Christmas Eve: A Jew Reflects on Christmas & the Death of Christianity…


We always post a Christmas thread for the exchange of greetings and to reflect on the Feast of Christmas, and that thread will, as usual, be posted tomorrow, but the above video allows us, first, to consider some key issues about the way Christianity is being attacked in the west, with attempts to belittle the festival of Christmas itself.  

Saying “happy holidays” seems to have taken off in the USA but I don’t think it happens here – or have I missed something?  How to react if it does cross The Pond… I’d be sticking with Happy Christmas – what  about you?   

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  1. That was a very good video indeed, and that very friendly Jew is talking a lot of good sense.

    He’s right about the death of Christianity in Europe and it’s nowhere more evident that in the UK, especially Scotland which must be one of the most irreligious and secular countries in the whole world, God help us.

    • Nicky,

      I agree about the Jewish gentleman in the video – Dennis Prager is very well known in the USA. He is a very committed Jew but it would be good to pray for his conversion, as I think he’s open-minded enough and very knowledgeable about Scripture, so you never know.

      He is definitely right about the death of Christianity in Europe – I also agree there. It’s hard to see how Christian Europe can ever be restored to its former glory, if glory is the right word, I’m not sure, all things considered.

      I didn’t know that a lot of the Christmas songs were written by Jews – that’s very interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing what appears on the blog tomorrow – I always love the Feast day threads, so I’ll hold off my Christmas wishes until then!

      • MM,

        Me, too – I didn’t know that a lot of Christmas songs were written by Jews; my curiosity is aroused, so I’d like a list!

        Thank you for holding off with your Christmas greetings – I think you will love tomorrow’s thread. In my entirely unbiased opinion, I think the introductory material is uniquely the best ever, although I say it myself… Not conceited, honestly – after all, I only placed the material, I don’t do the singing OR the acting…

        How’s that for a teaser 😀

          • RCA Victor,

            Thank you for that – great list! I love them all – chirpy cheery Christmas songs. When the Christmas thread goes up (shortly!) anyone is free to post those individual videos – we definitely need to be cheered up with both cheerful Christmas songs and lovely carols.

            I notice a few (two or three or so) carry the “Video not available” message from YouTube – doesn’t say whether they did not conform to the PC regulations or whether the uploader took them down. Who knows.

            Anyway, many thanks for that list – Dennis wasn’t kidding when he said that many Christmas songs were written by Jews. So, to paraphrase Tiny Tim: “God bless [them] every one!”

    • I would actually say that Eire has now surpassed us and lets be open minded here is England any Better .As for Wales I know nothing of . But the English Catholic Magazine The Tablet has about as much to do with Catholicism as the Beano . Of course I would certainly agree with you as far The Scottish Government is concerned their Marxists to the core .

      • FOOF,

        I remember quoting some notable in the newsletter a few editions back, saying exactly what you are saying about Ireland – it is now the most Godless nation in Europe. I agree. Scotland is certainly on the list, but once-Catholic Ireland has now transformed into a wholly pagan land – I no longer have any desire to visit it and I mean that with or without lockdown rules in place.

        • Ed am exactly of the same opinion as YOU . What Cromwell .Churchill and even Maggie Thatcher couldn’t do the Irish done to themselves . My God they were easily bought off .Our Ancestors like Father Murphy Etc will not be Turning in their Graves they will be Crying in their Graves .There is I suppose you know an Original Mass Rock used as an Alter were Priests said Mass outside in all weathers in Carfin Grotto . I have only visited Eire once which was in 1982 not a very good year as of the 10 Hunger Striker Deaths in 1981 .They couldn’t care a jot about them and as I have already said on here in Sinn Feign Main office window they have the Cheek to put Bobby Sands Last words . Our Revenge Will Be The Laughter Of Our Children . True yes, but only IF you let them be Born First .I actually heard ( don’t know if its true ) that Congratulations went all round when they reached the Abortion Number of 600666 . God Help All Our Children . I like you wouldn’t go Back, to be Honest even back then I felt like a Stranger .

    • Nicky,

      Scotland is certainly one of the most irreligious (apart from the Celtic Vs Rangers supporters!) and definitely one of the most secular countries in the world – you are right. And you are also right in that only God can help us now. Yesterday, a friend said to me that prayer and penance always go together and we need both now – things are very urgent.

      I replied: I’ll do the prayer bit… 😀

  2. That’s a lovely video reflection and from a Jew, it’s particularly touching.

    Obviously, he doesn’t mention the real significance of Christmas, the birth of the world’s Saviour, but it’s still very good of him to speak so positively about Christmas.

    • Fidelis,

      Elsewhere, I heard Dennis reading out a question from one of his viewers asking what he thought of Our Lord and the New Testament. The upshot of his reply is that he (Dennis) has no problem recognising Christ as the long-awaited Messiah but he has a problem accepting that He is the Saviour of the world. In other words, he has the same problem with Our Lord as did the Jews in the first century.

      We should remember a prayer for Dennis Prager this Christmas, especially – it would be a great grace for this comprehension to be realised by him.

      • Editor,

        Gee, here I thought that being the Messias MEANT being the Savior of the World.

        Dennis is a fine gentleman with a first-rate mind. And Otto is a first-rate slouch!

  3. I like Dennis Prager, he’s a really pleasant, honest and objective man. I like Otto as well, though he’s a fat layabout!

    Dennis tells it how it is, the man is intellectual enough and honest enough to recognise that when Christianity dies in a country evil things happen. He’s just a great person to listen to – he and I could have some good conversations.

    • Athanasius,

      If you think you’re going to beat me in the queue, think again. I want those “good conversations” first – I’m sure I’ve been a Dennis fan longer than you – well, all things considered, I’ve been most things longer than you, notably on the planet!

  4. I’ve seen a few of these fireside chats and I always enjoy them. This one is particularly good.

    It does sadden me that Dennis (being a Jew, obviously) can’t accept Christ as Saviour, but even so, he is fair-minded and open to what is good about Christianity, according to his own understanding. That is to be praised, IMHO.

    Otto is a scream – he seems to sleep the whole time, every time I’ve watched, LOL!

  5. So far, I’ve not heard anybody here saying “happy holidays” but I have heard of one student of art / graphic design being given an assignments about Christmas, but told to avoid any religious imagery as that would be controversial. It’s like saying, create an advert for The Labour Party but don’t include anything about politics!

    I did enjoy the video and I agree with everyone about Dennis Prager – he is a real gentleman. Also, I’m not actually a dog lover usually but I did warm to Otto, I think it’s the sleek, relaxed look that does it, LOL!

  6. Prager is brilliant. Thanks Pat. A very happy and holy Christmas to you and your family. Hope to see you soon. Had a lovely chat with Patricia on Monday. All the best for the New Year. God is close!🙏

  7. Speaking of “uncharitable name-calling” on the Sturgeon thread, how about Dennis calling people pathological and narcissists who are offended by “Merry Christmas” ? Once again, to the rational, a statement of fact, this time about a psychological condition.

    • RCA Victor,

      That is one of Dennis’s strengths – he skips the false charity every time, hitting nails on heads.

      By the way, folks, I emailed Dennis via one of the contact forms given on one of the PragerU websites, just to let him know of our appreciation of the above video so he may drop by. Since I’m not sure I chose the correct website, I’m not sure that it will reach him, but – just in case – behave 😀

  8. C of E minister Melvin Tinkler is on record (Video) stating that, a survey conducted in 2006 revealed around 80% of Anglican clergy did not believe in God the Father who created the world, 47% didn’t believe in the Virgin Birth and 27% didn’t believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross to take away sin!
    He suggested this figure is ”worse now”.
    (A link can be provided verifying Tinkler’s assertions.)

    Perhaps Christianity is in the beginning of its’ death throes?

    I wonder what the Christian landscape will look like in fifty years?

    • Ark

      Nothing surprises me when it comes to the drift of Anglicanism away from any semblance of Christianity. The Sect cut itself off from the true vine 450 years ago and has been withering away every since. The gay and women clergy thing was Anglicanism finally revealing its unChristian spirit, which is why many Anglicans finally opened their eyes and returned to their Father’s House across the Tiber.

      Rome has its problems right now under Pope Francis but the teaching cannot and will not change, not even under this radical Pontiff because God won’t allow it. That’s why there will never be an official move towards women and/or openly gay clerics and prelates, which signifies the final move back to paganism. Our Lord protects His true Church from such abominations.

      In terms of where Christianity will be in 50 years, I predict the full demise of all Protestant Sects, the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a great Catholic revival throughout the world and a time of holy peace. It’s what Our Lady promised at Fatima and it’s not far off now.

      • I’m sure Saul/Paul, Constantine, Helena and Eusebius would smile at your confidence but I very much doubt that the character Jesus of Nazareth would.

          • Well, let’s face it, Jesus was a Jew. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined a ‘Christianity’ that was established by Paul and Rome.

            • Ark,

              I’m puzzled at how you managed to get onto this blog without going through the moderation system – I’ve done what they do in all the best thrillers, “a background check” on you – and you seem to be real although not from these parts, so all I need now, is to establish your religious credentials. I’ve corrected the “moderation” blip so be aware of that, for the foreseeable future.

              Not a Catholic, I take it? Otherwise you’d know that the Catholic Church IS Christianity (as indicated by the Anglican convert to Catholicism, Saint John Henry Cardinal Newman)…

              Established by Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Seat of the papacy, Rome.

              Every day is a school day, as the saying goes 😀

              • Editor,

                If you follow the link to this individual’s blog, you’ll find nothing that resembles any form of Christianity, not to mention a GIF that is completely sacrilegious.

                • RCA Victor,

                  I’ve now paid a visit – didn’t notice the link to his blog – and remembered that he’s been here before, under the username “Arkenaten”

                  I can’t find the gif, on a quick search but not to worry – he won’t be back.

            • JESUS is the Son of God Who assumed human nature in the chaste and immaculate womb of His Ever-Virgin Mother Mary.

              He knows what He’s doing.

        • Ark,

          Since it was Christ Himself who promised that the gates of Hell would not prevail against His Church, you’re clearly way off the mark in your deduction.

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