifa and BLM activists from jail during the riots they caused last summer?

              • Michaela,

                Well, it leaves Harris soon occupying the Presidency, since she has all the qualifications: a corrupt, arrogant, sleazy liar whose words yesterday mean absolutely nothing, having been replaced by her words today…

                …and which will be replaced by different words tomorrow. She must have gotten an A+ in George Orwell in college.

                We should take bets on how long it takes the Deep State to shove Biden off-stage and into a nursing home.

              • Michaela

                Biden may be failing in cognitive ability but he’s no idiot, he’s evil, as is Pope Francis who gives the silent nod to his pro-abortion, pro-LGBT agenda. I read today that Dr. Fauci, now showing his true apostate colours, assured the WHO that funding will be restored under Biden for the promotion of “reproductive rights” – snake talk for abortion and contraception. Biden is also rolling back measures by Trump that forbade federal dollars to international abortion factories.

                As I say, evil beyond belief with that man Francis in full accord.

              • Michaela,

                I watched a brief interview with the Congressman Jim Jordan earlier today where he pointed out that the Democrats tried to impeach Trump before he took office, then during his first years in office and now when he has left office. It makes absolutely no sense at all.

                It’s very clear that the lunatics are now running the asylum. Very badly!

                • Editor

                  I read that Trump may be planning to form his own political party, called the Patriot Party. If he gets enough GOP senators and Congressmen/women to promise a switch to the new party then I think it could be a goer. If that happened it would be goodnight Vienna for the GOP. Intersting times.

            • RCAVictor

              Couldn’t agree more about these hopium outlets with their “insider” information that turned out to be more worthless than a Chinese fortune cookie. Definitely giving them a miss in future.

  9. According to Lifesitnews.com Archbishop and newly appointed Cardinal Gregory attended Joe Biden’s inauguration yesterday. The Cardinal says he is willing to give Holy Communion to him.


    There was such a difference between this current inauguration, and 4 years ago. I was impressed with the newly elected President in 2016, despite not being a Catholic having the Tenor to sing Ave Maria from the balcony at the White House.

    • Theresa Rose

      Yes, the difference between the two inaugurations is that the former, with a pro-life President and a tenor signing Ave Maria, represented more the kingdom of God, while the latter, with Lady Gaga singing the national anthem for a pro-abort President and a pro-abort Jesuit offering the inauguration prayer, represents Lucifer’s kingdom. That Pope Francis disdained the former and welcomes the latter is extremely worrying.

      • Theresa Rose & Athanasius,

        I can’t find the singing of the Ave Maria at Trump’s inauguration so I wonder if you are thinking of the end of the RNC in recent months – I posted that clip above.

        What I keep forgetting to point out about Biden’s inauguration is how many of those in attendance were wearing face masks and sitting “socially distanced”… very impressive. They were obviously very concerned not to spread the virus…

        Until, that is, they ran about hugging one another to death, for miles around, at the end!

        Laugh? I thought I’d never start!

        • Editor

          Yes, I saw the hypocrisy of them all sitting around in masks, socially distancing for the cameras and then tossing the masks aside for group hugs. They make me feel sick!

  10. Two other points about Joe Biden on Inauguration day.

    1) why was he wearing a mask as he sat at the desk signing Executive Orders? I believe that he has received the requisite two doses of the vaccine. I know that there are suggestions that these de-humanising masks should continue to be worn even after vaccination and there are some suggestions that there should be a culture change in the UK so that we wear them all the time, as they do in some countries (e.g. China… ) So, is that what he is doing… preparing the American people for that culture change?

    2) why was he calling for unity when he knew that he was about to sign Orders overturning key Trump achievements such as the influx of illegal immigrants from the southern border? Unless he really is an idiot, he must know that making it easier to break the law cannot possibly help unite the American people.

    • Editor

      It’s simply a case of when Hell speaks of unity, expect big time persecution. Biden is already restoring funding for abortion so not much “unity” for tens of thousands of little innocents about to be slaughtered in the womb. I don’t think any objective observer believes Biden to be anything other than a corrupt politician who speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

    • Editor,

      Obama’s old campaign slogan springs to mind, from 2008: “we’re going to fundamentally transform America.”

      And since Biden-Harris is basically a front for yet another Obama term, I’d say the transformation will continue, only at an accelerated pace. As President Trump warned us, if Biden wins we’ll have to learn Chinese.

      • RCA Victor & Athanasius,

        Well, his inauguration was marked by Antifa riots, would you believe! I saw a report on it this morning on the Chris Salcedo Show (presumably from yesterday, given our time difference) but for the life of me, I can’t find it now. Here are another two reports though – not so good, missing Chris’s commentary… Trump is gone, he can’t be blamed!

        As one of the commentators opined over on the YouTube channel (underneath the above video) “it must be nice to be a terrorist without being called a terrorist”. Quite.

        Two quotes from leading politicians, one Joe Biden, taken from underneath the above (second) video…

        “Antifa Violence? That’s a myth.”
        – Jerry Nadler

        “Antifa is an idea.”
        – Joe Biden

        I know this is wrong; we’re taught we should not take pleasure in the misfortune of another, but my wildest dream has just come true: that the hypocrisy of Trump’s enemies would show itself without delay… if only my prayers were answered as quickly as my dreams, so to speak 😀

        At this time of writing, as far as I know, there has been no condemnation of this shocking violence in Portland. Hypocrisy writ large!

        PS – if anyone has seen this reported on the mainstream news channels either in the UK or the USA, please let us know – I’ve stopped watching the TV news, having regard for my brain’s desire not to be washed every day…

        • Editor

          Those Antifa riots are a warning to Biden that he had better toe the CCP party line, or else! A wee taster for him, so to speak. He’ll get the message.

          I note that Twitter has started suppressing Antifa stuff on its platform now that Trump is gone. They are so transparent in their evil.

          • Athanasius,

            I decided to see if I could find the press briefing from the White House to see if there just might be a question about the violence.

            Low and behold, took a while, but there was a question framed in such a way that the new press secretary (Jen Psaki) was able to assure journalists that they were “monitoring” the situation. End of.

            Not a word of condemnation. Incredible!

            Can you believe that? No follow up from the questioner, who was obviously satisfied with the answer; no hounding Jen the way they hounded Kayleigh – nothing short of a strong condemnation from President Trump himself would have satisfied them.

            I watched to the end because I never ceased to marvel at the way they screamed after Kayleigh (and President Trump if he were in attendance) as they left the room. Screaming like hyenas until the WH press people and/or President were closing the door behind them. Not so now. It’s all softly, softly. No tough questions for Jen, who, half the time was saying she didn’t know the answer anyway, and would “circle back” when she had one.

            They are a pack of …er… deplorables, as Hillary Clinton might say! Only she wouldn’t of course. Only the humble, ordinary people who voted for Trump are “deplorables”. Shame on her.

            • Editor,

              Yes, welcome to the softball question press coverage of China Joe.

              I was thinking this morning about the parallels between Our Lord’s earthly life and Trump’s term as President. Both were wildly popular among ordinary people – the multitudes – along with a very few members of the establishment.

              Both were despised, feared, plotted against and destroyed by that establishment, on the basis of utterly false charges and continuous attempts at entrapment. “Malefactor”: “insurrectionist.”

              Both were betrayed by internal enemies.

              Both founded new hope: Our Lord, the sacred New Jerusalem. Trump, the secular MAGA movement.

              It remains to be seen whether Trump’s disciples will carry on the work…

              • RCA Victor,

                I have thought, many times, of the similarities between the plotting against Our Lord and His fake trials, the way he was betrayed etc. and the treatment meted out to President Trump. I couldn’t believe it, for example, when I read earlier that KellyAnne Conway has now said she would be willing to work for the Biden administration. Incredible.

                Anyway, here’s the voice of sanity and reason – Chris Salcedo comments on the new press secretary (and the left wing media in general).

          • Athanasius,

            Got it one. Antifa is no longer part of the “opposition party,” they are the enforcers of the new party line.

      • RCA Victor,

        And here’s an apostate who wants to “transform” the Church (into the praying arm of the Humanist Society) arguing that President Trump should spend the rest of his life in prison.

        I have a particular interest in the utterances of Clifford Longley because I had the dubious pleasure of living and working in the Diocese of Portsmouth at one point in my career and attended a meeting scheduled to take place in a large church in the diocese – Longley was the key speaker at that particular meeting to plot that particular insurrection.

        The audience was typically meek and mild, wholly receptive to his heresy – I can’t remember if the Blessed Sacrament had been removed from the tabernacle but I do know that the adoration pouring out was not for Our Lord but for that dreadful man who seems to be regarded as an expert in all things ecclesiastical.

        That, of course, is because he is a non-believer. He attacks the Church like a hungry teenager attacks a cheeseburger.

        Anyway, in due course, I raised my hand to ask a question and it was framed in order to highlight the man’s hypocrisy in posing as a Catholic while opposing Catholicism at every level, notably of course, the moral law – the usual chestnuts, contraception, for example, are what brought him (and every other dissenter) fame, if not fortune – with the title of “keynote speaker” across the dioceses. Uncomfortable with my question, he evaded it, and I was subject to the usual tut tut disapproval from the rest of the audience as well as, predictably, the clergy who had disgracefully organised the event.

        The above (linked) report is dated 7th January. I’d love to know what the hapless Longley thinks about the renewed and (according to Her Phonyness Kamala Harris), permanent, rioting, with a view to overthrowing the established order in the USA (insurrection by any other name).

        Well, Mr Longley, Sir – speak!

        PS I was tempted to post a comment on The Tablet site but I’m trying to resist throwing even more pearls before even more swine.

        • Editor,

          The only reason I can think of for the demons to continue pursuing Trump is that they actually believe the independent media tosh that he is still President, or that the Biden Chinese administration will all be arrested as traitors by the military and a temporary military government installed who will reinstate Trump to his rightful office.

          Otherwise, why try to impeach him? Some say that they are trying to prevent Trump from ever running again, but by 2024 he will be in his upper 70s.

          These are the same alternate media people, btw, who claim that Jeffrey Epstein is still alive! I’ve actually come across this statement at least twice recently, and I’ve been tempted to email them to ask if they’d also seen Elvis Presley.

          • RCA Victor,

            I’ve discounted the argument that the impeachment trial is to prevent Trump running in 2024 because one of his offspring could still run – that’s really not the reason, it seems to me. Being in his upper 70s wouldn’t bother me – look at Sleepy Joe, barely able to string a sentence together at 78, while Trump is full of energy and articulate. So, that’s not likely to prevent him running, but I don’t think that’s the objective of the impeachment.

            What DOES seem to me is that those pursuing him for impeachment are utterly intent on vengeance. They know that he’s been hugely successful and remains a highly popular figure – I laughed heartily watching three people standing on a street somewhere on the day of Biden’s inauguration, each holding a sign that read “We love you” (for Biden); Priceless. They know there will never be a massive crowd chanting those words for Biden or Harris, as there were for Trump, not in a million years and they are gripped with jealousy.

            This demonic determination to impeach Trump is, as are all things demonic – utterly evil.

            • Editor,

              Yes, I’m sure vengeance and jealousy are part of it, but I do think, somewhere in the dark recesses of my gray matter, that there’s some strategic factor going on.

              See you later, I’m off to look for Jeffrey Epstein….

    • Editor

      Yes, I noticed that. I also notice that Democrat governors in some places are now lifting Covid restrictions. You can just see right through the whole scam now that mission is accomplished. Real evil at work!

    • Editor,

      Flip-flopping Fauci has already changed his tune to a more optimistic pied piper theme, now that Trump is out of the way. Political virus? Is the Pope Catholic?

      Oh, wait a minute….

    • Theresa Rose,

      Numerous conservatives have already observed that the Biden regime is really Obama’s third term, a term which is designed to finish America off as a world power and turn us into a socialist banana republic.

      That was the plan with Hillary in 2016, but there was a 4-year delay…

  11. Shockingly, the impeachment trial is now set for the week beginning 8th February. This lot have no shame, whatsoever – nasty, vengeful bunch. And to claim they want “unity” … do NOT make me laugh.

    What, then, about Her Phonyness, Kamala Harris? Apart from helping to bail out rioters last summer, here she is saying the rioting should not stop – of course, if you call them “protests” (and if you ignore the fires, looting, and assaults you can do that) then, that’s OK. However, Donald Trump saying to go and “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard” doesn’t prevent his enemies from putting him on trial for inciting an insurrection.

    So, as I say, what about Kamala Harris manifestly inciting violence for political reasons? Watch her in the interview below (fittingly with a well known American comedian), warning that the rioting from the left, will not stop – even after the election. And sure enough, as the videos above confirm, she was right.

    • Editor,

      One of the new Republican congressmen has already filed impeachment papers against Biden, as she promised to do. Perhaps she’ll get around to doing the same for Ms. Hoity Toity. Gosh, then they’ll all have to stand up during the trial…

      • RCA Victor,

        Yes, I know about her – brilliant. Let’s hope she makes waves…

        Also brilliant – Diamond & Silk; hilarious commentators on Newsmax TV

        • Editor,

          I love those two – it’s like being in a fundamentalist Protestant tent revival!

          But they are 100% correct: the darkness has returned. To be more specific, the motto of this “administration” appears to be


          Yes, this is full-blown Communism, with Nazi tactics thrown in for good measure. Lies, brute force, punishment, enemies of the state everywhere needing to be disposed of.

          Remember when Chris Ferrara called Pope Benedict’s reign the “Benedictine Respite”? And then the sky fell in with the election of a Marxist? Well, it seems the Trump Presidency was a Trumpian Respite, and now the iron curtain of Communist China’s proxies is falling upon us.

          The parallels continue.

    • RCA Victor,

      I’m very glad I stuck with that writer until we got to the “let’s tie it all together” paragraph. Very well tied together. If only we could tie the schemers together, literally… and introduce them to a jury of their our peers – that would be justice, and then some.

      • Editor,

        I think one of those schemers is Pope Francis – you know, the Pope who is binding Tradition, and loosing paganism and apostasy upon the Church and the world.

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