A Happy & Holy Christmas Everyone!


Since singing is frowned upon at this time (“the virus” apparently isn’t the musical type!) we invite bloggers to post their favourite Christmas carols / songs on this thread, as well as favourite prayers and stories about Christmas. One of my own favourite short stories is the beautiful, classic Gift of the Magi by O Henry – enacted below…

Happy Christmas to our bloggers and to all visitors to this site.   

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  1. The Christmas message from President Trump is online now. See below…

    Let’s offer a prayer today for the grace of a political leader for the countries of the UK who, like President Trump, understands the importance of God in national life. This is particularly urgent at this time, as we face an indefinite period of restrictions on our personal and religious freedom, including more full-blown lockdowns… well into 2021 and even beyond. We are, in fact, facing an indefinite period of outright tyranny: we appeal to The Father – Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray for us…

    • Editor,

      This lovely (or, luvly, if you’re from Liverpool) video demonstrates how upside down the world is. Here we have a secular leader showing actual pious Nativity scenes, while the Vicar of Christ gave us a hideous monstrosity that only shows us his own apostasy (that’s as charitable as I can get about it).

      However, President Trump is still repeating the “safe and effective vaccine” bit, not to mention his already oft-contradicted hope that the vaccine will return things to normal. Oft-contradicted, that is, by “experts” on the Big Pharma/Gates payroll. If I put on a white lab coat, can I be an expert too?

      That said, I see that it is already Christmas on your side of the pond, while over here, I’m getting ready to go play Midnight Mass. And baby, it’s COLD outside!

      I hope all our bloggers and lurkers, and even the trolls, have a Blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy and Holy New Year….without even a whiff of “Happy Holidays”!

      (I don’t really have a favorite Christmas story, other than St. Luke’s account, but I do have a favorite musical portrayal of it: Handel’s Messiah.)

      • RCA Victor,

        I’m told that Bill Gates is not happy about President Trump’s vaccine, so maybe the ingredients are not what Bill Gates ordered!

        • Editor,

          I think what he was unhappy about (the poor multi-billionaire – sniff) was that Pres. Trump wants Americans to get the vaccine first. It appears that the New World Order wants to try it out first in the “Third World.” Hmmm….same reason why Planned Parenthood always sets up shop in black neighborhoods….

          • RCA Victor,

            That’s interesting. I think the person who suggested otherwise is such an Always Trumper that he doesn’t like to think The Donald is co-operating with the vaccine – it really is a puzzle, but then I note that the news outlets over there (including the best, like Newmax) so not appear to be even slightly suspicious about the real agenda behind either the virus itself or the vaccine. A real puzzle.

      • A very Happy Merry and Holy Christmas to you my Younger Brother .Who knows maybe we shall meet up some day .If not here lets hope its among The Angels and The Saints in Heaven singing Glory To God in The Highest . God Bless . James .D.

      • Victor we know that this has been a dreadful and probably the most Evil of Years in our lifetime .Anyhow its Christmas Day and we Celebrate first and foremost the Birth of Christ . But we also know this is a Joyful time so if you have never heard it and you want a good laugh .Listen to Frank Kelly and Christmas Countdown on You Tube . Its Pure Magic .https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=t_0Pfy6rysg&feature=share

        • James,

          Here’s one for you. I don’t know which is funnier, the singing or the woman guffawing in the background:

    • Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

      Dear Madame Editor,

      I just came home from church. TBH, I wasn’t even sure we were going to have services because of the crisis but we did, thanks be to God. 🙏

      This is an excerpt of Great Vespers for the Feast of the Nativity:

      When Augustus reigned alone on earth,* the many kingdoms of men came to an end;* and when You were made man of the pure Virgin,* the many gods of idolatry were made powerless.* The cities of the world passed under one single rule;* and the nations came to believe in one sovereign Godhead.* The peoples were enrolled by the decree of Caesar;* and we, the faithful, were enrolled in the name of the divinity,* when You, our God, were made man.* Great is Your mercy: Lord, glory to You.

      Genesis 1:1-13; Numbers 24:2-3, 5-9, and 17-18; Micah 4:6-7 and 5:2-4a

      Isaiah 11:1-10; Baruch 3:36-38 and 4:1-4; Daniel 2:31-36 and 44-45

      Isaiah 9:6-7; Isaiah 7:10-16, 8:1-4, and 8-10

      Hebrews: 1: 1-12

      Luke 2: 1-10 (if Christmas Eve falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then we read Matthew 13:31-36

      I’ll post Matins in the morning (afternoon on your side of the pond).

      Wishing you and the entire CT family a Blessed Nativity and Happy New Year.

      Margaret USA 🇺🇸

      P.S. What is Merry Christmas in Scottish? 😉

    • Ed A Very Happy Merry and Holy Christmas to You and God Bless You . The work you do is much appreciated. And we know that Christ is the answer ,for here we have no everlasting City .I hope You have a Great Day. I was at 8.00 TLMass which was Beautiful . Again I thank You for had it not been for your great Site I know not if I would have taken to the One True Mass .So for that I hope I am eternally grateful . And I mean that Today with all My Heart . James .D.

      • FOOF,

        You have made my day – the news that this site may have taken you to the TLM is the best Christmas present I’ve received this or any other year. Wonderful. God bless you for publishing that very encouraging news.

    • That’s a lovely message from President Trump. Boris didn’t mention Christ at all in his broadcast – just Brexit!

    • I thought I would compare the President’s Christmas message with the Queen’s and also checked out Nicola Sturgeon while I was at it.

      I know there are Scots here who won’t be keen on the National Anthem but it is in the introduction to the Queen’s speech so if it bothers you, just fast forward. I like it, actually (although my Irish ancestors and SNP relatives wouldn’t be pleased to know that, LOL!) Although the Queen’s speech got a bit better near the end, I thought the beginning was extremely weak with more about non-Christian religions than Christ.

      Nicola Sturgeon mentions Santa but not Christ – and the other Party leaders quoted don’t mention anything about the true meaning of Christmas at all. No wonder the country is in the state it’s in.

  2. At Christmas, a favourite hymn of mine is Adeste Fidelis. Though in this version it is sung a little bit slower than I am used to.

    Wishing everyone a Blessed Christmas and a Happy and Holy New Year.

    • Theresa Rose,

      It is a lot slower than usually we sing it but it’s beautiful, just the same. It sent me off to look for the English version – I’m not sure it’s an accurate translation right through but I thought I’d post it anyway. It’s the usual (faster) speed LOL!

  3. Dear Editor,
    Thank you for these lovely posts.

    Beannachtai na Nollag

    That’s Christmas Blessings in Irish, so should not be too different for Margaret in USA.

    • The Author,

      Thank you for your Christmas greetings, reciprocated.

      However, I have deleted the rest of your comment because it seems to me that the issues you raise are really a matter for the individuals concerned to report to the police.

      The allegations made against those individuals, as published on the blog you name, are very serious, so it would sound a warning bell in my simple head if the subject(s) are not willing to approach the authorities in their own defence.

      Giving publicity here is no help at this stage.

      Please do not post further on this matter here. If you wish to communicate with me, do so by emailing me on editor@catholictruthscotland, using your real email address. Nothing further will be posted here.

      Thank you for your co-operation.

  4. A very merry Christmas to all the bloggers at CT – and very “normal” new year!

    Silent Night is one of my favourite carols:-

  5. Happy Christmas bloggers! I love all the videos! Thanks everyone!

    The O Henry story in the intro is just perfect for today. I read it years ago, and didn’t know there was a video of it. It’s so beautiful.

  6. I picked this Christmas song from RCA Victor’s list on the Dennis Prager thread – it’s one of my favourites although I’ve not heard it sung for years! Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    • That was my late mother’s favorite movie on Hallmark (The Most Wonderful Time of the Year) with Henry Winkler & Brooke Burns. She never missed it.

      I can’t even watch Hallmark anymore because of their new policy.

  7. A very Happy Christmas to all bloggers!

    I hope you have all had a nice day to bring some cheer to a miserable year!

  8. Thank you everyone who posted Christmas wishes, links and video carols/songs today. I will be catching up with everything asap. In the meantime, reflect on the attitude of the younger generation to Christmas – the sense of entitlement shines through in this note to Santa…

  9. A very Happy Christmas to all.

    Thank you Editor and all bloggers for keeping us informed and enlightened and also entertained (I’m talking to you FOOF!) during this terrible year.

    Westminster Fly posted a very beautiful prayer on the Covid Vaccines – are we guinea pigs thread on 22nd December 2020 at 11.21am. I’m sorry I do not know how to link it. On this wonderful day we contemplate how Our Blessed Lord took Flesh and came to redeem us. In this prayer we pray for the conversion of those who are participating in this anti-God campaign throughout the world. This includes all who are giving into and co-operating with the ungodly demands of the Governments.. May the Light of Christ shine on those to open their eyes to the horror of what is taking place so that they can change their lives before it is too late. As we ask in the Dies irae “let not such labour be in vain.”

    Another thing, we must remember to pray and gain indulgencies for our dead relatives and friends that they may be released from Purgatory to help us in this great battle.

    Wishing many graces and blessings to all with much love.

  10. Happy Christmas to you all. I tried to post yesterday but for some reason it would not send. Anyway, I sat by the fire after the grandchildren had gone and listened to the Charpentier Christmas music. Absolutely gorgeous! Thankyou Clovis for introducing it.

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